What Are 7 Things Which You Should Never Discuss In Front Of Your Male Child?

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7 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

Parenting is the best part of your life; it is filled with lot of happiness and fun. Kids are the greatest gift of god to us. They always keep our world engaged and overloaded with joy.

Parenting is not an easy job. Ant the most important still difficult part of parenting is talking to our child. They take everything literally and the words you talk in front of them take a long way in building their personality.

You are the role models of your children and they take a lot up from you i.e. from the way you talk to the way you sleep. So you have to be very careful while talking to your children and also while talking in front of your children too.

Parenting is a pleasure along with certain difficulties. There are certain factors that you should never discuss in front of your child as he grabs everything from you and it may affect their personality too,

  1. Serious Arguments

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If you are about to have a serious discussion then find a right place for it where your child cant overhear. Your kids eavesdrop, when you or your spouse rise voice at each other and that would create a great impulse in them. In addition the things that you speak at that mode stay in your child’s head for a long time and forever. So it is safe to avoid your arguments in front of your kids.

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Having arguments is normal but still try to avoid it in front of your kids. If happens try to apologize to that incident in front of your child itself. This may avoid a negative thought and build a good positive thought in your child’s mind.

  1. Financial Talks

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Kids are usually anxious about the things that are happening around and get easily affected by it. Even though they do not know much about your financial talks it is better to avoid your financial crises before them. In such situations they will definitely understand that you are freaking out though they don’t understand the concept of finances.

It is better to leave your financial conversations away from your children, though a simple conversation about money to your children is also a good idea.

  1. Negative Self-Talk

Talking negatively about yourself in front of your child should be strictly avoided. Because, it may create two different impacts on your children;

  • Your child will lose its respect for you.
  • He will also learn to do it.

According to child psychologists, if you put down yourself in front of them they also imitate the same. So these negative self talks can bring a lot of changes in your child it could make him lose his confidence and there may be changes in his personality too.

  1. Gossip

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Gossiping in front of your child creates a negative impact on other persons. It does not matter whom you are talking about it may be a teacher, friend, relatives, neighbours or your ex-husband/wife. Your kids will pick up your feeling towards them and there is a chance for them to feel the same about the person.

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They may also repeat the gossip to someone else. If you have a negative thought about someone don’t let your children to know about it. Always try to be a positive example to your children in all the situations don’t ever try to create a negative example.

  1. Criticism of Children

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Criticising your children in front of others is the worst thin g that you do to your child. Image you are talking to your friend about your mischievous son and how difficult to manage him your child by chance listen to it think what happens. Your child may misunderstand your words about him as a lack of love.

You may occasionally have a need to talk about your son to someone but do it in a safe place where your son can’t overhear or do it the absence of your son.

  1. Mature News Stories or Words

There are certain things that your child doesn’t have a need to worry about. Their own little world sometimes seems large and mysterious to them. Leave them in their small world as they wish don’t bring them to your world with your mature talks that your child don’t need to understand.

Think of speaking a word like gay in front of your two years old kid is it mandatory, these words may be used by your kid at sometimes without knowing the meaning. So think of each and every word you talk in front of your child. Think twice before you talk and then put your words out of your mouth.

  1. Safety Concerns

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Threatening your child is not a correct form of teaching them the good things. It creates them a fear about the outer society apart from their cute little world. Creating awareness is important but speaking about drug abuse to your child who is of five years old is little extreme.

 As your children start to face the safety concerns just address them with care, don’t stare at them or don’t overwhelm them with all the dangers in the world. Help your child to feel protected by showing your support, love and care for them.

When they are secured around you they are not worried about the outer circumstances and they would be less likely to the other atmosphere.

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Children listen more than the adults would actually realize. It is their way of understanding what is going on around the world. Teach your children about the positive aspects around them and try to teach them some of the negative aspects that happen around them. Also teach how to overcome those aspects and take only the good in them.

Encourage your children to come and talk to you directly when they hear any sound or if they don’t understand some things that they can’t actually understand.


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