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Indian Government Policy on Electric and Hybrid vehicles has been marked as lack of consistency and clarity so far. However, it is indicated that the Government of India intends to offer incentives for both hybrid and electric vehicles. This can be strongly observed with the 2019 Toyota Camry launch.

So, here is the complete 2019 Toyota Camry Review


The style of New Toyota Camry is based on the New Global Architecture of Toyota and it is now normal with the new generation vehicles of 1840mm Width, 4855mm length. Surprisingly, this new version of 2019 Camry provides a very good boot space as the nickel batteries are relocated under the rear seating for good space as well as sound utilization.

The designers of this car have used finely honed scalpel to shape the car’s body, which not only makes the car look sleeker but also dynamic too. The well-designed bonnet and the slopy roofline makes the all-new Toyota Camry look more attractive. The LED projectors, door handles, day time running lights, make the car look more premium for its pricing. The Toyota grille is designed splendidly to collect the dirt and keep them clean. The Grille of Toyota Camry 2019 comes with 7 slats.


The Cabin of the all-new Toyota Camry 2019 version looks more spacious and filled with interiors that make it feel more rich and luxurious. Most of the interior surfaces have a soft texture and also harder bits of plastic. The 9 airbags and electrically adjustable rear seats with power recline are the highlights of this car interiors.

The rear recline also comes with beautiful armrest with control switches for A/C, audio, and also the rear sunshade. The front seats are wide, cushy, and comfortable. Moreover, they are properly ventilated which is a useful feature in summer.

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The driver and front passenger seat come with 10 way lumbar and power adjustable support that makes it comfortable seating for them. Not only this, Toyota Camry 2019 version comes with many other exciting features like 8-inch multimedia infotainment, wireless phone charger for smartphones, pinch and zoom navigation, and also tilt and slide sunroof. Not only this, but Toyota Camry also comes with displays that show power driving styles, eco, and also the battery charging status of the car.

The heads up display is very easy to read which shows the engine rpm, navigation, compass, and directions. In short, the interiors of the Toyota Camry are quite appealing and recognizable as ‘Traditional Toyota design’.

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Engine and Transmission

This is the area where Toyota has really excelled. 2019 Toyota Camry comes with a 2.5-liter petrol engine with good combustion, 4 cylinders. Some fine-tuning tweaks make the torque 221Nm and 178PS. In addition to this, the hybrid electric motor delivers a torque of 120PS and 202Nm.

With both the electric and hybrid working in conjunction, the torque goes up to 218PS which is more than the required torque. This makes the Toyota Camry a very lively performer. The torque is available in demand as the power is delivered in a liner way along with the electric motor joining it.

Toyota Camry is expected to pick up a speed of 0-100 Kmph about a little over 8 seconds. One noticeable feature of Toyota Camry is that the electric and hybrid engines complement each other very well that one cannot identify which engine is working at what point of time. The transition from hybrid to the electric engine is also very smooth. However, the Toyota Camry glides to the purely electric mode in a hushed manner, when running at low speeds.

On the other hand, the fuel efficiency of 2019 Toyota Camry has improved a lot and is expected to deliver a mileage of 23.27 Kmpl. In the city, the car is expected to deliver a mileage of 18Kmpl which is pretty decent compared to the mileage given by other cars in the same segment.

The power transmission is through automatic CVT and it also has a sequential shift with paddle shifter.

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Driving Experience

The new sleek design of the Toyota Camry has made it more rigid and also a lower center of gravity. The driving dynamics of this all-new 2019 Toyota Camry are different. The body roll is well controlled, the steering is also more communicative and connected even at higher speeds. One can experience a floaty ride with much exciting driving experience. There is no doubt that the new Toyota Camry performs far better compared to its predecessors. Though this car cannot be recognized as a pure sports sedan, it still balances the experience of comfortable ride and sporty ride. This car has three driving modes Eco, Sports, and Normal. You can observe a significant difference while driving at slow speeds. Moreover, the bannot and the sun shade add a more premium look to the Toyota 2019 Camry.

The regenerative breaks are one of the highlights of this car. Only at very low speed, you will get to know that the breaks are little grabby with the brake pedal responding differently to the pressure applied.


All new Toyota Camry is expected to launch in India with a basic price tag of 36.95 lakh rupees (ex-showroom price). We can observe from the pricing strategy of Camry that Toyota is trying to push all New 2019 Toyota Camry aggressively in India. One of the factors that attract the Indian customers is that the fuel efficiency of this car is pretty good and also the design of the Camry 2019 is pretty premium looking. Moreover, the Hybrid Camry 2019 is very much environment-friendly.

Do let us know your test drive experience or views on the all-new Camry 2019.


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