7 Reasons You Need To Be Careful When It Comes To Choosing An Eye Makeup Product


With every passing day, a new story becomes the headline that a girl turned blind by watching television and playing video games in excess. These types of news are evident in the sensitivity of the eyes. But, the theories say that most of the eye injuries occur with the results of eye-makeup. So, one must pay attention while applying eye makeup to maintain the beauty and health of the eyes. Now, the point comes that one should choose the right eye makeup products to get rid of the makeup blunders.

Here is the list of reasons why one should be careful while choosing an eye makeup product:

Redness In The Eyes

  • Ingredients

While we choose an eye makeup product, we care about the brand and the long-lasting application of the product. But, we forget to notice the primary thing which can lead to serious blunders. On the very first note, if we talk about mascara, then the first story comes about the first ever mascara of the world which was used 4000 years ago and was prepared by the combination of charcoal, crocodile stool, honey, and water. Even today’s products are developed in the cleaner environment, but the concoction is still identical, so one should check the ingredients correctly. Because small negligence can lead to harmful effects.

  • Expiry Date

Another thing that one should notice is the expiry date on the products which we find useful only in case of medicines, but the beauty products. The expired mascara or eyeliner can damage your eyes, and the primary symptom of that damage is the redness of the eyes. This reason is one of the most important reasons that why one should be careful in choosing the eye makeup product.

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Bacterial Infections

  • Quality Of Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes play a significant role in the application of eye makeup, and it is quite clear that makeup brushes can catch the dirt with full throttle. Hence, if you choose the low-quality makeup brush, then that can cause the pouring of dust in the eyes which can affect your eyes. Otherwise, that dirt can drop on your eyelashes which can lead to many significant issues such as bacterial infections. But, if you are choosing good quality makeup brushes, then you can wash them routinely without fear of hair brush loss.

  • Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are other eye makeup products which can cause serious issues but use the eyelash curlers of the best quality so that no rust can get produced. Because rust and dust both can cause damage to your, so your safety is in your hands. Hence, choose the eye makeup products wisely.

Corneal Abrasions

Corneal abrasions are the most severe eye injuries. A scratched cornea can lead to various serious issues such as redness, swelling, and hypersensitivity to light. The wrong makeup choice is the only cause of this issue or disease. Generally, we choose the long-lasting makeup just by reading the name. But, one should check the label and the instructions regarding the use of an eye-makeup product. If you are also going to buy a makeup product, then check the label that, can you apply that makeup for journeys or not. Because, application of eye makeup, especially mascara can lead to scratching of your cornea due to which you can face the corneal abrasions. Do not avoid the makeup, but become a wise and intelligent user of eye makeup products.

Visual Damage

  • Choose A Clump-Free Mascara

If you are going to buy a mascara for your eyes, then go for a clump-free. The reason is that if you choose an ordinary mascara, then the grouping of your eyelashes can lead to the removal of your eyelashes. But, if you are selecting a clump-free mascara, you can save your eye-vision along with protecting your eyelashes. Another thing that you can do is that you can buy good quality makeup removal creams or products which can restrict damage and can lead to stopping the effect of lousy quality mascara too.

  • Avoid Glitter

Glitter particles are not suitable for the health of the eyes. But, if you are going to a prom or a pageant, then obviously you would want to use it. If you’re going to save your eyes from significant irritation or from getting visible damage, then you should choose the eyeshades without glitter. You can get the cheat applications on parties, but not for daily wear.

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Swelling In The Eyes

  • Take A Test Before Buying

Testing of your eye makeup before the application is something which can assist you a lot to save your eyes from any eye problems. So, if you are going to buy an eye makeup product, then firstly ask the shopkeeper for tester so that you can check whether the product is suitable for your eyes. Another thing is that you should not apply any makeup if you are already suffering from an eye infection. The reason is that the application of a wrong product can cause swelling in your eyes.

  • Wearing Eye Lenses

Wearing eye lenses to get the desired color might be a part of your eye makeup kit, but if you are not wearing good quality lenses, then you can get the swelling in your eyes. So, pay a keen eye to the quality of the product before buying.

Sensitiveness To The Light

Sensitivity to the light is a significant problem which can be caused by various reasons, and one of those reasons is the wrong choice of ingredients used in the manufacturing of the eye makeup products. Either, it is mascara or eye makeup remover, and you are going to face the sensitivity to the light if the product contains Benzalkonium chloride or yellow Carnauba wax. Even the natural rays can also cause the redness and irritation in your eyes. So, one should take care of the ingredients which are getting used in the formation of an eye-makeup product.

Blurred Vision

  • Pseudo Eyelashes

If you are using false eyelashes, then you must be knowing that those eyelashes need an adhesive to attach to the real one. Wearing those eyelashes for a long run can be highly dangerous for you. With the entry of that glue into your eyes can lead to the permanent visual damage or blurred vision of your eyes. The reason is that long eyelashes force air to enter directly into the eyes and to cause the accumulation of dirt inside.

  • Yellow Wax In Eyeliners

If you are choosing a waterproof eyeliner for your eyes, then you must know that a yellow wax is used in the manufacturing of such eyeliners. Due to which, one can observe the clogging of the oil glands leading to the blurred vision of the eyes.

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While wrapping up these points, you can know that small negligence in choosing the eye makeup products can damage your eyes. With the addition to these points, you should also take care of a vital point that you should change your makeup products at least after three months. In this way, no problem can come in contact with your eye lenses and thus, you can enjoy a clear vision.


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