10 Things Which You Need To Tell Your Son When He Reaches Teenage As A Father

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Fatherhood is one of the most beautiful things that a man experiences in his life. Frankly, it can’t be described in words. Moreover, every father experiences this thing differently. However, as the kid grows, the role of a father changes with time. At times you need to be a protector, mentor and a friend for your kid. And how effectively you play these roles somehow affect the rest of your kid’s life.

Teenage is always considered the most important phase of one’s life. And as a dad, you should act very carefully to ensure that your kid is going through the toughest phase of his life with a clear mind. As a parent, especially as a dad, you should share a few important lessons to your teenage boy that will help him to deal the various difficulties that he may face in this period and help him to grow as a better man.

Here are the ten things that every father should tell his son before he enters the mysterious world of teenage.

  1. Pay Respect To Others

As a grown-up, he should know how he should pay respect to others. This includes girls, parents, friends and other people who he is probably going to meet in his life. This will not only help him build a character, but this will also nurture his values of living.

Paying respect to other also includes respecting others’ feelings. As a man, he should be well aware of what others may think about him and how he should tackle the people with negative thoughts.

In all, he should be clear about what the other people are after and should pay proper respect to their feeling even if he disagrees with their views.

  1. Be Thankful

Life is beautiful, and everyone should be thankful for the life he is living. As a dad, you should teach your son about this deep thought. Whether it is parents, God, teachers, or any other person, if he has done something for you, you should be thankful for him. And you should let him know that you are thankful.

Being thankful to others will not only helps him to grow as a polite man but also will help him see things in a positive way.

So, make him learn about being thankful for everyone, regardless of gender, age and position.

  1. Try To Learn Basic Household Things That May Help Him In The Future

A man should take care of his home. No one wants to grow up as a person who hires the specialist for all household works. So, whether it is about small tasks, make him do it all by himself. Do not interrupt him if he is doing the things wrong, let him learn the right way to do things.

Whether it is about taking care of the vehicle, keeping the house clean, or getting the essentials from the market, let him do it in his own way.

This will also make him more independent which will be very useful to him in the future.

  1. Be Responsible

A true man is someone who takes proper responsibility. This can only be taught to a kid by his dad.  Make him learn to take responsibilities about his life. Teach him about his responsibilities towards family, parents and the world.

Try to teach him how he should fulfill all his responsibility without fail. Moreover, teach him to do it in his own way. Don’t ever force him to do things in your way. If you forcefully make him learn things, he may get frustrated with these things. So, let him take his time, and you will slowly notice him becoming more responsible than ever before.

  1. Teach Him About True Manhood

The definition of TRUE MANHOOD in our society is somehow manipulated drastically, and as a dad, it is your responsibility to teach your son the true meaning of manhood. An ideal man is not someone who always acts as commander. A man should be a good listener too, at the same time he should be calm and responsible but it is not necessary to be ride all the times.

Teach him to differentiate between the right and the wrong. This will also help him to grow as an ideal man.

  1. You Are Worthy And You Should Be Aware Of It

Every person has his own dignity and value, and in order to get proper respect, it is important that we know our worth. As a father, teach your kid about his value and dignity. Also, make sure to teach him what can ruin his image and how he should maintain his dignity when he is out with others.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Hard Things In Life

In human life, you can’t literally ignore the hard things and tough phase of life. And you should teach your son that it is not always possible to be on a brighter side of life. He should be able to tackle harsh circumstances that life throws to him.

Help him to learn how to deal with different situations and how to be confident about what he is doing to tackle those situations.

Hard things can help him be a better person in general and will eventually make him a better man.

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  1. Money Is Not Everything

Another important thing that you should teach your son as a father is the importance of money and relations. Although the money is an important thing in life, and one should look after it, but it does not mean that you should sake everything else in your life just because of money. Money and relations are two different things and you must teach this thing to your kid.

How effectively he keeps the differences between his professional and personal life, money and relations will define him as a man. So, make sure to teach him this important lesson of life that will help him throughout his life.

  1. Men Do Cry..And It’s Perfectly Okay

Being a man does not mean that you can’t cry. Humans are emotional. And being a man it is not that you have a tough heart, and are emotionless. The society today has a perception that men do not cry, they are tough, rigid and are emotionless. This is completely wrong, and if you are hiding your emotion just because you are a man, then you are doing it completely wrong. Teach him to be practical, if not full of emotions.

  1. The World Has Both Good And Bad People

The world in which we are living has both good and bad people. Good people who are loyal to us are easy to deal with, and we often fail to recognize the genuinely loyal persons and the fake ones.

As a parent,it is your duty to make your kids smart enough to differentiate between these two people. Help them recognize the qualities which can differentiate the categories of people and how to deal with the fake people and stay away from them to avoid any adverse situation.

So, these were the ten things that a teenager can only learn from his father. So, sit with your kid, and make him learn the true basics of grown-up’s life.


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