9 Braids Style Which Is Perfect For The Indian Bride

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Indian Bridal Hairstyle

Are you puzzling about the selection of braid style on your or your loved one’s wedding? Now, when you are an Indian, you choose Indian bridal hairstyle then it is quite evident that you are going to deck in a fully embroidered Lehnga. But, the point comes about the hairstyle which can define the look of the bride as every girl dreams to appear as a queen on her big day or can say marriage. There is no doubt that getting ready for a marriage function is an infuriating rush and if you are the crown princess, then the craziness get multiplied by infinity.

But, you can be facile as you can get to know about the best braids styles which can embed stars to your beauty and your party. The need is to scroll down the page to reach the points mentioned as follows:

  1. Twisted Tucked Hair Braid

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If you are a going to crown as a princess, then a twisted tucked hair braid can be a perfect option for you as it can add more charm to your beauty. The bridal function is something which demands lots of care and especially when it comes to compiling your hairs in a perfect hairstyle, and then a small mistake can cause damage to your look. You need to follow the simple steps for this:

  • Comb your hairs.
  • Separate the whole volume into two partitions.
  • Now take the small strands and start twisting those.
  • Twist the strands as much as you can.
  • In last, tuck those twists into your hairs.

  1. Thick Two Strand Braid

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A thick two strand braid is very easy to make as it does not require any hair accessories. If you do not have long and thick hair, then this Braid can be highly beneficial for you. The reason is that the messy look provided by this Braid can give volume to your hair. So, you can try this hairstyle for one of your wedding functions.

  • Comb the hairs and take a small portion into one side
  • Gather hairs into one side
  • Split those hairs into two strands
  • Tie one part with a rubber band
  • Create one hole on elastic
  • Bring other strands through and continue similarly
  • Spread the locks of braid outwards to get the messy look

  1. Long Braid With The Hair Accessory

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Simple hairstyle covered with the golden antique jewelry can be an ideal pick for a wedding function. So, if you are also finding the right option of hairstyles for any traditional wedding program, then you are only one step away from getting a perfect mesmerizing look on your day. That one step is all about following the instructions to adopt this braid into action.

  • Do the partitions from the middle of the head.
  • Comb your hair back.
  • Divide hairs into three strands.
  • Take left strand over the middle and then right afterward.
  • Continue it and then decorate braid with a hair accessory.

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  1. Curled Braid

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If you want to get a dreamy look, then a playful twist can be a perfect option to choose. This hairstyle is the best because you do not need a much heavy toll to tie your hair into this braid as it is straightforward to make. Go through the following steps and get a fantastic look for yourself.

  • Make the usual partitions of the hair from the front
  • Comb your hair properly
  • Now roll the strands
  • Get a messy curled braid

  1. Dutch Braid And French Chignon

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If you are planning to have a western style theme wedding, then you must be going beyond the bounds of Indian traditions. For smaller functions of the marriage such as Mehndi, Haldi, and Ladies Sangeet, etc., this Dutch braid can give you a perfect look. The steps to do this are:

  • Divide your hairs into two irregular portions
  • Take the left part and make three strands from that
  • Turn the hair from the left strand in the middle
  • Follow the same from the right
  • Combine initially apart portions to get a French chignon

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  1. Braided Crown

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Braided crowns are quite popular options among the Indian brides, so this can be a good option for you. If you want to get a dreamy and loving look to become the queen of hearts, they do not choose any other hairstyle for your wedding and follow these steps.

  • Take a large partition of hairs and let them fall into one side
  • Twist one strand into the bottom of another
  • Continue moving the bottom strand up and the top strand downward
  • Keep the hairs tight and give a shape of a crown
  • Compile your irons to the last

  1. Braid Twisted Into A Low Bun

Braid Twisted Into A Low Bun
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Braid twisted into a low bun can give you extremely loving look so that everyone can stick their eyes on your face. This hairstyle can embed stars on your overall look. SO, give this hairstyle a try and do follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Take two strands and start making braids from both sides
  • Roll left strand over the middle one and then right over it
  • Continue these steps to the whole length
  • Combine both strands into a bun
  • Add some volume to chignon by drawing hairs out

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  1. Double Halo Braid

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Double halo braid is a perfect pick for all the functions and ceremonies of the wedding. For this, you need patience as second the task can double the time due to which you can get panicked. But, when you check your reflection in the mirror after this hairstyle, then you can fall in love with yourself. Follow these steps for the better and charming look.

  • Create a ponytail from the center of your head
  • Now take the upper portion and divide it into three equal portions
  • Start making a standard braid from it
  • Now, lose your ponytail and follow the same steps again
  • Keep your locks bit loose
  • Tuck the one braid into another and combine the both

  1. Waterfall Braid

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Waterfall braids can help a bride to get a whimsical feel and this assists in grabbing the attention of all the guests. So, if you are the wedding girl or any of your friend is getting crowned soon as a princess, then the choice of this braid can be highly beneficial. The main advantage of doing this hairstyle is that you can get both the free hairs and a braid. It includes these steps:

  • Part the front hairs into two strands
  • Keep the back hairs there only
  • Now take two little portions and make a standard braid
  • After every lock, you need to add some hairs from free part
  • Continue till the end to combine both sides
  • Leave the other hairs down

In addition to these hairstyles, you should keep one thing in mind that comb your hair according to the demand of hairstyle as neat and clean look to a messy hairstyle cannot be an excellent option. So, add the glory to your wedding and get yourself ready for capturing the big day of your life with total enthusiasm and happiness.


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