Tips To Keep Your Eyelashes Healthy And Curvy

Tips To Keep Your Eyelashes Healthy And Curvy
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Eyelashes are important part when it comes to judge the beauty of a woman. It not just enhances our
beauty but also help us to protect our eyes from dust and bacteria. Eyelashes are nothing but small hairs placed over eyes which protect us from a lot which our eyes can go through on daily basis, just to name a few infection, redness and dark circles too due to pigmentation.

Many people believe that they grant us wish too, however other than granting a wish they are useful for ample of other reasons.

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They Look Awesome When Falls On Cheek;

They Look Awesome When Falls On Cheek
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Few people are blessed to have beautiful eyelashes. They touch cheeks and seem very beautiful, they are connected with eyelid, Eyelashes provides shield to protect the eyes from harmful rays of sun, because integral part of our eyes are very soft. The stand like curtains, and help in reducing stress too. They do stop small particles and dust to enter inside.

When we care for our beauty, we usually forget to consider these beautiful body part, Although, we know the value of Eyelashes, how important role they play in our lives, Eyelashes are work like whisker of cat as they can sense some sensitive things are coming in touch with eyes, sometimes they can be
insects, while others can be dust particles are.

We lose 1-4 hair of eyelashes daily, which makes eyelashes thin and light, If we lost more hairs of lashes then it needs treatment, Our eyelashes hairs are like our hairs of head, which are need proper care
and massage to keep them healthy, thick and strong. Vitamin B-3 help to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, it plays an important role in its thickness, if we add Vitamin B-3 in our daily food and also use oil for massage our eyelids, because, our roots of eyelashes are connected with eyelids. It also improves the blood flow of hair follicles.

Eyelashes are great filter of sunlight as they stop us to reach harmful rays; our eyes are remained accentuated with small hairs.  We take so many steps to make them beautiful, to attain the same we use beauty products and cosmetic such as mascara, eyeliner etc. Many people do use several tools like comb and cutter to decorate and lengthen the eyelashes.

A healthy lifestyle provides good growth to eyelashes. Hairs of head are normally 150-200 of a normal human being. A usual eyelid has average 75-100 hairs normally. However extensive use of serums and oils minimize their length and much more. Though, they can achieve back in a month or two by using right product and also proper diet plan and also they can growth by improving your eating habits.

Laboratory study and research find out that if our hairs of head take three years to grow, while our eyelashes hairs takes three months to grow. There are also few remedies which can help to grow eyelashes available at our home as well easily available in near by area.

Your Eyelashes Healthy And Curvy
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  1. Coconut oil is best usable for eyelashes growth and also its fall out. Once, using it fewer eyelashes will fall out. Once you start massage in routine it will become thicker.
  2. Vitamin-E oil is best in to hair growth help. Rubbing Vitamin-E into eyelid on bedtime will help normal eyelashes thicker. These are easily available in market in oil and capsule form.
  3. Vitamin B-3 also known as niacins stimulate hair growth of eyelashes and eliminate the dryness, helps to circulate the blood flow, and also prevent falling out.
  4. Aloe era provides good and healthy skin to eyelashes, which help eyelashes to grow faster, because, eyelashes are connected to eyelid, Aloe era easily available plant,
  5. Rose water which are made from roses also easily available in to market, to make eyelid skin healthy and soft, Its also provides cooling to eyes.
  6. Argan oil full of Vitamin-A and fatty acid, It is great moisturizer helps to keep hydrate to eyelashes. using daily promotes hair growth of eyelashes.
  7. Castor oil is also a natural remedy to make your hair thicker and shiner easily available at market.  It gives proper growth if regular massage is given.
  8. Almond oil is full of Vitamin-E, Its benefits are endless, given massage to eyelashes provides strength to eyelashes.

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Our eyelashes are smallest and important part of our body, It gives great contribution to enhancing the feature of our face, healthy, thick, black eyelashes automatically envy people. Makes us more
attractive. Growth of hairs of eyelid create many functions, protect us from harmful particles, It seems less complex then eyes are. But, number of problems are relates to eyelashes. We should not take it for granted. Because, they are responsible for proper function of eyes, because their work is to provide protection to eyes. So, next time if you are putting mascara or applying eyeliner front of
mirror be careful, you must choose your chemical products or cosmetics
very carefully.

How to choose right products for eyes, as our eyelashes connected with them. Plays their important role to protect eyes, and also enhance the beauty.
1.      Choose cosmetics of good brand.
2.      Choose right color match with your skin type.
3.      Choose mild products match mix with natural oils.
4.      Cosmetic should not dry the skin.

Just take little care and precautions eyelashes and its surrounding area, Eyelashes can be beautiful, healthy. And thicker and also match with desired growth of eyelashes.


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