How to Keep your Children Safe from Diwali Crackers

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Diwali is the festival of celebrations and happiness. Diwali is the festival of lights and people celebrates this festival with crackers. Diwali festival celebrates among many religions because of many historical incidents. On the festival of Diwali, children can purchase crackers to celebrate this festival. Crackers come in the market with wide variety and sizes. Some crackers are very loud, and some doesn’t make more noise. But the children purchase more noisy crackers. Parents are always worried about the safety of their children from the crackers. Here are some tips to keep your children safe from Diwali Crackers.

1: Do Not Leave Children Alone

Crackers, matchsticks, candles, all are equally harmful to children. Do not leave your children alone when they burn the crackers because they don’t know how much the crackers are harmful. Supervise them when they are lighting the crackers and ensure that they light the incorrect crackers way. Sometimes when children are lighting the crackers, they don’t know the correct way. If the parents are not present there, then they burn the cracker in the wrong way which may cause the injury.


2: Lighting

Lighting the diyas and candles above the height of your children. Do not install diya near the curtains, passageway in the house. Avoid purchasing cheap electric lights because it may cause a short circuit. Do not place any Diya, candle or lights in the playing place of children. Sometimes children keep the crackers near the lighting, and the fire catches them accidentally which become the cause of the accident.

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3: Keep a Bucket Of Water Handy

Place a bucket of water at the place where children are lighting the crackers. It is the method to take control over any unwanted accident. You can also use this water over destroyed crackers after lighting all crackers. The gunpowder smoke reacts to the environment if it stays in it for more time. The gunpowder smoke is hazardous for asthma patients.


4: Ensure Proper Clothing

Festivals are the perfect occasions to wear fancy clothes. But before lighting up the crackers change the clothes of your children and wear them some cotton clothes. The silk dresses are not perfect at the time of lighting crackers. These types of dresses are very sensible, and they catch fire very quickly. So be sure that your children change clothes and wear light and cotton clothes.


5: Buy the Crackers from Reputed And Known Shops

Purchase the all crackers from the reputed and known shops because the known person gives you the fair things. But if you purchase the crackers from any shop, then you may bear the loss of money as well as the safety of your family.


6: Firecrackers Handling

Do not permit your children to keep firecrackers in the pockets. Place the firecrackers far from the fire and give to the children one by one. Be strict in the case of crackers handling because if the children also keep the eating things in the pocket and crackers also then this becomes harmful for them.


7: One at a Time

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Children are over excited to see the colorful fireworks of the crackers. So in excitement, they want to light many crackers in one time. Encourage your children to fire one cracker at one time and enjoy the colors of the cracker then burn the next cracker. This is an easy way to avoid unhappier incidents.

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8: Good Shoes

Wear proper shoes to your children who are not with flowing laces. While lighting the crackers or running around them sometimes barefoot can burn with the piece of hot cracker. So before lighting the crackers make sure that your children wear proper footwear.


9: No re-trails with the Firework

Sometimes the cracker turns to fuse, and the children become disappointed. So they want to re-lighting the crackers. Discourage them that they want to light the cracker again because sometimes the crackers explode surprisingly and this surprise cause injury.


10: No Playing with Crackers

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Some children are very naughty they throw the burning crackers on others which cause injury to the person. So teach your children that they do not pass through the crackers on others. Sometimes when they are throwing the crackers, it can explode in the hands of children which cause injury to them.



Diwali is that festival of India whose preparation starts in advance. This festival is enjoyable for every age people. Children are excited to see the colorful fireworks of the crackers. They want to see all things all colors quickly, so they are lighting the many crackers in one time. On Diwali festival most of the children injured because of unsafe lighting the crackers. Parents have watched their children when they are lighting the crackers and guide them. Parents also encourage them to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali in which they enjoy delicious food, sweets, and colorful lights. You also encourage them to celebrate the Diwali with orphanage children by giving them, sweets. With some precautions, you should prevent your children from strange incidents.


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