Best USB Car Charger in 2018

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Electrical gadgets are an essential part of today’s modern life. Without electronic gadgets, human’s life cannot run smoothly. USB means the universal serial bus that enables the communication between devices. A car USB charger is a small adapter that plugs into port found in cars and provides one or more outputs. It often used for charge smartphones and tablets. When a person goes to the trip, then electric points are not available everywhere. So, in cars, there is socket open where USB car charger is fixed.


Why it is Necessary?

As most of us rely on these electronic gadgets to stay updated, we need them to work 24*7. It can be used for knowing the route, address of any particular place, fun, entertainment, and many other ways. Now smartphones have all that features which can make the journey memorable, however the battery usage is still a concern. People use phone cameras in their journey, which consumes a lot of battery since flash needs to be adjusted and much more. To make sure, their phone runs every time when they are on the go. After sometime batteries become low and they need charging. So it is not as easy to find an electronic charger in the way of the journey. So, USB car charger is necessary to have one in a car because we don’t carry a smartphone charger or tablet charger at all places. Then USB car charger is the only option to charge electronic gadgets like smartphones.


Power Source and Cables

Car inverter or battery is the primary power source of car USB charger. With a car USB charger energy easily gets transferred from the car battery to phone battery, letting it to charge as you are on the go. When you plug in the data cable in the USB port and your smartphone then after a few seconds it starts charging. There are different kinds of USB car chargers which can be bifurcated according to the usage. All USB chargers have a cable where one end is for the charger and another for smartphone or tablet. Some companies provide attached cables in the USB car charger. When USB car charger is activated; it blinks green light. Nowadays 2.1 and 2.4amp are very common. If anyone can use lower rated chargers, then the device takes several to the charger, or sometimes it refuses to charge the device.


Things to look for in a USB Charger;

There are some essential things which are very necessary to keep an eye upon when buying an USB car charger for your phone. If you are thinking to purchase a new USB car charger, then review some essential things before buying the car charger because if you ignore these things than you either buy a low-quality car charger or slow charging car charger. So keep these important points in your mind:

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1. High AMP Output

a charger can provide at least 2.1 amps or 2100 ma speed per USB port for charging tablets and android ipads at their optimal rate. Smartphones usually need only 1.0 amps or 1000 ma speed.


2. Multiple USB Ports

Multiple USB car chargers can save a lot of time. You can charge two or more smartphones at the same time. Sometimes it creates frustration to remember which port is switched on when your smartphones are plugged in the charger; hence Multiple USB ports help you to take over the same.


3. Charging Cable

An excellent USB car charger does not have a cable. Such chargers are very flexible and long lasting chargers. Chargers which are with cables can stop working when the cable fails leading to an additional accessory purchase and much more.


Best Overall Car Charge

USB car chargers come with ample of variety to choose from. All of them are different from each other by specifications, speed, looks, and the number of plots. Quality chargers prevent phones or tablets from overheating and overcharging. There are some products which are considered as the best amongst their category, we have picked some examples for the same;


1. Best Budget Charger

Mivi car charger offering 2.4A output with two USB ports. You can charge any Android or IOS device in it. It comes with the warranty of one year. It has the metallic body and specially designed a circuit board to keep the voltage check in order.


2. Best Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

Irusu’s  Dual USB fast car charger comes with Qualcomm quick charger 3.0 technology which can charge your device up to 40% faster as compared to other standard chargers.


3. Best Dual USB Car Charger

Anker QuickCharge 39 W Dual Charge 3.0 is labeled as the best Dual USB Car Charger of the era. It offers two ports and users rank it as the best as it has lived according to the expectation of a brand like Anker. It can charge both smartphones with the same speed from the same socket.

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4. Best USB type C Car Charger

Nektech PD 45W type C Car Charger is small as compared to other chargers. It can provide charging to your phone as well as your laptop also.  Its USB-C port included the cable that can charge at up to 45 watts which is suitable much for any device whereas its USB-A ports support 12-watt charging. The multi-usage makes it an ideal charger for your travelling needs.


5. Best micro USB Car Charger

Greek Case’s Dual USB Car Charger supports 2.0 standard and can be used for primary use. It has two ports in which you can use either smartphones or tablet. Its USB ports with 2.4A/12Watts. This USB car charger has light in its ports which helps to detect the cable’s placement. The product comes with a one year extended warranty from the company’s end.


6. Best USB Car Adapter

Talsar 3.4 amp dual USB intelligent, smart speed plug car charger has two ports. Its supports LED screen which shows the battery voltage passed by the car and speed of the charging of your phone. With this feature, you can know about how much battery is charging your device. It rotates to 90 degrees.


7. Best 4 Port USB Car Charger

Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 54W 4 USB Car Charger having light in all the ports. This light helps to insert cable easily in the adapter. It can charge all phones same time with equal speed and very useful at the time of journey.


8. Best Car Charger with USB Port

Aukey Dual Port car charger is the favorite charger in the market because of the range of connection types. It is 45% more efficient than the other chargers, and it is built with Quick Charge 2.0. This charger minimizes the risk of circuitry damage and is also prevent overcharging and overheating. In the different sense, it provides safety to the devices.


9. Best Multi USB Car Charger

Jelly combo 6 ports 65W/13A Lightning Car Charger is the better car charger for journey or family. It provides the unique identification technology that recognizes your device and distributes the maximum charge of current possible with its 2.4A per USB output.

As we know USB charger has become a significant part of all cars, one cannot ignore buying only the best according to their needs. With ample of devices which are used on the go, you cant really run out of battery with a USB charger. The last piece of advice will only be not to buy USB car chargers on the basis of their looks rather go for the features and devices which it can support to live a Gen Z life completely.


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