6 Tips To Get Your Dry Skin Replenished

how to take care of your skin

Dry Skin Treatment

Everyone in this world desire to have charming look. Dry skin becomes a hindrance, as it is more prone to wrinkles and aging. It is a condition when the skin lacks water due to the natural or environmental cause. Dry skin especially creates a problem in winter as extreme cold reduces the moisture and cause dryness. It is a condition of dehydration, in which the top layer of skin lacks water due to which skin start breakdown and causes a visible line or cracks. One can have the naturally dry skin, but even oily skin suffer from dryness time to time.

Dry skin mainly affects the hands, arms, and legs more than another body part. If dryness is not treated on time it may lead to a change in lifestyle and can cause conditions where medical treatment is required. Dry skin is caused by many factors such as environmental change, excessive use of shower, sun exposure and excessive use of the chemical on the body. Dry skin may lead to aging, wrinkles, and change in the texture of the skin. It is very easy to get rid of dry skin by choosing the right kind of moisturizer or looking for a petroleum-based product. The mentioned below are beauty tips that help you to get rid of dry skin.

Tips To Getting Rid Of Dry Skin

  1. Regular Bath And Care

Always have a short bath with warm water as it helps to retain the natural oil present in the skin. It is recommended to use mild soap and face wash as they reduce the possibility of moisture strapping. Never rub your body after a bath, use towel to pat dry this will make your skin soft.

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  1. Moisturizer

After the bath is the best time to moisturize your skin as it retains the water present in the skin. Make sure your moisturizer contains the dry skin-friendly ingredients such as  Hydraulic acid, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil as they keep moisture trapped in the skin.

  1. Say No To An Anti-Aging Product

Anti-aging products are strictly prohibited for dry skin. If you are using any such products make sure they are free of retinoid. As these products may cause itching to the dry skin.

  1. Care Of Feet And Hands

Feet and hands are special parts of the body so they should be properly maintained. Use of gloves and socks in winter will protect your skin from drying. Always use moisturized which is specially designed for hands and feet.

  1. Pick Right Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for dry skin, as it is more likely to aging and wrinkles. Sunscreen blocks the harmful effect of the sun and keeps the skin tan free and glowing. While choosing a sunscreen one should have the awareness about the right SPF required by the body. Always go for a dermatologist recommendation before use of sunscreen.

  • Other Tips

  • Drink more and more water.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Say no to smoking and
  • Use a supplement rich in fish oil.
  • Avoid fried and junk food.

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Occasional dry skin can be treated by adopting the home remedies or by changing our daily body care routine. If you face severe dry skin, then you must consult a doctor, as sooner treatment will help you to feel comfortable and better. A proper diet including high fats helps you to get rid of dry skin. Do not forget to drink water, as it is natural remedies to dryness. All the above tips mentioned above a will change your life in a positive way.


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