10 Eatables For Growing Children And Its Benefits

10 Eatables For Growing Children
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As we all now that children in their growing phase are very fond of eating. choosing the right food at right time will decide their health ability. For good healthy nutritious food is needed now its a duty of parents to take care of their children diet and provide them with all such type of foods which will be beneficial for them.

Today’s children opt for fast, junk foods which damage their health. So its the time this needs to be changed so here is the list of some eatables with their benefits and nutrients composition which will benefit your children for their proper growth and development.

10 Eatables For Growing Children


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It is widely recommended and used for growing children. A glass of milk every day will complete the diet of your children as it contains many nutrients and had following benefits.

  • Calcium- Makes teeth and  bones strong
  • Protein -Which serves as a source of energy repairs muscle tissue
  • Vitamin B12  which helps in maintaining the red blood cells
  • Phosphorous -Which helps in strengthing of the body
  • Potassium- Helps in maintaining blood pressure.



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It is best for maintaining fit and healthy body and best for children who are involved in sports and other physical activities it contains various components like-

  • Protein- Which helps in increasing blood pressure, lower blood pressure.
  • Lutein and zeaxanthin-These antioxidants help to fight against disease-causing organism and keep you healthy.
  • Contains zero cholesterol so one can avoid any type of heart diseases
  • Vitamin A- Helps to maintain healthy skin, and improves night vision.
  • Folate -Helps to produce and maintaining the new cells
  • Choline- Which helps in the development of brain function
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Green Vegetables

Green Vegetables
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contains a rich source of nutrients like-

  • Vitamin K- Which helps in protecting the bones and prevents inflammatory diseases.
  • Contains low calorie and carbohydrates which helps in maintaining proper body weight.
  • Folate- Which helps in DNA duplication and prevent cancer development
  • Iron- Which helps to make body strong and stiff
  • Beta -carotene-Helps to improve the immune system.
  • Vitamin C-Which helps to maintain diet as acts as dietary supplements.



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Eating 2 bananas a day is good for you as has a rich source of nutrients

  • Iron -Which helps to fight Anaemia
  • Potassium -Helps in regulating heartbeat, keeps brain alert, maintain the fluid level.

Contains Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6 which helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the body and keeps you active and refreshing.



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It is rich in energy-giving  vitamin and minerals and  is the best option for one who is vegetarian

  • Protein-Rich in proteins helps to give energy and also keeps energetic.
  • Copper and Iron - Which makes body muscles strong and improves circulation.
  • Isoflavones -Which helps to prevent menopausal symptoms and maintain reproductive health.
  • Fibres-Which helps in proper digestion and prevent stomach diseases.
  • Magnesium -Which helps in preventing and relieving in sleep disorders
  • Selenium and Zinc -Which helps to maintain bone health.



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It is most nutritious food to eat contains

  • Vitamin B6- Helps to boost metabolism, keeping healthy red blood cells, putting energy levels high.
  • Retinol- Which helps to maintain eyesight and prevents any eye disorders.
  • Selenium- Helps to maintain hormones, and increase the immunity.
  • Phosphorous- Supports, kidney, liver, teeth, and bones.
  • Protein -The low-fat protein in this helps in proper growth and development.


Oat Meal

Oat meal
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Its a natural whole grain contains bran, germ, and endosperm referred to as healthy breakfast and has valuable health benefits like-

  • Fibre-Which helps in preventing constipation and makes you full refreshing and promotes healthy gut bacteria.
  • Poylphonols- Which helps in anti-ithing,anti-inflammatory,and anti -oxidant properties.

Contains vitamin B5, B1-Which helps in balancing the body and fulfill the needs of nutrients in the body.

  • Avenanthramides- Helps to reduce blood pressure and is a powerful antioxidant.

Oats reduces the blood sugar level and contains carbohydrates which are essential for body growth.



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2,3 times fish a week is very advantageous for one’s body as it contains-

  • Omega 3 fatty acids- Needed for building the structure of brain and  body and are a rich source of proteins

Fish contains vitamins and minerals which helps in the development of the brain and improves the  eye vision

  • Contains vitamin A, B, C  and D
  • Iron- As girls need more iron than boys so should eat fish, and also it is good to boosts your body.



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It is vital with everyday meal contains a rich source of nutrients like-

  • Probiotics -A type of bacteria which keeps intestine healthy and relaxes stomach by preventing pain, constipation, infection, etc.
  • Calcium -Which helps in protection of teeth and bones.
  • Contains vitamin B6, B12 which helps in boosting the immune system.

Contains other groups of vitamins which help to prevent allergies, skin diseases and gives relax feeling.

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Grain Foods

Grain foods
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Bread, pasta, rice, chappatis, all are beneficial and important to eat in your diet as they contain important nutrients like-

  • Thiamin -Also called as vitamin B1 helps to regulate heart, muscle, nerves, and body.

Moreover, this whole grain contains all essential nutrients like riboflavin, Vitamin, A, B, S, K, C, E .as these are all needed for our body, and whole grains are a complete hub of all these

Rest it contains proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and are necessary for complete growth and development of the body for growing children.


The above-given information gives you an idea about the essential eatables which p[parets can have for their children in their growth and development phase. This information can guide one for preparing the best diet plan for their children so that they can stay healthy.


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