Comparison between Asus Zenfone Z2 And Oneplus 6

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Compare Asus Zecfone Z2  Vs OnePlus 6

Smartphones are mobile device do a lot more than call and text. Smartphones are featured by advanced technology with offering a comfortable living. Cameras, Bluetooth, loudspeaker and navigation are some of the important features on the smartphone. Modern smartphones are a portable computer: with the real operating system and multi-core processor. Several models and design are available in the market. The question arises which one to buy?

Asus Zenfone Z2 and Oneplus 6 are the two best smartphones available in the market. Both the phone is manufactured with advanced technology and offer the reliable and secure connectivity. Asus Zenfone Z2 is budget friendly as compare to oneplus 6, but you can’t deny the fact that one plus offers you with greatly advanced features. If you are sticking to a low budget, then Z2 is great to pick and if you are concerned with features, then you must go for oneplus 6. The mention below is the comparison between both phones, that will help you to weigh the features.

  1. Storage Capacity

Oneplus 6 offers 128GB internal storage and it is equipped with a 2.3Hz quad-core processor, for all programming on the phone. On the other hand, Asus Zenfone Z2 offers 64GB expandable memory in addition to 32GB internal storage. Oneplus 6 offers 50% more RAM than Z2, more RAM offers the user to run more than one application simultaneously and it makes the processing speed fast.  Overall oneplus 6 offer more inbuilt memory which allows the user to store songs, movies and install applications.

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  1. Memory Card Support

Memory card slot is not available in one plus six, but Z2 offers the expandable memory up to 64GB. It offers more storage capacity to phone, so that users can store their favourite songs, video, images and install the application. It is an expensive phone providing the great features, as expandable memory, ultimately drops down the price of the phone. Hence, if you are sticking to a low budget then Z2 is the best pick for you.

  1. Camera Resolution

In this modern world, people are crazy about the selfie, so the foremost concern while buying a phone is the camera. Z2 offers the 13-megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash and front with 5-megapixel clarity. On the other side, oneplus 6 is featured with16-megapixel+20-megapixel primary camera and 16-megapixel of from with dual LED at the rear camera. Hence, Oneplus 6 provides the user with more resolving power, which means better image quality.

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  1. Weight

Oneplus 6 is 13%  lighter than Z2. The lighter phones are easy to handle and carry. It can be held in the hand without tiring your arm. If you are concerned with weight than oneplus 6 is the better option.

  1. Color

Girls are quite choosy by nature, so they require the great color choice. Along with trendy and advance design both the phones are available in a wide range of color. The colors available are, Osmium Black, Glacier, Grey Ceramic White,  Glamour Red and Sheer Gold. This provides your great color choice along with trendy design.

  1. Display

Both the phones are featured by the touchscreen. The screen size of Z2 is 5.50 with 1080*1920pixel resolving power and 403-pixel per inch. In contrast to Z2, oneplus 6 offer 6.28 screen size with 1080*2080 resolving power. Large screen size with high resolution provide you better phone experience. If you are using the phone for office use, then oneplus 6 is a better pick, as it offers more resolving power and clarity. It provides the impressive view and makes the video and playing game more enjoyable. The display is well coated with Scratch resists glass, which safe the phone during an accidental case.

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  1. Features

Both the phone is best at offering an advanced feature to the user. Phones are manufactured with advanced technology, they offer the user with various advanced features such as:

  • SMS is in the thread view.
  • Fast battery charging
  • Document viewer
  • Inbuilt photo and video editor.
  • Scratch resists glass
  • Proximity sensors
  • Image stabilization and video sharing
  • High dynamic range mode
  1. Battery

Oneplus 6 is served by a Li-Po non-removable battery with 3300 mAh. It can be charged by using a turbo or dash charger. On the other hand, Z2 is served with 3000 mAh non-removable battery.  If you great user of the phone, then oneplus 6 is a better option, as it offers a longer life battery. The foremost advantage offer by oneplus 6, the smartphone even work in gaming mode the heating up take place in adaptor instead of the phone.

  1. Sensor

As mentioned above both the both are developed with advanced technology and full of features. It offers various features, that had made the human life comfortable.enlisted below are some featured by both the smartphones:

  • Proximity
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Ambient light
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Barometer
  • Temperature sensor
  1. Connectivity

Connectivity is the most important concern before buying a smartphone. The Connectivity provides the potential to share music, video, image and applications. Various connectivity methods are available on phones through which we transfer data with an eye blink.  Both the phone support connectivity spot to share data. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Headphones
  • NFC

Both the phones are micro dual Sim, works upon the advanced 4G technology. If you concerned with a budget then Z2 is a better option as it offers all the features in the reasonable rate.


The mentioned above is the comparison between Asus Zenfone Z2 and oneplus 6. If you are concerned with a budget then Asus Zenfone Z2 is the best choice. If you are planning to buy a smartphone with advanced feature then oneplus is the better pick, as it offers you advance features such as a sensor, camera clarity and Bluetooth.


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