10 dresses which you can flaunt on your haldi function

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Haldi Ceremony Dresses

Haldi function is a most important pre-wedding ritual in the Indian weddings. In the recent times the haldi function has actually become a lot of fun with people turning this function into a haldi holi function that makes way for some amazing photos and a chill time for the bride.

Haldi means turmeric in English; the haldi paste is made up of turmeric, rose water and sandalwood powder. This paste is applied because turmeric has a power of reducing the scars and brightens your skin.

The haldi function is one in which the haldi paste (turmeric paste) is applied all parts of the body of the bride and the bride groom before their wedding. This ceremony is held both in the bride and the grooms place before the wedding day. In some cultures this function is held after mehendi ritual, a day before the wedding day.

If you are a bride who has not planned for your haldi function, I can help you out with your decision. Most of the girls prefer a simple yellow dress because of the fear of stains of the haldi. You need to look picture perfect for your haldi. Choose from one of the outfits that are suggested below so that you may look fresh and fabulous at your haldi function without worrying about haldi spoiling your clothes because you get your haldi only once in your life and probably your outfit can be dry-cleaned off!

10 Trendy Outfit Ideas For Your Haldi Function:-


  1. A Sleeveless Gown

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If you want to keep your things fuss free then go on for an option with a floor length gown, if you are not wearing a gown for any of your wedding rituals then make it for your haldi. It may look out of place for haldi ceremony but make it a fusion styling for contemporary look. It gives you a look of stylish and comfort too.

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  1. Floor Length Anarkali With Contrasting Dupatta

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Yellow is the most preferred colour for your haldi function, to make it more attractive and unique pair it with a light dupatta in contrasting colour with the anarkali. Get a simple yellow fabric in raw silk and get a floor length anarkali stitched with a good local tailor and now pair it up with a contrasting dupatta for a gorgeous look.

  1. High-Low Hemline Lehengas

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A bit of feet flaunting is necessary in your haldi function as haldi is applied all over your body including your feet. These high-low hemline skirts or lehengas are an amazing pick for you mainly for these types of functions as it gives you comfort and may avoid stains. It looks picture perfect for haldi ceremony.

4. Simple Punjabi Salwar Suit

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Are you tired of getting your outfits for your wedding ceremony? Go for a Punjabi salwar suit that looks simple and elegant. Get a simple salwar suit stitched and add some floral jewellery to it. Add a pair of mojris and a bright lip colour your simple haldi look is ready.

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5. Traditional Half Sarees

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Are you a south Indian girl? Then half saree is a perfect outfit for your haldi function. Add a puff blouse along with a waist belt and you are good to go. If you have a floral belt for your waist then it could be a perfect one with a half saree.

  1. Chevron Pattern Ethnic Outfits As Haldi Ceremony Dresses

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Chevron print has become very popular with the ethnic wear outfits. This print gives a splashing look to the colour added to it. This choice of print will make you stand out in your haldi function. Do not forget to keep your style a bit modern as this outfit looks a feel of fusion in it.

7. Plain Yellow Saree With Trendy Blouse Designs

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Yellow plain saree is the best option especially if you are having your haldi function in quick morning with just your close family members. The more attention you should give with these plain saree is the interesting cut blouse. Cold shoulders, high necks and boat necks are pretty hot in trend these days.

  1. Lehengas With Floral Prints

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If you are a lehengas girl then you can go out with a floral printed lehenga to look more attractive. You can add this printed lehenga along with a plain dupatta that gives more contrasting look. They look very stylish and chic on the day of your haldi function.

  1. Contemporary Draped Saree

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Most of them prefer saree for their haldi function and if you are one among them then go for it. But be a little different and creative, try some different saree draping styles that will look stylish and gives you a fusion look. So you can obviously go for a contemporary draped saree style.

  1. Long Kurti With Skirt

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Simple kurti with long skirt will make a perfect outfit on your haldi function. Select a simple kurti with a skirt of contrasting colour to make you pretty and gorgeous for your haldi function.

Haldi is a function where only your closest friends and family members will be present so it is more important to choose an outfit that keeps you comfortable so that you could enjoy your haldi function without any discomfort with your family and close friends before getting ready for the big wedding day.

Don’t ever ignore the haldi outfit, enjoy your haldi function to the fullest and choose the right jewellery, hairstyles and makeup that fit your outfit. Do your simple and fresh own makeup for haldi function because your face will be eventually filled with haldi paste. Concentrate only on your eye makeup with waterproof mascara and kohl lined eyes perfect for your haldi function as all other parts other than your eyes will be filled with the haldi paste.

Now go for your shopping and get the dresses that makes you more attractive and makes you stand out on your haldi ceremony.


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