5G Will Be In India By 2020, Trials May Begin By 2019

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5G Launch in India

By playing catchup; in order to adopt 2G, 3G and 4G technologies with the rest of the world now Indian government wants to adopt the 5G technology as soon as possible. The year 2020 will be expected the year to adopt this 5G technology. For this purpose or for the adaptation of the 5G technology a team of researchers which is commissioned by the government are working on it.

According to report these researchers doing their work efficiently and filed 100 patents till now and around 10 of them are already granted. As we know 5G is the fifth generation of the wireless networks which not only provide speed to the user but also have a capacity to connect billions of devices.

The fifth generation of networking can connect with household appliances and driverless cars. Kiran Kuchi who is a professor in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad said that “We are scaling up fast and switching gear because 5G is just around the corner”.

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He is also the member of the researcher team and these researchers are expected to file more and more patent in future. These patents are filed both in U.S and India. Kuchi also said that “This is the first time that India has contributed at this level on the global stage because this project is a coherent, long-term and result oriented project”. The reason behind this line is that other than government many private stakeholders are taking part in or providing manpower to the project.

These private stakeholders are Reliance Jio, TATA Teleservices, Tejas network and many of start-ups which providing manpower and equipment as well to the project. Kuchi reveals the secret behind filling more patents that “The fact that we are trying to take so many patents into the global 5G standard will benefit the Indian industry hugely”. This project was approved in September 2018 and this project received the grant of Rs36.51crore for the period of three years.

One official said that “World over governments in China, UK and others are pumping money in 5G and we can’t miss the boat”. Many telecom service provider is there who shown their interest in 5G field trials. This network can support more than one device at one time and provide the speed of over one gigabyte per second.


The previous generation of the network provides different facilities to the user as we know that 2G technology provided the facility of voice calling and SMS’s, 3G technology was launched with the feature of web browsing, where 4G comes with the higher speed and video streaming. The 5G technology will provide 10 times more speed than the 4G. The 5G technology will serve the consumer and to industries as well. It will be expected that at the end of 2023 mobile data traffic will going to increase eight times more. It will bring new opportunity to businesses, society, and people.


The 5G technology is very important because one of the core promises that 5G technology will provide you the faster data transfer facility. In comparison to the 4G technology, it provides 10 times faster speed and provides true gigabit download speed in the smartphone. This technology is more reliable and helpful to connect multiple devices at the same time. 5G allows the user to stream the 4K and 8K videos without taking any time for buffering.

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It will connect to a new form of devices like a thermostat, security appliances, cars and robots in one day. It will connect with virtual zero and will reduce the log time between the device and the server. We can say that the 5G will bring the power to the palm of the hand of the user. It will like an opportunity for those people who want to develop or start a new business and can communicate with user throughout the world.


 As the Indian government already approved a financial grant for the 5G project and made it clear that Indian government wants to deploy the 5G technology in 2020. Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) are working on this project. On a technical perspective, they having the capability to offer the 5G network to Indian government by mid-2019 but there is need to make a mutual decision by government and industry to auction 5G airwaves in 3300-3600 MHz bands to make the 5G system work properly in India.

What Kind of Ability 5G is Having?

Next 5 years seem to be good for the industries because industries can transform with new capabilities after launching of 5G technology. It can support different data streams and have different abilities which are as follows:-

  • It can download full-length HD movie in seconds.
  • 5G is having quick reaction time which enables the remote robotics.
  • By using network slicing it can spin up virtual networks.
  • For remote cellular devices, it having battery life beyond 10 years.

What are the plans for 5G field trials in India?

As per expected rise in Indian data traffic (may reach over 18 GB per month per phone in 2023) so the operators of India are trying to optimize new network and to provide better consumer experience. The trials of 5G will not be based on the lab these trials are based on what they want to achieve in live network environments.

5G radio prototype is the first product which is designed to help the operator in conducting live field trials in their own networks. Many operators are about to run the service trials this year. Mimo trials are conducted with India’s largest telecom operators and developing new 5G technology for the early and successful adaptation.

What Will be the Impact of 5G?

5G technology has various impacts like help to make a connection with the vehicles. It helps in the streaming of 8K videos without buffering sign. It provides AR/VR content delivery. In short 5G technology provides us the platform to interact and connect with machines. Impact of 5G on various things are as follows:-

  • Video Streaming

    The 5G user can download the 4K videos in seconds and can do 8K video streaming without any disturbance. AV/VR capabilities will become reality with this technology.

  • Live Events

    In crowded areas like concerts, sporting events, and festivals a 5G user can experience the broadband access.

  • In Connecting Vehicles

    The time when 5G technology will equip in vehicles the road will become safer and environmentally It all going to happen because of 5G which help to communicate the vehicle with a vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure. This technology will help the public transport to run more efficiently.

How to tackle with 5G airwaves which gets weaker over a long distance?

There are various different ways to tackle this problem and these are as follows:-

  • This problem can be solved by choosing low-frequency waves even so the operator can choose this option.
  • The unused low-frequency wave can be used which were used in the past for analog TV broadcasting or military applications and there licensed are redistributed and many countries are planning to go for this option.


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