Apple iPhone XS And XS Max First Impressions: Does It Really Impress You?

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Apple, that is known to be the trendsetters of the smartphone industry had its newest iPhones released on the 12th of September, 2018. Pre-order is open in most of the locations and you can get your hands on one of the two premium iPhones of 2018 very soon. But wait, should you get one for yourself after knowing the ridiculously high price tag? Does the phone stand to the price? We will see the first impressions of the Apple iPhone XS (to be spelt “ten S”) and XS Max now and the review of the same will follow up very soon after some extensive usage on both.

Apple came up with 3 new iPhones and 2 watches for this year. Apple iPhone XS is the follow up for the 10th-anniversary edition Apple iPhone X and the Apple iPhone XS Max is the bigger sibling of the same. A new series, Apple calls a cheaper option that still has most of the luxuries from Apple is the Apple iPhone XR which is coming to the stores only by October. More information on that later.


Design and Build

Being an “S” upgrade you can’t expect any drastic aesthetical changes. What is new is the golden colour option that looks gorgeous on the glass and stainless steel. There are no doubts a product from Apple is having a stellar build quality but the presence of glass to the front, back and the camera protrusion on the rear is what instils the fear of scratching or breaking. Apple says they have brought in an even tougher glass this year which should help with the durability. Fingers crossed on it.

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With every new year comes a new iPhone, necessarily with a new chipset with whopping performance upgrades. This year Apple came up with the first 7nm chipset in the mobile industry for their iPhones. The A12 Bionic chip as they call it, is extremely powerful and will continue to be the best smartphone processor until Apple beat themselves next year. The CPU performance is said to go up by 15% which loads app faster and fluid but nothing much to notice on day-to-day tasks. The GPU has seen a 50% improvement from the A11 Bionic chipset which now can handle the whole of the new series of AR-enabled games and services without breaking a sweat.

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The Apple iPhone XS has the same form factor with a display size of 5.8” and 458 PPI. The Apple iPhone XS Max has a whopping 6.5” display with the same pixel density. 6.5” might sound big, but surprisingly the form factor is very much like the Apple iPhone 8 Plus. One hand usage is not that doable with the hefty Apple iPhone XS Max. The notch has not changed a bit, It has the same size and shape but it feels less intruding after having seen tons of phones with notches in 2018.



The camera hardware is the same for the most part. Out of three cameras, only one has gone through an upgrade. The front facing camera is the same 7 MP camera from last year. The same goes for the 12 MP optically stabilised the f/2.4 telephoto camera on the rear. The primary camera is still the same 12 MP with f/1.8 aperture but the new sensor has a larger pixel size which means better low light performance.

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On the software front, we see quite good improvements. Portrait mode gets another interesting feature apart from the studio lighting. Adjustable aperture- now you can adjust the aperture after shooting the images in the default image editor from 1.8 to 16 to produce very soft and creamy bokeh. The smart HDR has now a better algorithm to yield stunning results.

Videos get an upgrade too apart from the 4k high fps recording option we get a stereo audio recording for the first time in an iPhone which works pretty well.


Battery Life

With the first in class 7nm chipset the battery life is expected to improve and it does not disappoint. From our limited time with the device Apple iPhone XS Max seems to stand the additional 90 mins of usage Apple claimed when compared to the Apple iPhone X. Apple iPhone XS is said to have a 30 mins upgrade still having the same capacity battery but with a more efficient chip.

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The all new iOS 12 is buttery smooth and flawless for the most part. Finally, the two-step action to close an app is now back to being a single swipe from the recent apps but sending a picture via iMessage is still two action process.


Other Features

Storage is crazy on the new iPhones. The base storage is the most common 64 GB. But you can get one with a max of 512 GB. That is great for a smartphone and the longevity it is expected.

The ingress protection has gone the highest to IP68 and the new iPhones can now stay inside water up to 2m deep for 30 mins which is remarkable nonetheless.

Though the Face ID hardware is not swapped for 2nd gen ones it has fastened a tat bit because of improved algorithms and the more capable neural engine on the A12 Bionic chipset.

Apple finally decided to bring in dual SIM for their iPhones. But that too has a complication. You can’t simply pop-in two sim cards and get going. China is the only country going to get that as we know. The rest of the world will get a single nano SIM + eSIM option partnering with various major carriers across the globe which can be used after a software update which is scheduled for this fall.

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Does Apple iPhone XS & XS Max Really Impress You? Should You Go For It?

For a starting price of 999 USD and 1099 USD for the Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max is surely gonna need a bulk of your money. No doubts the phone is the best in most aspects and good in some other. But spending this much is not recommended if you are on a budget. Hold until the Apple iPhone XR is out, that might be your ideal pick. It has got all of the 1000 dollar iPhone features with a little larger LCD display and a single camera on the rear. We know how good even the LCDs are in Apple phones. The single cameras also come with all the software features and the only thing to worry is missing out the telephoto shot.

If you are really craving for an upgrade after 2 years with Apple iPhone 7 or you don’t give a heck about the price and want to play with the stunning Apple iPhone XS then go for it. If the new pricing does not fit your budget wait for the Apple iPhone XR or look for the upcoming Google Pixel 3 & 3 XL if you don’t mind using Android.


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