The Emotional End Of Being A Mother

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Being a mother is a very special and life-changing thing for a woman. Before being a mother she thinks about her baby for months, Lot of questions and excitements run in her mind regarding her baby, how will he look alike? How will be his nature? How will be his hairs, she imagines and thinks a lot about her baby.

A woman should be prepared physically, mentally as well as emotionally. She should be known to all the things which are going to happen after being a mother. Shes will have to face many challenges and conditions. She should be known and prepared for all that things.

Some of the normal things which a woman should follow which can be helpful for her for being a mother are written below.

  • Woman has to follow a healthy diet plan for the better nutrition of her newborn baby as well as her health.
  • She has to be prepared mentally. She should know what changes are going to be in her life and what changes she has to do for being prepared.
  • A woman has to be active and prepared. Being active doesn’t means to join the gym. She can do gardening and light dance steps to make herself active.
  • A woman who is going to be a mother should take the proper sleep. A proper sleep leads the health of a baby to a proper nutrition. She should get a sleep of 9 hours in the night and a partly sleep of 2 hours in a day.
  • A woman should be able to handle the stress or she has to be stress free. Listening some peaceful songs, doing some mind relaxing meditations can help her to keep her mind relaxed.

After being a mother, a woman goes loaded with a lot of responsibilities. In addition to carrying on with the regular routines a mother now has to take care of a baby as well. Handling a baby is not an easy thing. A mother has to take care of her baby 24 hours a day. Her duty as a mother is always on.

Her partner can share some of the responsibilities of taking care, feeding and diaper duty of a baby. But mostly, Mother has to handle all the things about her baby.

There are lots of duties which a mother does until her baby transforms into a kid, and these are very difficult and complicated. We are going to write on some facts about the basic things which a woman follows while the period of her motherhood.


Facing Baby First Time 

It is a very memorable thing for a mother when she faces her baby for the first time. Her mind and heart is full of emotions and love for her baby. A lot of things come in her mind when she takes her baby in her lap.

At the time, she wants to be with her baby and her life partner. She wants to feel the warmth and love of welcoming the new family member.


Mother’s Feed To A Baby 

A mother has to feed her baby multiples time a day. A baby needs only a mother feed till he comes to seventh month. Only a mother feed is enough and nutritious for a baby for the first six months of his life. Baby foods and processed milk should not be added to feed of a baby.

So, a mother follows a tough schedule of feeding her baby multiple times a day, much times the baby need feed, same times the mother has to feed him.


Night Duty For A Baby 

Mother has to awake all the time to take care of her baby. She needs to be alert all the day and even in the nights to look out for the baby. She takes care of many things like, feeding him periodically, changing his diaper and taking care of his proper comfort. Mother has to be alert all the day and night to look out the needs and problems of her baby.


Bathing Duties

A mother has to bath her baby daily. The skin of a baby is very soft, so a mother baths him with much consciousness. A mother only can bath her baby well, and she never let another one to bath the baby. Baby soaps and baby products should be used. Another bathing product should be avoided. These products can harm the skin of a baby.


Massage And Skin Care 

A mother bathes her baby daily. The skin of a baby is very soft. A mother gives a Body massage to her baby with health beneficial lotions. Body massage is very necessary for the better health growth of a baby. Daily baby massage of baby is the regular habit of his mother. So, a mother remains busy all the day with her baby.


Dressing Him Well

A mother loves to dress her baby well. She wants her baby to look more cute and attractive. Choosing a dress for a baby is also a challenging thing. The dress which a mother is selecting for a baby should be soft, light, and comfortable. Clothes of a baby should be simple and wholly made of pure cotton.

Mixed clothes can harm the skin of a baby. So, selection of dress for a baby should be based on the comfort and simplicity. Fashionable and tight clothes can make the baby uncomfortable.


Visiting A Pediatrician 

A baby needs timely and periodically vaccinations for the better growth and health. A mother takes her baby to the pediatrician on the regular schedule vaccinations. She has to understand and follow all the precautions told by the pediatrician. A visit to a pediatrician is a very responsible part of mother’s duty.

All of these are the responsibility which as a mother one needs to get ready for even before her baby is welcomed by the world; though to make the most of it do take advice from your pals and others who know about the care and love which a baby expects from a mother during his early days.


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