Project Free TV and Its Alternative Streaming Sites and VPN Security

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The entire globe is experiencing the high-end benefits of Information Technology, people are more interested in indulging themselves towards online streaming and the new application providing a great source of entertainment.  The best part is you can make it available at any moment of time elimination any type of geographical barriers. To depict some of the examples like Amazon prime, Hullu, Netflix and many others are attracting visitors to spend time watching videos and movies. Apart from all other websites, here I am listing one most popular website for online entertainment which is Project Free TV. The website is unique in itself offering spectacular video content free of cost.

Decoding the Popularity of Project Free TV:

  • If you are crazy about watching American TV shows and struggling with finding an apt website to handle all your TV shows demand, then choosing Project Free TV can solve your problem.
  • The website is popular as people of US finding it convenient to watch favorite videos online. The platform is efficient for watching daily soap operas and reality shows which are trendy.
  • Project Free TV is working consistently by updating online videos and shows so that you can never miss a single episode which you are interested to watch.

Significant Features of Project Free TV:

Friendly Interface:

  • If you look at the website, then you can clearly visualize the quality of the website and one cannot find it cumbersome to use Project Free TV. It is easy to find what you are looking at.
  • The homepage specifies the latest episodes and recently updated one, you can also select from there to watch the best form all available TV shows.

Content for Everyone:

  • The Project Free TV is the widely acceptable online streaming website as it provides the user accessibility with no cost and hidden charges. You need not pay anything for getting benefits watching seamless online video shows.
  • On the upper right side of the webpage, there you will see login and sign up option. Those who are current users can access Project Free TV directly by clicking on login details. If you are new to the website, there are simple steps to make an account by clicking on the sigh up option.
  • The availability of free content with that much comfortability can be granted by Project Free TV at such a huge platform.

Wide Directory of TV Shows:

  • When you click on the TV shows column of Project Free TV, you will see the entire long list of shows available for your entertainment. The best part is that all the shows are divided as per the day of streaming.
  • From left to right way, you can find the list if shows available on specific weekdays. The exclusive feature of Project Free TV is not much available on other website providing online streaming of TV shows.
  • After scrolling below, you will see recently added episodes; from there you can directly access the latest episodes of famous TV shows. It also depicts the current date on which the show is added.

Easy Searchable Content:

  • It is very easy to search the available shows and video content through Project Free TV. The shows are also shown as per the type of genre. The content is added as per the categories and one can also search according to the first letter of web series and shows.
  • You can directly search the TV shows on Project Free TV which you want through the keyword search engine at the top of the homepage. Just enter the name of the show or related term; you will see the entire list of shows related to that keyword instantly.
  • The Project Free TV has made the service available for the users with the most comfortable way possible. The series of episodes are also available numeric wise. Overall, one can start watching the show without wasting time searching for it.

High-Quality Content:

  • You can feel assured of the spectacular quality of the content. All the videos and the online stream of shows are available for you with high definition quality.
  • As people are now rushing up to get high-quality content on various platforms, finding an adequate website where your eyes can mesmerize with online experience is worth doing. Project Free TV has worked effectively in managing to get high definition content.

Options while Watching Videos:

  • You can enjoy watching your favourite TV shows on Project Free TV and also at the same time you can let others know what you are suggesting.
  • On every video, you will find the option of like, share and save. One can also imagine the popularity of the shows from the number of likes it gathered.
  • The option of saving your favorite show on Project Free TV is unique in its form. You can pin it for saving in case you want to watch it in the coming days.
  • There are various social media websites where you can share the content like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail, Gmail plus and many others on Project Free TV.
  • Every video format includes the basic overview about the show which you are going to watch. It makes a summary in your mind and suspense too before starting the video.
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Check out the List of Upcoming Shows on Project Free TV:

  • To keep you excited about the next big trendy TV shows, you can check out the series of shows from the upcoming section at the homepage of Project Free TV.
  • Each upcoming show is depicted with the name, season number and date of the launch. The motive is to make the audience curious about what’s coming next.
  • On Project Free TV, you can also see the number of views of the specific upcoming shows.

Is Project Free TV safe to Use?

With taking consideration of various reviews of people using the website, users have not to face any issue during the whole period of stay at the website. Project Free TV is technically the online streaming website, it’s just streaming the content, so there is no as such issue in accessing the website.

The problems persist when the content is accommodated with a different kind of advertisement which in some instances distracts you from the original streaming video.

You must avoid clicking on these kinds of advertisement as some of those advertisements links you to the malware and threatening content.

Make sure that you don’t download anything through that like the new flash player, updated media player. It might not help you in solving any flash player problem.

Is Project Free TV legit to access?

Source: Google

The website telecast the videos from all over the internet. It gathers link through other videos websites so that you guys can have access to the exquisite online streaming.

As if the Project Free TV has changed the domain status since its inception but somehow it manages to keep it intact and progressive for users to utilize the wide network of online TV shows

Basically, it is a search engine and shows the content of different websites on a single platform. The copyright act is more severe for illegal and unlicensed host content websites than to the search engine like Project Free TV.

The website also mentions that it does not track the performance and legality of content which they link.

Overall, the website seems to be legal as it provides the option to contact for information regarding any copyright violations.

As if the website can be your option to choose adequate online streaming platform, here I am giving you other alternatives so that you can get wide options to select for the same.

