Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips for Marathi Brides

Bridal Makeup Tips for Marathi Brides
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To define Marathi Brides Simplicity, Shining Face, Sweet Smile and Elegance are enough. India has a huge diversity of culture and traditions. Among all Marathi Culture is one of the sober cultures. The simplicity of the Marathi Bride shows her inner beauty on her face during his Wedding Day. Marathi people are much cultured as well as traditional. Every Bridal wants to look beautiful and exceptional on her special day. Furthermore, every bride consumes much time to decide what to wear or how to dress up. Marathi follows their traditions, so as in case of the wedding day. Although, Marathi make up is approximately similar to normal bridal, but still, there are some ways by which Marathi brides will look unique. Here is the unique and remarkable bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides which will help her to look ravishing on her special day are as follows:

  1. Beautify Eyes

To make an Eye-catching and striking look in front of others, one must beautify accurately. Eyes play a huge in the personality of the individual. Bridal will look beautiful if she beautifies her eyes with proper makeup. One must choose the perfect color of eyeshadow according to your dress or which perfectly suits on your face. Eye make includes Mascara, Kajal, and Eye-liner. Moreover, one can also wear artificial Eye-lashes to makes eyes more appealing. Always keep in mind never over-do the makeup, as it does not look nice. This is one of the best bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides.

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  1. Choose Perfect Color for Lips

One of the best bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides is to choose perfect lip color. Lips play an essential role in enhancing the personality of the face of the person. To look beautiful, Bridal must wear perfect Lip Color to make lips more attractive and intense. It add-on to her beauty. Keep in mind that lips color must go with the dress and also with the skin tone of the bride so that it will mix up on the face and give a glamorous look to the bride. Never choose an odd color on this special day. Red, Pink, Maroon, and Magenta are the perfect choice of lipsticks for brides.


  1. Convex Shaped Bindi

According to the Marathi Tradition, bridal must wear a Convex Shaped Bindi as they believe that without Bindi Bridal makeover is incomplete. It is the symbol of their culture. According to Marathi’s tradition, it represents prosperity and moreover it is also bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides. It improves the personality of the Bride. Furthermore, the face looks more beautiful after wearing Bindi.


  1. Unique Hairdos

Marathi brides make unique hairdos which add-on to their personality. Hairs play a vital role in enhancing the personality of the bride. It is one of the best bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides. One must choose a perfect hairstyle according to your personality. Marathi chooses traditional hairdo on special occasions.


  1. Beautifies Juda with Flowers

Beautifies Juda with flowers
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It is the most important bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides that she should wear flowers on her hairs. Generally, ladies prefer to wear Gajra which enhances the appearance of the Juda. Beautifully decorated flowers on the hairs and a sweet smile on the face of the beautiful Bride catches the attention of people, and one will definitely get praise from many.

  1. Marathi Jewelry

Jewelry is the most important accessory for the bride. It holds the attention of many. Brides look beautiful by wearing jewelry. Gold and pearl Jewelry is famous for Marathi Brides. In Marathi culture brides usually wear the Gold or pearl jewelry only.


  1. Special Nath

Marathi brides wear special Nath which undoubtedly implies their tradition and culture. It is the unique part of the Marathi Bride. It is basically designed with a 22 K gold and beautifies which precious stones which increase the grace of the Nath. This special Marathi Nath is generally preferred for the most important occasions like wedding ceremony, Pooja etc. Special Nath is one of the Best bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides as it enhances the beauty of the Bride and makes her different from others.


  1. Choora or Bangles

Choora or Bangles
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It is an important part for the Indian women. Choora or bangles is the best gift of God to the ladies. In India generally, red bangles or red Chura is preferred for the bridal, but according to Marathi tradition, Bridal must wear green glass bangles in both the hands. Moreover, it is mandatory that the counting of the bangles must be odd, alongside one must wear gold bangles to make separation of both sets.

  1. Wear Mundavalya or Basinga

It is the unisex accessory that is mandatory for both bride and groom. It is one of the important accessories according to the Marathi Tradition and Culture. Wear Mundavalya or Basinga will undoubtedly enhance the beauty of the bride. It is popularly known as Mundavalya or sometimes Basinga.  Dress up, and overall makeover is assumed to be incomplete without Mundavalya.

  1. Bridal Dress:

Above all, it is one of the essential parts of the Bridal makeover. Every bride takes huge time to choose the perfect wedding dress for herself. There are ample options for the brides to choose the best dress on a special occasion. But Marathi ladies wear traditional sarees on their wedding day. It is the symbol of their tradition and culture. Marathi girls look simply beautiful and classic in the Silk Fabric sarees. The special Paithani sarees are specially designed by the designers to make them more appealing and attractive. It is the perfect choice for the wedding day.



Marathi Brides are known for the simplicity and elegance. Light makeup and traditional wear on the wedding day make them more appealing and attractive. The Maharashtrian wedding is the only wedding in India held with extreme simplicity. No matter what is the trend going in the market, they follow their own culture and tradition on special occasions. In this discussion, there are some bridal makeup tips for Marathi Brides which enhance their beauty and make their special day more special one.


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