How You Can Decorate Your Home This Diwali

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Diwali is the festival of lights to honor the seventh inacartion of Hindu Lord Ram Chandra. On the day of Diwali Ram returned to his house after fourteen years of banishment. During fourteen years he fought and won the battle against the beasts and the beast king, Ravana. Some other religions like Sikhs, Jains, Buddhist also celebrates this festival because there are some stories behind it. It the time for some delicious sweets and celebrations, but before it is the time of cleaning and rearranging the house. It is the also the time to decorate the house with creative ideas to add the spark in the celebrations of Diwali. Decoration brings all family members together in good spirits to start energizing the house with positive atmosphere. There few ways to decorate the house beautifully.

Diwali Decoration Ideas

1: Diyas

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Description:- Let’s start with diyas who gives a unique look to the house. Diyas signifies the winning of truth over false, so we lighten up diyas on the festival of Diwali. Diyas are the unique and traditional pattern of the decoration collection of the decoration. Diya adds the classic touch in the adornment of Diwali.The earthen diyas are available now in a unique and stylish look. Nowadays the electric Diya are the best substitute for the earthen diyas. You uses electric diyas if you have no more space in the house. There are verities of sizes of electric diyas are available in the market.

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 2: Rangoli

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Description:- Without rangoli no decoration can be completed, and it gives the unique touch to the decoration. In rangoli making, you can use colors or flowers to create various designs. Nowadays there are many designs available in the markets as well as online. You can select anyone and firstly basic thin outline on the floor with chalk. basic outlines help to avoid mistakes while making the rangoli. The design of rangoli becomes more beautiful if you add diyas in the rangoli as comparison simple rangoli.


3: Lights

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Description:- the electrical lights give a lovely look to your house. It is very versatile an easily available in different shades. electric lights are an easy way to decorate the walls and entrance of the house. You can select the variety of lights according to your home décor. The electrical lights are available for interior as well as the exterior decoration of the house. Lights are available in glass vases with a fantastic glowing effect which you can use for Puja room.


4: Candles

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Description:- candles are uses along with the diya, but people mostly use them in puja rooms or holy places. Candles give a unique look if it can decorate with diyas. Candles are available in many shapes and colors in the market. Nowadays it can also be available in different types, i.e. tealight, Diwali special, gel candles, sparkling, perfumed, cylinder and flower candles. You can choose any of one according to your Diwali decoration.


5: Flower Decoration

Description:- there are lots of varieties available in the market but the flower of marigold which signifies the festival of Diwali. You can either use fresh flowers or artificial flowers for decoration because both can give the same look to your decorations. If you use flowers in the rangoli, it can upgrade the beauty of your rangoli. Flowers also applies in the Puja rooms for decorations or prayers. For Puja rooms mostly the people use fresh flowers.


6: Torans

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Description:- torans are the wall hanging which also known as Bandhanwar. It appends the different gist to your home decoration. Torans are also the favorable part of the Diwali decoration. On the occasion of Diwali, the entrance of the house is usually decorates with mango leaves and marigold flowers. They use on the entrance of the house aonf with lights for giving the festive touch. Nowadays they are available in too many designs and verities which gives a beautiful look to your house entrance.

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7: Lanterns

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Description:- laters gives the attractive and colorful look to your house decor. If you don’t want to buy laterns from the maket, then you can try to make it at home through crafts. Lanterns look very beautiful when you flames light inside them. Wax diyas, candles are uses to flame light inside them. You can also use small electric bulbs inside the lanterns.


8: Table Decoration

Description:- the decoration of the center table of sofas is most essential because all guests who come on the occasion of Diwali sits there. The center table gain the immediate attraction of the guests. So you must add some decoration on the table with candles, statues, bottle lights, etc. it gives he festive look to your table.


9: Bottle Lights

Description:- the outer side of the house is decorates with lights and other things. But you can adorn the interior with bottle lights, and it gives an attractive look to the interiors. You can use bottle lights in the corners of the room, on the center table or in the Puja room. Bottle lights are the create decoration of the Diwali.


10: Paper Cup Flower Lamp

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Description- it the homemade lamp which is made with the paper cups. Paper cups are used in many crafts because they are waxy. You can either decorate your center table with this lamp or hangs anywhere in the house. It gives a unique look to the Diwali decoration.



Most of the religions celebrate Diwali because there are stories behind it. Diwali represents the victory of truth over false. People celebrate Diwali with joy because it the festival of lights .before Diwali they clean their houses and decorate the house with various ways. People choose the decoration according to their home décor. On the occasion of Diwali different decoration, things are available in market, for example, diyas, rangoli, lights, flowers, candles, torans, lanterns, etc.


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