How a Working Woman Can Balance Motherhood with their Career

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Motherhood is a beautiful phase for every woman; along with some changes it brings happiness in your life. Hence whether you are a working woman or housewife having a newborn baby will provide you with a new way of living life. No doubt to become the best parent we focus on every single activity of kids such as crawling to rolling.

Talking about the working woman planning about motherhood is a bit challenging. Hence some young ladies think that having a child at an early stage can bound their career. This perspective regarding their career aspiration pulls backward. On the other hand, we see some live examples of celebrities and other working women; who have pursued their work with kids. Hence tips of modern parenting can help you to balance your ambition with kids.

No doubt with the help of technology you can do multiple task one at a time. So balancing priorities with family is not so much difficult. Hence instead of thinking about conflicts, you can enjoy the beautiful stage. The glimpse of motherhood will surely develop an emotional connection which is far different from any other relationship. Discussing old saying having a baby in an embryo is a blessing which can fill your life with love and care.

So back to work after a certain gap is not tough for a woman. Your family support can help you to balance work with home. On the other hand, if you belong from the nuclear family then for stability you can hire nuns or helpers for the upbringing of children. Moreover, we can say that according to Indian government maternity leave of 6 months is there for a woman. So instead of thinking about pitfalls, you can take help of modern services.

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Steps to Focus after Returning Back to Work

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To fulfill the ultimate goal you have to return back in your daily lifestyle after 6-8 months. According to expert advice instead of joining your job after 2-3 years, you can take a break of 6-8 months. For a rewarding professional career, you can take help of technology or services like helpers to fulfill your home duty. It is a little bit tough transition for any working woman but overall to attain goals you have to come out from this scary zone.

We all understand that almost for one-year breastfeeding is a must for a newborn baby, so these are some responsibilities which you have to keep in mind while returning back to work. Hence after this time period, there are ample alternatives you can either give ceramic or other liquids to your child for proper growth.

  • It is important to sort out your schedule; by setting your priorities. This is something through which you can initiate for a successful career by keeping all the pitfalls behind. Moreover, according to studies, it has been observed that balancing motherhood and family along can is something to prove you.
  • You can either make a list or schedule chart from morning to evening; this helps you in recalling things easily if forget.
  • It is not necessary to prioritize your work only; a working woman has to understand that now you have someone to handle. Thus showing love and care for newborn baby helps to make your bond stronger ever and ever.
  • Notice the activities of your child such as crawling or eating habits. Concentrate on likes and dislikes for your kids by giving proper time.
  • You can also take help of other sources such as babysitters, helpers for cleaning to balance career and family.
  • Moreover, you can take help of your spouse by dividing your time for kids.
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Tips How a Working Woman Can Balance Motherhood with their Career

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No doubt a career-oriented woman is quite straightforward for her work. So it has been surveyed that they can balance their work along with family. There are certain tips through which a working woman can balance their work and woman.

  1. Working Limits

After stepping inside parenthood, an individual has to understand that know you have to set boundaries by partially dividing your working hours. So set some boundaries according to which 6-7 hour working schedule is appropriate for you and your kids.

  1. Say “No” to Late Night Work

Try to say “no” for outside visiting or late night work. If you are working in a field where late night working is necessary; then this can affect negatively in your personal life. So, in that case, you can switch for some other job to balance family with career.

  1. Time to Time Care

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Love and care are the two most important factors which your kids want from their parents. Thus as a mother and father, you have to show love in different ways. Set a proper schedule of an outing to show involvement with your kids. Try to be partners in their games as well as other activities.


After all, these are beautiful memories which can rejuvenate your life; hence watching your kids in front of you is a speechless moment. Balancing home and career after parenthood is a huge responsibility for mother as well as a father. Thus it’s better to analyze your responsibilities instead of stop hiding from them.


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