Five Ways You Can Replenish the Blood Cell Count

Blood Cell Count

How to Increase Red Blood Cells

Glowing skin reveals the healthy personality of a person and there is no doubt that blood plays a vital role in the maintenance of a healthy mind, body, and skin. Blood is a connective tissue, which is present in almost every organism. Blood constitutes two important components of blood cells and plasma. Blood cells are further categorized into three types. These are Red blood cells (lifespan 120 days), White blood cells (lifespan 10-13 days) and Platelets (lifespan 8-9 days). The composition and functioning of all the blood cells are quite different. Red blood cells are composed of the very vital coordination compound, i.e. hemoglobin (which in turn constitutes iron). Its main function is to transport gasses in the body (mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide). The white blood cells of the body are divided into various types. All types of white blood cells are responsible for immune response. The platelets are the third type of blood cells, which are involved in the clotting of blood. The corpuscles are formed in bone marrow and destroyed in the spleen after their lifespan, so there is a need to replenish them. There are a number of ways to increase the blood cell count commonly called blood corpuscles including natural and clinical methods. The easiest and most important five ways are given below;


  • Balanced Diet:

    It is most preferred method to increase the blood count many folds as balanced diet contains all the vital and essential nutrients and vitamins required for proper growth and functioning of each kind of body cells including blood corpuscles. One should have a diet which contains less fat and more of vitamin nutrients and fibers. A person should replace junk food with fresh juice, fruits and salad. It’s an effective method.

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  • Proteins:

    To increase blood count we can have more intake of proteins as proteins are most important for proper functioning of blood and body cells. Eggs, pulses, soya bean, beef and meet are major sources of protein. One can switch to them for better, protein diet in order to maintain proper formation of blood cells. Lean proteins are very important for maintenance of blood cells and help in improving the formation of corpuscles.

Exercise and walk

  • Exercise and walk:

    An exercise is a great tool to keep the body fit and healthy; of course, the healthy body is more productive in nature. We should have a regular exercise for better growth and functioning of the body which results in the addition of new cells in the body. Yoga is completely mental and physical exercise of which one should be habitual for better growth and health.

Omega 3 fatty acid

  • Omega 3 fatty acid:

    It is very important to have this acid for proper formation of white blood cells. It is naturally extracted from the soya bean plant. Salmon is another source of this acid. Cod liver oil is a good option. It increases blood cell count many times.

  • Important minerals:

    The minerals are in the great requirement for formation of blood corpuscles and essential to be the part of your diet. The listed minerals zinc, calcium, iron, Etc. is considerably important. The various sources of zinc are oysters, red meat, and poultry supplements. Calcium is required in the form of divalent ions. Milk, cheese, nuts, green leafy vegetables are very good sources of calcium. Iron is the structural component of hemoglobin and is important among listed elements. The various possible sources of iron are spinach leaves, pumpkin seeds, turkey, legumes, and


Blood is an important tissue of the body, its functioning and circulation should be accurate in order to maintain a healthy mind. Blood is a natural purifier in organisms as it releases out carbon dioxide from the body. All the components are equally important for proper growth and their formation is required from time to time. One should be very much aware of the diet, vitamins, and minerals, which help in replenishing the blood cell count. A considerable number of blood cells are the sign of the Free State of mind. Your glowing face and cheering smile are effective tools for a great personality and I hope nobody will lose this simple task of personality development by just maintaining the blood cell count.


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