Ten Home Remedies for Glowing Skin Which Can Use As The Face Pack

glowing skin
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Everyone wants glowing skin, and we know Face a vital aspect in every woman’s life proper care and Maintenance is needed which can be done with the use of one of the things called face packs. Face packs which are usually cosmetic preparations usually made by mixing different ingredients and applied over skin to improve texture, for cleansing, for glowing skin.  The right face pack at the right time keeps your skin hydrated, pulls out impurities, cleans your pores, remove all dirt and oil.

These should be applied at the right time in the right way. So instead to use artificial face pack we can have face pack of natural origin that does not affect our skin and keeps our skin glowing.  The use of natural remedies not only restores our natural skin but also protects from the use of artificial face packs which can lead to side effects. So there are some remedies which women can apply for making the face pack for glowing skin.


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  • Multani Mitti with Rose Water

    Multani Mitti With Rose Water
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    It’s a common and widely used we can mix rose water and Multani mitti and apply on skin for 10 minutes. Multani mitti or fuller’s earth as it pulls out dirt tightens the skin and skin gets refreshed.


  • Honey and Banana Face Pack

    Honey And Banana Face Pack
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    As mentioned above honey moisturizes the skin and when mixed with banana which makes skin supple and soft contains vitamin A, C, E and minerals zinc, iron, and potassium. It is best remedy for dry skin, wrinkled skin, and makes your skin to look bright.


  • Cucumber with Sugar

    A Combo Of Papaya And Cucumber
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    It contains B-carotene, A-carotene, lutein which helps to fight against ageing process and free radicals in skin. So make a paste of cucumber mix it with sugar put in the refrigerator and then apply on skin for ten minutes. It will rejuvenate your skin, reduce tanning, hydrates skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Gram Flour Face Pack With Turmeric, Raw Milk

    Another commonly and widely used since years so when you mix besan with milk and turmeric and apply on face for 30 minutes wash with lukewarm water will help to smoothers the complexion,remove the dirt. And milk will moisturize your skin.


  • Watermelon Face Mask

    Watermelon Face Mask
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    Watermelon is enriched with A and C and is good antioxidant it’s a natural toner removes oil from skin we can make juice of watermelon mix it with cucumber juice, milk powder, yogurt and apply on face for 15 minutes and you will have glowing skin,cures acne,removes pigment from the surface.


  • Avocado Fruit Face Pack 

    Avocado For Bright Skin
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    It is best for dry and dull skin. Here avocado is mashed and then mix it with honey, milk cream, rose water put all ingredients together and stir it and apply on face and rinse when dry .this will help to nourish your skin, as provides all beneficial nutrients for skin.


  • Cucumber and Tomato Face Pack

    Cucumber And Tomato Face Pack
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    Take the tomato pulp and cucumber pulp in a bowl and mix it and after that apply on the skin will freshen up your skin. Tomato helps to improve skin complexion as works anti-dirt component and makes your skin fairer than before. Cucumber works as an astringent.


  • Tulsi And Mint Leaves

    Take leaves of mint and tulsi mix and mash in a food processor and make a consistence paste and apply on skin for 20 minutes and let dry will provide a cooler effect, cures acne, removes pimples, scars makes your skin without scares. As Tulsi contains antibacterial properties which remove pimples and mint contains salicylic acid which cures acne.


  • Gram Flour and Curd

    This is also one of the easiest and well known remedy. Take gram flour mix curd in it and make a paste and apply on face until it dries and wash off. Gram flour absorbs excess oil and curd cleanses the skin. And helps in maintaining the pH of the skin.

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The above-mentioned remedies are homemade are 100 percent effective so one can use them without any doubt and will have no side effects, the thing is the amount of ingredients should be according to your face and requirement it should be nearly ½ tablespoon to 1 tablespoon for each ingredient which is general excess amount will be not used and will get wasted so take that much amount which can be used for one time rest every face pack should be washed only when it dries up. Applying of any moisturizer is very mandatory after the use of any type of face pack helps in restoration of skin and avoids loss of nutrients which have been provided by face pack. The pack should be mostly used in your relax time because we cannot compromise for the skin of the face.


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