5 Ways To Get Your Children Off Screens And Playing Outside

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Get Your Children Off Screens And Playing Outside

In the recent times making your child play out in the yard and the playground has become a challenge to the parents. The developments in the technology have raised the risk of a lot of physical illness among the school going, children. These technological developments do not affect the physical activities of a kid it also affects the mental abilities of the kids as the children of this modern world get easily addicted to the mobile screens and the other accessories that purely screen with electronic entertainments.

Almost all the children in today’s world play video games in one or another way. These games can be played on computers, laptops, mobile phones and other handheld devices. These electronic entertainments are popular with girls rather than the boys. Though most of all the parents would be happy if the computer gaming of their children is associated with their education, the reality is that the games your children play in the computer are only for pure entertainment and not for education.

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Still between these tablets, phones, video games, television and computers how will you get your child to the playground away from the entertainment screens?

Here are a few suggestions that could help you to take your child out for playing rather sitting at home in front of these screens and playing the video games.


  1. Create An Environment To Play Fun Games:

The best way to take your child out for playing is just creating a fun-filled environment in the backyard of your house. You can make your day fun filled with some old school games such as,

Water Balloon Catch:

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This game is quite interesting while played in groups. We all have played catch before, in this game we are going to play the catch using a water balloon. The members of the group will stand in certain distances and the game is started by throwing the water balloon. The other person has to catch the ball without missing. In this water balloon game the person who gets wet first will be out of the game.

Wiffle Ball:

This game is similar to the baseball except that this game does not contain a base. This is played with a wiffle ball and it is very much lighter when compared to the base ball. It could be played interesting with two players also.

Kan Jam:

The Kan jam is a very new game that stormed in New York and now spreading in the rest of the world. This game is played with a disk that is thrown into a garbage sized container. The points are according to the number of disks you throw into the container.

Nine Pin:

If your kids are very much interested in bowling then this game would be the perfect one. Just set nine pins in a certain order may be on a soda bottle or empty milk canes etc.. now ask the player to throw the ball from certain distance and make the pins to fall this will earn the points to the player.

Ladder Ball:

This game is often played with bolas that is a ball connected with a string mostly the golf ball is preferred. This ball is thrown on the ladder and should touch the rod. The ball that touches the top rod would gain the most points.

Capturing The Flag:

This game is popular among the children of all age group and it is played in the backyard with large spaces. Two teams with their flags on their home yard side will be there. The main thing of the game is to capture the flag of the other team and place it in your own home side. The person who is caught would be frozen or he would be out of the game.


  1. Create The New World With Nature:

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Another interesting thing that can divert your kids mind from video games is the gardening. It also develops various skills within your children as gardening is a great physical development activity. We know that the children cannot do the major work regarding gardening but they can help you with certain things such as carrying tools, soil, plants, and water etc.. you can also provide your kids certain fast growing plants and make them more interested in gardening.

The peas that are easy growing plant can be given to your kids. You can also make your garden colourful by planting the sunflower plant, marigold plant, cherry tomato, carrot and radishes. These will improve their physical health and also it is an entertaining thing enjoying nature.

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  1. Build A Tree House Or Playhouse:

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To make your child more comfortable outside the house just help them with some play houses or tree house in your garden lawn. You can build a playhouse that consists of certain play things that resemble your house; this will make your child’s play more enthusiastic and it will create an eager to the kid to play outside the house. You can also build some wooden house with a tree background that will make your children’s play more interesting. Nowadays the tree houses are already available in the shops that can be fixed in your garden with some easy steps.


  1. Train Them With Some Vehicles:

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You can also take your children out of your home by training them with some of the vehicles such as a bicycle.  If your child is so young you can also train them with some play cars and bikes that are designed with great safety features. Once your child is ready to learn the bicycle then train him with it and also you can fix some hurdles in between the driving area that could make your child improve the driving and it also improves the inner confidence of your child. Once your child is 18 them you can allow him to ride a bike but with proper training guidance and teach them the rules to be followed also.

As driving is always a fun and crazy thing this will help you to take your child away from the video games and other electronic entertainment devices.

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  1. Get Messy With The Mud:

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This is very common to all of our kids who prefer to play out in the garden. Getting messy with the mud is always a fun even though if you are a grownup. So first select an area in your garden or backyard so that you are not harmed by anything around. Now you can let your child in that area to get messy with the mud in that area. You can also get some water to be splashed on so that your entertainment will be doubled. It is a known fact that the children always like to play in the mud and water.

Kids love to play but sometimes due to some reasons it is hard to get them out of home. Even though the health benefits of playing outside and enjoying the nature along with the nature are well established facts.

So these are few steps that could help you to make your child forget the electronic entertainments and get fun filled with the natural environment.


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