Tubi TV:

  • Tubi TV also provides online streaming content just like Project Free TV and offers selected popular shows and movies. Watching content here is also legal. The website has a robust content linkage to provide efficient video streaming facility for the entertainment of the users.
  • You will receive the best movies of popular production houses like MGM, Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate, Lighthouse and many others. You can directly access the website with no charges and also there is an option for saving history and each time you open the website you will see the content which you saw last time.



  • It is also similar site as Project Free TV where one can watch recent streamed shows seamlessly. You need to follow the same guidelines for registration. After that, you can access the unlimited entertainment at your leisure time.
  • As the website is owned by Sony Company, you can get the opportunity to watch all Sony shows and TV series. This is the major plus point.
  • At the time when you need to watch movies on the site, there is no need to worry as most of the movies have Sony copyright. The benefit is that these movies are available in some countries.
  • The most exciting benefit is that you can get the uncut and non-edited versions of videos. You can get the seamless and unfiltered streaming experience on Crackle.



  • With the ownership of Screen Media Ventures, Popcornflix is providing spectacular user-friendly platform for best online streaming content like that of Project Free TV In case you are facing difficulty in accessing Project Free TV, Popcornflix is your next saviour.
  • The website is the ultimate source of getting high-quality drama series, movies and other categories shows with effortless accessibility options for you.
  • It is the upgraded version of Popcorn website which shut down due to some legalities issues. As such the current version seems to be legal, just need the best VPN to start watching any movies and shows on the site.



  • The website is a great source of films directory where you can find more than 5000 streaming content, absolutely free of costs. It contains a long list of TV shows, movies, entertainment videos.
  • The platform is the perfect destination for watching documentaries and streaming online content. In case the site does not suit you, follow Project Free TV for the ultimate source of video content.



  • If you are keen to know about online video demand service, then Viewester is the right platform to explore. The company provides high quality web content.
  • Also, the website can become a favourite destination for anime movie lovers or someone who is fond of watching drama series.
  • You can avail the following services without getting involved into a sign up process and registration.
  • The content on Viewester is legal and it is under the direct control of the owner. It has created a revolution by directly streaming the legal content and providing users great opportunity to experience high-quality content.
  • The licensing requirements vary from country to country due to distinction in the type of agreements and protocols just as Project Free TV.


The Internet Archive:

  • Another similar video streaming platform like Project Free TV is The Internet Archive. It works on the public domain through which the users get the 100 per cent assistance in downloading videos and also watching content free of cost. The site is full of old and new movies, animated cartoons, TV soap operas, drama series, video game clips and documentaries.
  • The website is not available in some countries like Malaysia. However, there are multiple ways to open unrestricted websites through the Internet Archive. All the content can be saved in the Archive library like images, books, movies and many more.


Classic Cinema Online:

  • If you are an epic cinema lover, then Classic Cinema Online can prove fantastic for refreshing old memories and old movies. As if you will also get old telecasted video content on Project Free TV, but this websites to serve your purpose.
  • The website specially gathers old school movies, particularly the popular one, which are evergreen to watch. It already sounds too exciting to experience the best old memories in 21st

Best VPN for Streaming TV websites:

VPN plays a vital role in protecting your data and implementing certain steps to augment the data security so that you can have the best online streaming experience without any threats to your precious data. In case of Project Free TV, you don’t need to add VPN.

Below I have researched some of the VPNs through which you can save your data from threats:

  • Express VPN:

The VPN is among the topmost ranking due to efficient performance and high-quality streaming service.  The VPN works faster like that of Project Free TV service. It works remarkably for streaming HD videos and you can get 24/7 support for any type of assistance regarding Express VPN.

  • IPVanish VPN:

The VPN is famous for providing one of the authentic and reliable services for online streaming. It contains robust security and privacy features, additionally; you will get antivirus protection for any kind of threat instance. The VPN provides al time technical assistance and in case you won’t find it useful, then within seven days, you can get money back.

  • Nord VPN:

It comes at the third position as per the VPNs ranking. It has the working influence in more than 55 countries. Within 30 days payment back option is available with 24/7 live chat support. If you are using Project Free TV then using VPN is not the requirement.

  • Cyber Ghost:

It is an upgraded and advanced form proving efficient data security. You can access their services and also the advanced setting with the consultation of the service providers. It is available in almost 55 countries and you can get money back within 30 days if you remain non-satisfactory with the. Even the Project Free TV online users prefer this service nowadays.


It is the most popular online streaming upgrader with a good connection. It works brilliantly with NAT firewall software and the users of it will get an extra edge over the accessibility of the VPN. In case of any doubts concerning the usages, online customer support is ever ready available.

  • Private VPN:

The VPN works efficiently in curbing the menace of data threat and provides assistance with overcoming the potential threat while accessing live streaming sources through different websites. If you need access to websites like Netflix then the Private VPN is useful. It also offers ultimate P2P or tormenting.

  • Hide Mass Ass:

The VPN is purely for those in dire need of authentic service. This VPN is compatible with Chrome and Firefox. It is available in almost 190 countries, therefore, coving wide coverage area for users to take benefit from exclusive data security service.

As the internet is flooded with numerous websites for online streaming content, you can choose one of them as per your wish and taking into consideration the points which you need to take care prior accessing the website like safety and legal issues. To combat the online threat through these sites, you can choose one of the mentioned VPN.


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