Why You Should Seek Advice of Elders to Grow your Child

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Introduction: Parents are a very important part. From birth, a child learns from her parents. Children learn from her parents any good or bad thing. All parents expect her children to grow and make a better future. Parents always say that understand the things of Elders. Because Elders are more experience in life and understand the problems those we are facing now. Some researcher says that the most excellent teacher is a mother. Only parents understand, what is best for your future. Elders are a good teacher and give the solution to every problem.

The importance of Elders: Mostly Elders and child are more close to each other. Elders are significant role played in the child’s life. We will discuss some importance of the elder below: -

  1. Provide Guides: Elders are the best teacher in providing a guide. Elders give more solution to any problems in life, and more experience get in life. Any parent lets advice from elder than those parents grow the child in a better way.
  2. Skills to share: Elders are looking at more world than parents and more skills in Elders. Elders share the skills with the parents of children and help to grow the better way of the children.
  3. Elders have a life of experience you don’t have: Elders are the life experience and know how to handle the child. Elders are best advised for parents. Parents learn from Elders than grow better way of the child.
  4. Adviser: The Elders are good advisers for parents. They give more solution for how to improve the child parenting. The most important for parent what we give to the child to grow than only Elders are best advised for the growing of the children.
  5. Elders different views: Elders different opinion related to any problem and any other situations. They give a different opinion for handling the child and how to the child in a better way. They are more expert in the handle to the child.
  6. Positive remarks: Elders are given positive remark that you are doing a good job. Elder gives a compliment and always praise the child and her parents. Any problem come than only elders are given positive thoughts, another person finds out your mistakes. Your problems solved by elders in the best way.
  7. Unconditional love: Elders make the unconditional love of the family or children. They provide, the better thing to the parents and children. Elder does not differences with anyone. An elderly person in the family significant part they always give advice and make unconditional love.

Conclusion: Only elders give better advice to grow the children. We know only elderly persons are given an excellent example for out of the problem. An elderly person is a more experienced person because they look at more world than new generation. The elderly person handles the issues with a better and easier way. They are know how to handle problems and children also. They give more tips to grow the child.


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