Why Facebook App So Popular?


Why is Facebook So Popular

Mobile applications and responsive websites design had already put a computer into the hands of a human. You can do whatever you want to do on the Mobile phone by using thousands of Applications available. With $12 billion revenue as of 2018, Facebook is a renowned brand in social media platform on the internet nowadays competing with many of the bigger fishes like google.

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Facebook is owned by Facebook.inc and founded By Mark Zuckerberg ( current chairman, CEO ) providing social media interaction with your friends over the internet. You can chat, video conference, get to know about more and more new peoples anywhere in the world. India is on top of users per countries list with 270 million users and the US on second with 240 million users.

Facebook has 2.2 billion monthly users as per March 2018 in the world. It has a Mobile App too for mobile users Facebook drives a huge amount of app installs on phones worldwide and is one of the most revenue generating asset of Facebook. Facebook is been actively used by 1.5 billion monthly mobile users worldwide as of 2018. Its been 23% hike year-over- from 2016.

Facebook app is one of the few apps which is used daily by any usual mobile phone user. Facebook is now the first thing we do after waking up in the morning, to check whats new with our friends, relatives, colleagues, number of brands we follow and lastly, of course, NEWS. In 2010, Facebook introduced a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. At first, the app wasn’t that fast as it was not native. In 2012, Facebook finally launched its native app and was two times faster than the previous version. Today, 85% of  Mobile usage is done over the Facebook app. On a daily basis, about 1.5 billion users tap on the Facebook app icon on Android and iOS.

The popularity of Facebook app and its development roadmap has been affirmed by the popularity of Facebook and became a stage that generally results in a standalone app in the market. Though there are many apps based on social media marketing has been developed but the Facebook app is still on top prior app on anyone’s phone.

Facebook Application Feature

Messaging, tagging to shared memories, photos, videos, sharing posts, mood, activities and more like theme seems to suit everybody. Isn’t it fun to be hanging around on Facebook? Besides this, you can fetch a lot more from this app which you might not have known yet. The Facebook app enables you creating public groups and communities. It could be for your business, kind of knowledge stuff you share, friends group and brand or public figure. Promotion ad campaigns with customized features that target the desired audience.

Online chatbots help and create a communication channel between Facebook and the user. Anyone can open an online business store on Facebook, promoting their product or anything else. Promote your business and bring legit traffic to a website via the Facebook online store. Many fascinating games can be played on a smartphone with your friends. Facebook is working hard to get another fascinating technical prospect which is to develop Virtual Reality input/output capabilities via its Oculus Rift venture and may become a catchy feature over Facebook app someday. Here is a brief review of the general features and their details on the Facebook app:-


Facebook occasions are a route for individuals to tell companions about up and coming occasions in their locale and to arrange gatherings. Occasions require an occasion name, arrange, have a name, occasion compose, begin time, area, and a list of attendees of companions welcomed. Occasions can be open or private. Private occasions can’t be found in looks and are by welcome as it were. Individuals who have not been welcomed can’t see a Private occasion’s depiction, Wall, or photographs. They additionally won’t perceive any Feed stories about the occasion.

When setting up an occasion the client can enable companions to transfer photographs or recordings. Note that dissimilar to certifiable occasions, all occasions are dealt with as independent elements (when actually a few occasions sit inside different occasions, going to one occasion would block heading off to another, et cetera).

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In 2007, Facebook presented the Facebook Marketplace, enabling clients to post characterized advertisements inside deal, lodging, and employment categories. However, the component never picked up footing, and in 2009, control was exchanged to Oodle, the stage fueling the usefulness. The element was then in the end close down in 2014. In October 2016, Facebook reported another Marketplace, referring to the development of sorted out “purchase and offer” Facebook Groups, and gave the new form a higher unmistakable quality in the fundamental Facebook application, taking the route position beforehand held by Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Notes was accessible in August 2006, as a blogging stage offering clients the capacity to compose notes, append photographs, and alternatively import blog passages from outer sources.

In September 2015, the Notes highlight got a refresh, bringing extra highlights, for example, including a cover photograph and inscription, the capacity to resize photographs, and content designing alternatives.


It is an element that gives clients a chance to register with Facebook utilizing a cell phone to tell a client’s companions where they are right now, “Arrangements”, a subset of the Places offering, which takes into account clients to check in from eateries, grocery stores, bars, and bistros utilizing an application on a cell phone and after that be remunerated rebates, coupons, and free stock.

Facebook Places was accounted for ended on August 24, 2011, but was relaunched in November 2014, now including spread pictures, revelation areas, city/class points of arrival, a more profound mix with the Location API, Graph Search inquiries and client created content.


The Facebook Platform gives an arrangement of APIs and instruments which empower outsider designers to coordinate with the “open diagram”, regardless of whether through applications on Facebook.com or outer sites and gadgets.

Facebook Questions

In May 2010, Facebook started testing Questions, which is relied upon to contend with administrations, for example, Yahoo! Answers.


Facebook enables clients to transfer photographs and to add them to collections. In December 2010, the organization empowered facial acknowledgment innovation, helping clients distinguish individuals to tag in transferred photographs. In May 2011, Facebook propelled an element to label particular Facebook pages in photographs, including brands, items, and companies. On versatile, Facebook presented photograph channels in August 2011. In May 2016, Facebook began enabling clients to transfer and view 360-degree photographs.

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In May 2007, Facebook authoritatively propelled its video stage, enabling clients to transfer recorded recordings or live stream recordings from their webcams. The administration bolsters the capacity to “tag” companions in comparative approaches to photographs.

Live to stream

Facebook started to enable clients to live stream video. Streams show up on the News Feed, and clients can remark on them continuously. Live communicates are consequently spared as a video posted to the streamer’s page. The element was situated as a contender to administrations.

The component was at first accessible just to confirmed open figures through the Facebook Mentions application (which is likewise restrictive to these clients). Live spilling started to take off for open use in January 2016, start with the Facebook iOS application in the United States. Facebook revealed a live-spilling API, intended to enable engineers to utilize any gadget, including proficient camcorders and automatons, to coordinate with the live-video gushing platform.

In March 2017, Facebook stretched out live-spilling backing to PCs. In May, Facebook Live was refreshed on iOS to let two clients live stream together, and the next month, Facebook added bolster for shut subtitling to live video.

Facebook Paper

Amid an indistinguishable week from its tenth commemoration, Facebook propelled the Paper iPhone application. The application comprises of two noteworthy highlights: Firstly, Facebook’s News Feed is more realistic, as the application utilizes innovation, for example, full-screen photographs and video film. Content is sorted out under headings.

Cambridge Analytica data breach case has brought criticism to Facebook and many users uninstalled the Facebook app. But Facebook is working on it and will continue its popularity among mobile phones around the whole world.


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