9 Reasons You Need To Trust Android over IOS

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It’s not too surprising to that Android should be superior to iOS. After all, Google is a software company, and Apple’s core capability is design and hardware. So when it comes to purely design and elegance of the hardware and UI, Apple wins, and almost always will.

However, when comparing the functionality of the iOS, many would agree that Android is so much more finely tuned. The Apple iOS seems so clunky, inflexible, and insufferably restricted to Apple’s walled garden only.

Here are the nine top reasons that Android is the champions over iOS are as follows:

  1. Multiple Choices

Source: Google

There is a wide variety of Android Smartphone’s as there are ample of manufacturers who develop the android phones like HTC, Sony, Samsung, ZTE, LG, Motorola, and Huawei, etc. Manufacturers design their products with the latest trends, technology, and style which attract the customers. One can buy any phone according to their choices. As compared to the IOS, Android offers choices on a grand scale.

Nowadays the latest phone developed with compact size, huge touchscreen, a stylish look, high-quality camera, an edge screen, etc.


  1. Prices to Fit your Needs

This is one of the important factors which makes android better than iPhone. Android has something for you at just about any budget means it offers ample devices with unique designs and features. Everyone can afford to buy android phones. That’s why android is famous as compared to iOS. It is the solid reason as it fits your need and pocket. Nowadays even android also launches new phones with iOS-like features which attract the customers the most.

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  1. Customization

Android has one of the strong points as compared to the iOS, is that has always been allowing the great level of the customization. On the other hand, Apple tries to keep control of the default apps to maintain the homogeneous software and hardware experience. The best part of the android is that which lets you pick your level of the customization. It helps the consumers to increase the simplicity of mobile phones like live wallpapers, alternative keyboards, and custom ROM installs. Hardware customization is complex in some mobiles.


  1. Widgets

As compared to the static rows of icons that you may find in iOS, Music-widgetsAndroid’s widgets are additional features to the androids. Microsoft gets influenced by it, developing the Live Tiles system for the Windows Phone.

Widgets are still one of the biggest advantages offered by Android Smartphones. Android makes Smartphone’s so easy to use that if you want to surf any information you just simply put and see the information you required. According to the latest features added to the iOS especially in widgets, still, its area is limited. So again android wins over it.


  1. Multi-Tasking

The level of multi-tasking is offered by some Android phones offer. You can question iOS does multitasking all you want. It is rightly said that you can perform multiple tasks at once by switching apps back and forth. For example, Samsung launched a multi-window long ago, in that mobile you can view multiple apps at once.

On the hand, Apple is trying to adopting similar features but somehow still lags in front of androids and window based smartphones.


  1. Launchers

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If you ever grab an iPhone, and if you sit next to another iOS user. Compare your home screens, and they look the same. But it’s not the story with the Android smartphone. To have control on your Android gadgets then probably tried a custom launcher It provides ample custom launcher apps in the Google play and tweaks everything on the home screen, page transition or gestures. You can really with the world of the possibilities. There is no risk to do that in the Android gadgets. It is also one of the important factors to choose Android over iOS.


  1. Custom ROMs

One more reason that why Android is better than iPhone is that you can easily replace the software of the smartphone if you want to that was came with the device with a custom ROM. This can be done to upgrade the phone it can increase the speed and work of the smartphone. It makes the smartphone more efficient and helps to access a few add-ons or tools.

This is actually the best part of the android phones as it is one of the extreme ends of the Android customization. Remember to be cautious while doing so as it may also cause problems sometimes. There are so many ways by which we can easily install different operating systems on few Android devices like Firefox, Ubuntu, etc.

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  1. Google Integration

Google and Android will prevail over Apple and iOS a few years ago and it is also one of the main reasons. With the help of Google array of services, Android gadgets integrate flawlessly. As users are increasingly using a mobile device to go online and we already know Google is the King of the web. For example Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Drive, Google+, Google Music, as well as Google Chrome, etc. The list goes on. On the other hand, iOS is not keeping it up.

No doubt that there are many services are now in iOS, but that exact deep level of integration is not there. And that why it is an important factor because most of us use at least one, two, three or many Google services which Android offers seamlessly.


  1. Many Free Apps and Games

The best part of Android gadgets is that it provides ample free apps and games. On the other hand, iOS offers mostly paid apps as well as games. Many times it has been noticed that ports on the same apps on the iOS carried price tags while it is free for androids on the other hand. As the industry moves fast and so android does. The android offers so many apps and useful features that it is undoubtedly better than IOS.



So, Android is much better than iOS in the light of the above discussion. The limitations or inflexibility of the iOS’s will become one of the important reasons to choose it over Android. The development of Google’s AI with Google gives us an impression that how well positioned Android is to be the application layer for all of our electronic gadgets or devices.


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