How To Give Extra Protection To Your Hairs At Winters

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The first impression is the last impression which is true. Similarly, in case of hairs which is the integral part of a body which enhances the beauty and personality of the person, trend of styling hairs is very common during these days, Also the proper care and maintenance of hairs are very important. One should always take care of himself or herself and should take care of each and every party of the body.

Also, we know that winters are coming and risk of damage to hairs is more during the winters.  Everyone has to compromise with the styling of hairs and the way to beautify them but what if someone gives proper care and maintenance can get rid of hairs problems during winters and will enjoy winters without stress. Here are some ways and remedies to give extra protection to your hairs during winters and saying bye bye to hairs problems that occur during winters lets us know about the ways one can easily opt for protecting his or her hairs.


Regular Conditioning

Using of conditioner after shampoo regularly will make your hairs soft, silky and smooth. Moreover also make your hair strong enough. One should apply conditioner after shampooing on wet hairs and keep it for at least 15 minutes so that the elements of conditioner get stored in the scalp of your hairs, and your hair gets completely nourished.


Regular Oiling To Your Hairs

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One should always use oil and give massage to your hairs properly before washing with shampoo and conditioner. As in winters due to cold winds scalp get dry, hairs get rough, with split ends which in turn damages your hairs. So to avoid such things apply oil to your hairs for minimum 30 minutes so as to keep your scalp moisturized and avoiding its dryness. One should opt for coconut or almond oil which is considered to be best for the massage of your hairs.


Keep Your Hairs Hydrated

Loss of moisture, from the scalp and hairs, are the main reason of dryness and damage in hairs so one should try to restore the moisture of hairs, by keeping your hairs hydrated. For this  Use of oil and keeping it overnight and then washing your hairs with water on the next day will nourish your hairs completely and will protect your scalp.

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Weekly Treatments

If one has extra damage hairs which get broken easily, and have damaged split ends so can opt for hair treatments on a regular basis at weekly intervals to keep your hairs healthy, and this will help your hairs for easy recovering from damage caused due to winters.


Drink Plenty Of Water

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Due to winters moisture is lost from your scalp which is the main reason of your dry scalp, which in turn results into damaged hairs, dandruff, split ends, rough texture of hairs. So one should drink as much as water as possible as this will keeps you hydrated and nor let your scalp to become dry, Moreover will prevent dandruff and trough texture of your hairs.


Wash Your Hairs Always With Cold Water

Using warm water in winters  Is common thing which we all do but washing hairs with warm water should be avoided as hot water damages your hair with rough split ends, moisture is lost from the scalp, increased dandruff in your hairs due to dry scalp, rough texture of hairs. But if one wants to protect their hairs, then he or she should use cold water instead of warm water to wash their hairs.

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Trim Your Hairs Regularly

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As we all aware the cold winds of winter causes spilled ends and damage your hairs by making it dry, One should trim hairs regularly to cur the split ends so that it does not damage your hairs and will keep your hairs in healthy and good condition.


Don’t Opt For Typical Hairstyles

Opting for complicated and fashionable hairstyles which lead you to use dryers, curlers, straighteners which ultimately breaks your hairs and cause damage, So use of these things should be avoided, and instead of it, one should opt for simple hairstyles.

Use Of Protective Hairstyles

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Opt for buns, ponytails, Twists, and braids which are some protective hairstyles protects your hairs from damage caused by cold winds and keep your hairs enclosed which in turn avoid the contact of hairs with cold winds.


Don’t Go Outside With Wet Hairs

As Some people who have busy schedule used to wash their hairs and then go out with wet hairs which  is very harmful for their hairs  as when your hair is wet and if you go outside then due to cold winds your hairs get frozen which causes your hairs to breaks easily  as  during that time your hairs are sensitive. Moreover, also dust and other particles get to stick to your wet hairs which result in damage of hairs.


Always Cover Your Head In Winters

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During winters one should always cover your heads as this will benefit you and protect your hairs in many ways like will help you to restore moisture in your scalp, will protect your hairs from cold winds, dirt and other elements will prevent your hairs from drying.


Don’t Keep Your Hairs Tight

For your hairs to be strong and moisturized proper circulation n the scalp is mandatory so one should not tie their hairs tightly or cover your heads tightly as this will stop circulation in your scalp and hairs which ultimately stops your hair growth.

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Let Your Hair Dry By Itself

Avoid using driers, blow driers to dry your hairs as this will damage your hairs, make it rough and brittle so one should not use these tools for hairs and let their hairs to dry itself.


Do Not Comb Your Wet Hairs

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Avoid using the comb, brush when your hairs are wet as during that time your hairs are sensitive and weak so combining them will lead to breakage of hairs easily which in turn will affect the density of hairs.


Wash Your Hairs Gently

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As proper washing and cleaning of hairs will ultimately stimulate your hair growth and keeps your hair healthy so gently washing your hairs will avoid its breakage and damage.


Eat A Balanced Diet

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What you eat will ultimately be reflected outside your body so having a healthy diet will keep your hairs healthy. Eating raw vegetables and fruits will help in regeneration of hairs, and proper nutritious diet will provide essential nutrients and nourishment to your hairs.


Home Tips To Protect Your Hairs

Egg treatment

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Using eggs to your hairs will serve as the best conditioner for your hairs, One should take a half cup of egg mixture and apply it on hairs and keep it for 20 minutes and then rinse it with cold water and shampoo. This will make your hairs smooth and silky and is considered best treatment for your damaged hairs.

Use of Honey

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Mix honey with your conditioner and apply that mixture on your hairs and keep it for 30 minutes and wash it thoroughly. This treatment will nourish your hairs and make your hairs smooth and shine. One should use this treatment twice a week for better and fast results.

Use Lemon with Egg

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If there is dandruff in your hairs a so one can use lemon mix the juice of your lemon with the egg mixture and apply it on hairs as this will remove dandruff from your hairs and keep your scalp clean.

Use Of Bottle Gourd Juice

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For fresh, shiny and strong hairs one should use this twice a week. Extract some juice from bottle gourd and apply that juice on your hairs and leave it for some time and then rinse thoroughly and after that one will notice a change in the texture of their hairs.

Massage With Essential Oils

Massaging your hairs with essential oils is a very important step in maintaining the health of hairs. So one should opt for olive or almond oil for massaging as these oils are considered best for strong hairs and to increase your hair growth provides you with all important nutrients needed for hairs.


The above-given information provides descritipon of the solutions to the problems occurring in hairs during winters. Here are some measures and tips which one can apply to protect their hairs without compromising in the styling of hairs. Above given tips and remedies will surely help and provide an idea on how to protect hairs and help one to get beautiful hairs.


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