How To Configure Jio 4g Voice?

configure Jio 4g Voice

Recently, there is a major issue of video and voice calling as 4G VoLTE should be available to call directly from dialer directly.

VoLTE technology helps to transmit data to terminals and mobile phones at high speed. This technology is based on the Multimedia IP Subsystem network with specific profiles for voice and media control as defined by the PRD IR.92

Most of the smartphones are 4G Volte enabled but lack proper VoLTE features to make calls. So, to address this issue, JIO has come up with an app “JIO 4G Voice”. Through this app, a user can make video and voice calls simultaneously as it comes with good features. In this article, we will guide you how to configure Jio 4g Voice for better voice calls?

How To Configure Jio 4G Voice? – Method 1

•    Firstly switch off your smartphone and check if the Jio sim card is inserted in the 1st sim slot.

•    If Jio sim card is not present in the first sim slot, then try making it as your primary sim and turn on the phone.

•    Now, go to Network settings of your mobile phone and search for the Jio mobile network manually.

•    After the Jio 4G mobile network is detected by your smartphone, open the Jio voice 4G app.

•    Now, it shows the offline status.

•    Connect to the internet and make sure that the connection is established on Jio 4G Voice app.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps, you are good to make calls. Even after following the above-mentioned steps, if your jio 4g voice not working, then follow the second method mentioned below.

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Jio 4g Voice Not Connecting [Fix 2]

If the jio 4g voice not connecting after following the above method, then make sure to follow this second fix. This will definitely fix your voice calling issue on Jio 4G.

•    Firstly, disable the internet on your smartphone.

•    Now, go to your smartphone settings à Apps à Running Apps à and force stop the Jio 4G.

•    Now, switch on the flight mode.

•    Turn off the flight mode and wait for the Jio network to appear on your smartphone.

•    Now, open the Jio 4g Voice app and make the voice calls.

Try following the above mentioned two methods to configure jio 4g voice app. Also, make sure that you update your Jio 4g voice app through the App Store. Sometimes, there will be bug issues in the older version of the app that avoids you from making voice calls over the Volte Jio app.

Also, if the above methods are ineffective for you, then try downloading the jio 4g apk file from Google and install it manually. This would fix the issue of jio 4g voice config. But, this method should be tried only as a last option to fix your jio voice calling app.

If you still have any queries related to Jio 4g voice configuration feel free to contact us through the comment section below. We would be happy to help you.


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