Best Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

Best Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes
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Eye make-up has always been a priority whether it about changing trends or innovative steps to increase beauty. If we take a look at 70’s or 80’s makeup tricks, there is a huge difference, but the similarity is in both the cases eye makeup has always been preference. Whether it is about round eyes or hooded eyes enhancing it with makeup skills will remove the crease by adding appropriate color and shades.

Talking about various celebs either of Hollywood or Bollywood has hooded eyes, but then also with make-up, they try to make them eye-catchy. So if you are facing some difficulties with hooded eyes in makeup then can follow the bellow tricks.

Best Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

There are ample of branded products in the market which you can use to enhance the beauty of your eyes. But using it perfectly is the main perspective of best Makeup tips for hooded eyes. Therefore you can use certain steps to improvise the beauty of your eyes:

  1. Using Eye Shadows In An Upward Direction From Light To Dark

Using eye shadows in an upward direction from light to dark
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Eye palettes are available in different shades; thus blending it properly is the very first trick for eye-makeup. Using eye-shadows in an upward direction will provide clean finishing. You can use brighter or shining color in the top outer corner. Other than this try to match it with a base of the lid in both upward and outward direction; avoid making outer “v”.


  1. Use Pointed Eye-Liner Pen For Upper Eyelid

Use Pointed EyeLiner Pen For Upper Eyelid
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A sharp eye-liner pen is easily available in the market; thus apply it thinly instead of making a long wing. This will give a neat and clean outlining; you can use color pencils also. Moreover, we can say that using water-proof pencils can last for longer time-period. So for hooded eyes, it is the best option if going out for a wedding on official trips.

Tight lining with water-proof linear can control the eye make-up for being smudgy. Try to avoid it making thick as this can make your eyes small which doesn’t look nice on hooded eyes.

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  1. Avoid Highlighting The Hoods

Avoid highlighting the hoods
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A big difficulty which everyone faces while doing eye-makeup is we cannot make it dark. So the eye-shadows use in the crease should be of light color. This can improve the beauty of your eyes and provide a natural look. Hence it is important to apply some clever tricks above the crease. Moreover, you can also add a small amount of glitters to make your eyes more impressive.


  1. Pay Attention Towards Your Eyebrows

Pay attention towards your eyebrows
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For your eyebrows you can make use of mascara; through this, you can highlight the eye makeup and make it impressive. It is important to use branded products instead of applying ordinary one from the market. No doubt using mascara in your eyes will keep you under a spotlight. According to makeup artists instead of darkening your crease, it’s better to highlight your eyebrows with mascara for hooded eyes eyebrows are the only area where you can use thick lining.


  1. Light Color Linear For Clean Finishing

Light color linear for clean finishing
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The darken eyes are noticed directly; so for hooded, we ignore to make it dark. As the crease of hooded eyes can be easily seen and using dark color means highlighting it. So try to make it light with white pencils. This can expand your eye-lids bigger and wider. Adding cut crease of glitters and making it light at the upper can to enhance your beauty. So if you are planning for any functions then can use colored glittering with innovative dressing style.

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  1. Highlighting Your Brow Bone

Highlighting your brow bone
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You can darken your brow bone by using a dark color of eye shadows. You can either use eye premier or simple shades for making it different from other days. Try to match up with your face makeup so that it will look similar. Using light shades slightly above the crease and glitters beyond it also look superb. One of the important things which need to be mentioned is always looking straight and don’t close your eyes while doing makeup for hooded eyes. This can help you to line your crease brilliantly. Try to match the shades with natural color skin tone.


While preparing a dress for the occasion, it becomes clear that what and how to implement eye makeup. Thus you can use the best makeup tips for hooded eyes to grab the attention from the crowd. As we all know smoky eyes are in trend so people having hooded eyes can also follow this trend. You can make it smoky by adding dark below the crease and lighting it from the upper end. Therefore applying the above tricks will really help you while going out for a party or any other occasion. You can also prefer light eye makeup with professional outfits.


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