10 Ways To Create A Dad And Baby Bond

Dad and Baby
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Dad and Baby

It is a very special time when a newborn baby arrives at his family. It is the time period which makes his space for his family. A newborn baby naturally has a bonding to his mother. But the best gift which a mom can give to her baby is a time or chances to create a bond with his dad. when a new member arrives into the family,  Some men feel left out of the family. Being a mother the moms will have to make some time bonding to let baby and dad come closer to each other. Here we are discussing some ways to create a better bond between the baby and his dad.

Leave Them Alone

Leave them alone
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When the new baby arrives at his family. The man feels that he is left out of the family because his wife is busy with her baby by feeding him, Cleaning him and taking care of him. So, to make a bond between dad and his baby, let them stay alone in the room. When the baby will do some activity his father will call his mother to reach her baby. But when the mother is not nearby. Dad will look after the baby, He will try to talk to his baby. If, the baby will cry he will get the baby in his lap and soothe him. He will try to make him smile by making funny faces and singing a song or a poem for his baby.

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Let Daddy Feed The Baby

Let daddy feed the baby
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A mother has to give feed to her baby several times a day. As the newborn baby has a need of Mother’s feed. But sometimes we used to give him an artificial food for his better nutrition. At that time let his father feed the baby. That will be the time when his father picks him in this lap, Soothe him and will try to feed him with a spoon. That will be a really good time when his father will have a little chit-chat with him while feeding him. That will be a time when the baby will act cutely while getting a feed from his father and then they will let to know each other in a better way by communicating in a natural language.

Ask Daddy To Give A Baby Bath

Ask daddy to give a baby bath
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It is a mother’s duty to give a baby bath at least twice a day. But in the morning when the daddy is getting ready to go for his job, Ask him to take bath a with his baby. The father will bath his baby with very soft hands and much care. It will be the time when the baby will know the skin to skin touch of his father and he will feel that these are the safest arms in the world for him, And also that will be an emotional and bond making time for both of them.

Diaper Duty For Dad

We can’t count the times when a mother has to change the diaper of her baby. In the evening, when his dad arrives back home and mother is busy in other activities ask dad to change the diaper of his baby. While changing the diaper the dad will try to soothe him and will try have a little chit-chat with his baby to make him feel that he is in safe hands. The baby will also do some activities and make some sounds to reply to his dad in the same manner. That will be a time when their bond of relation will be more strong.

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Skin To Skin Touch

Skin to skin touch
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A baby is happier while having a skin to skin touch with his mom or dad. His body temperature, Heart, and breathing rate will be the more consistent, and his blood sugar more stable. It also allows the baby to be familiar with your scent and your heartbeat will be a soothing beat for a little baby. Let the baby sleep and rest on the chest of his father while his dad is taking rest or watching TV.

Dad And Baby’s Gameplay

Dad and baby's gameplay
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When the mother is busy in other activities of the home. Ask his dad to take care of the baby and when the baby will cry or not feeling well. The daddy will try to make him soothe. He will make some funny faces for him, do some dance and try to play with him by getting him on his lap or by doing some other activities. These activities will encourage them to come closer and the bond between a dad and a baby will be more strong.

Baby’s Visit To The Pediatrician With Dad

We have to visit the Pediatrician a lot in the first year of the baby. And it is not necessary for a mother to visit the pediatrician with s baby. Dad can also come along with the baby’s mother for his regular checkup and vaccines. Dad and baby’s bond can be stronger while waiting for the doctor and soothing his baby after vaccines. You can also send dad and baby to the doctor on their own.

Night Duties

Every dad should be helping at night. It does not matter that he will go to a  work or his office next day. At least once a week ask him to take care of his baby at night. Give him a duty of feeding his baby, or also to change the diaper of the baby time to time. He created the baby and he also deserves to have sleepless nights until the baby sleeps in the night. Completing these responsibilities he will stay bonded with this baby.

Let Them Go For A Walk

Let them go for a walk
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Babies love fresh air. In the morning or evening when his daddy is going for a walk, Ask his daddy to get the baby with him for a walk. The dad will get him in his lap or baby’s push-chair. While moving in the park, The daddy will introduce him to the outer world like, neighbors, kids, nature and pets. And in this way, they will be better communicating with each other.

Other Responsibilities

Having a baby comes with a lot of responsibilities. you should divide them to each other. Let his daddy do paperwork for him like birth registration and legal documentation.  when the baby needs his accessories, Ask his father to go for a market to buy a food product, clothes, and toys for his baby. These things will make his father more responsible for him and the bound or dad and baby will be the more loving and strong.


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