What is Artificial Intelligence


Trending and tech go hand in hand. People are always looking for something better and new. We are living in the 21st century with advanced technology, which was a dream for our elders. Technology is first defined by Jacob Bigelow in 1829. Nowadays we are surrounded by technology everywhere. We are nothing without technology. Human beings fully depend upon technology. AI is the latest technical achievement for humans, which will change the whole world with their features.


Artificial intelligence is widely used, but many people are not aware of this term… As we see it our regular day to day existences, we should manage its inescapable exponential development and figure out how to grasp it before gigantic financial and social overpower us. Many people confuse it because of its name. There is a tendency to think about AI as an endpoint. This technology is very advance; this software thinks like the human. AI is beginning to make a section in relatively every new stage, application, or gadget and that pattern is just going to quicken in 2018. AI is applied when functions are associated with other human minds, it means AI is problem-solving and able to know the mood of the human.

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In 1950 English Mathematician Alan Turing distributed a paper entitled “figuring apparatus and knowledge” from where AI had happened. That was the time when the community adopted the term Artificial Intelligence as coined by John McCarthy. Chess has long been considered a game of intellect, and many pioneers of computing felt that a chess-playing machine would be the hallmark of true artificial intelligence… While the Turing test is an excellent test to find out machine knowledge, chess to is a decent interest, one which luckily has been comprehended by AI. AI calculation has been utilized as a part of server farms and on vast PCs for a long time, however, is just more as of late present in the domain of custom hardware.



These are works with abstract symbols that are used to represent knowledge. It is that process that pursues the idea which human thinking can reconstruct on a logical level. It works with human readable symbols, abstract connections and logical level.


It became popular in computer science in the late 80’s. In this process, knowledge is not represented with symbols but with artificial neuron just like the artificial brain. After that all the knowledge which is gathered is broken into small parts, the neuron, then connected and built into groups. This method is known as bottom-up method which works from the bottom. Same as representative AI, the neural framework must be prepared and fortified with the goal that the nonpartisan system can gather involvement and develop. This is the procedure of the neural computerized reasoning.


These networks are organized into layers that are connected to each other by lines.  The work of the upper layer in the input layer is to the work like a sensor that accepts the information to be processed and passes it on below.  This process is followed by minimum two and maximum twenty systems. The layers which are connected to each other send the information via connections. The bottom layer is known as output layer and which has least number of artificial neurons. It provide the calculated data in a machine readable form, this is the process of the neural networks.


There are various tools and methods which are apply for artificial intelligence to real-world scenarios. The process is all about machine learning, which defined as a system that builds up knowledge from experience. This process is used detect the errors and increase the speed and accuracy. In this machine learning both symbolic and neural artificial intelligence are used.

Deep learning: It is the subtype of machine learning which played important part in machine learning. This process only neural network is used rather than others. Deep learning easily scalable and adaptable to many applications. Basically there are three learning processes which are used for the neural networks-supervised, non-supervised and reinforcement learning. These all provide many different ways to formulate how input became desired output.


Artificial intelligence is used in many areas. AI process is very excellent for detecting, indentify and classifying the objects, pictures and videos. In this process every work done in proper and systematic way with accuracy. Now days one of the main functions of the AI is voice search it means you can gave command to your browser by your voice without typing. Word processing or checking the grammar and spelling of a text is a classic application of Symbolic artificial intelligence that has been used for a long time.

On new smartphone chips are used which is like kirin 970,AI is integrated into its own components, neural processing unit. There are many phones in which this chip is used, these phone has their own unique identity and looks different from other smartphones. The main objective of the AI to make human work done in smooth and easily way. There are many research projects on artificial the terminator series. It’s only a matter of the time AI is fascinating, especially how the neural network can essentially learn like a human brain. AI is human biggest achievement in history of the world and beneficial for humans.

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE VS MACHINE LEARNINGArtificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are very tricky words right now and many people are not aware about these words. These are not same thing they are different from each other. Artificial intelligence is the wide concept of machines being able to carry out the task in such manner that one wouldn’t imagine. On other hand, machine learning is a current application of AI. Machine learning is a part of the AI.


Artificial intelligence has a wide degree in the PC and robotization. AI research has been from since 1950’s, AI with advancements of memory, storage capacity and computational power. Artificial intelligence applicable in almost every industry such as- manufacturing, medical & health care, autonomous car, education etc. In manufacturing the numbers of robots help in manufacturing activities. Now today’s many companies are looking for human less manufacturing and they preferred to work with robots. Because of increase in demand of the robots there is wide scope of AI. On other hand talking about autonomous industry, AI played important role in sector. AI software systems are the actual brain behind any autonomous car.AI provides all the information and functions such as- analyzing information in real time, safety, security, and all the action during the drive. Other example of the artificial intelligence is retail; AI also played important part in retail sector. The entire online store, these all couldn’t run with the help of AI. AI is also helping in the target marketing and know your potential customers. AI is the future of the world without any any work will be done smooth. Artificial intelligence is the great invention for human which learn like a human mind and provide work more accurately.


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