Ayurvedic Medicines Which Are Not Safe For Children

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Most of the kids are prone to the various types of health issues and thus, their parents look for the best medicines to cure them. Generally, people go for Ayurvedic treatments to achieve better health. But, no one recognizes the real impacts and Side Effects of Ayurvedic Medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines and treatments are not the recent innovations whereas these are the procedures which people are using for centuries. Ayurveda does not only cure the diseases whereas it is the way to get the highest level of wellness.

But, if a person wants to get a healthy lifestyle with the use of Ayurvedic medicines, then you should do the required research for the same. Even, the studies suggest that if you do not have prescriptions from any professional doctor or ayurvedic specialist, then you must not consume the related medicines or products.

Now, the point comes to the young children, and it is quite evident that they are prone to get the adverse reactions of everything faster than the adults or the people of having the high number in age. So, one should keep the precautions while feeding the kids with the Ayurvedic herbs to treat them from various severe diseases.

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One can go through the following list of herbs that an individual should avoid giving to their kids for the better health conditions of them.

  • Jayapala - Croton tiglium
  • Snuhi - Euphorbia nerifolia
  • Vishamushti/Tinduka/Lakucha - Strychnos nuxvomica
  • Bhanga - Cannabis sativa
  • Karaveera - Gloriosa superb
  • Danti - Baliospermum montanum (Used in Dantyarishta)
  • Parasika Yavani - Hyoscyamus inibar/Hyoscyamus niger
  • Ahiphena - Papaver somniferum - Opium
  • Shringivisha - Aconitum chasmanthum
  • Arka - Calotropis gigantean
  • Gunja - Arus precatorius
  • Karaveera - Nerium indicum
  • Sarpavisha - Snake poison
  • Dhattura - Datura metal (used in Kanakasava)
  • Vatsanabha - Aconitum chasmanthum/Aconitum ferox
  • Bhallataka - Semecarpus anacardium
  • Langali - Gloriosa superb

Apart from this whole list, there is a list of Ayurvedic medicines, which contain the heavy metal ingredients in a little quantity. Those types of drugs are not right to give to the children of very young age. Even these are not much poisonous, but still, if a small kid consumes these types of ingredients, then there are most of the chances of adverse reactions of the medicine.

This advice is not general advice, whereas the world-class studies suggest the parents to avoid these ingredients or medicines even in the severe conditions. You can go through the whole list which is mentioned below so that you can keep the ingredients in mind or in some notes to avoid the use of these.

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  • List Of Ayurvedic Ingredients Which Contain The Mineral Origin

  1. Manashila - Also known as realgar
  2. Rasa Sindhura - A compound of purified mercury and purified sulfur
  3. Hingula - Cinnabar
  4. Haratala - Arsenic trisulphide
  5. Rasa Karpura - Hydrargyri subchloridum
  6. Gauripashana - Arsenic, arsenic oxide
  7. Makaradhwaja - A mixture of purified mercury, sulfur, and gold
  8. Girisindura - Red oxide of mercury
  9. Tuttha - Copper sulfate
  10. Parada - Mercury
  11. Sindhura - Red oxide of lead

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  • List Of Ayurvedic Medicines Which Have Low Quantities Of Heavy Metal Ingredients

  1. Mahayograj Guggulu - lead, mercury, arsenic
  2. Swami Mahayograj Guggulu - gold
  3. Mahalakshmi Vilas Ras - gold, mercury
  4. Balguti Kesaria - mercury
  5. Navratna Rasa - mercury

After going through the list of Ayurvedic medicines which should be avoided for the intake of children, you must have been aware that “herbal” and “Ayurveda” are not directly proportional to “safety.” Even it does not mean that Ayurvedic medicines do not have the positive benefits for a human body, whereas it is just that these are not beneficial every time.

Generally, whenever we go to a medicinal store or can say a pharmacist, he tells us to show the prescription provided by our doctor. To get such prescriptions, we usually visit our doctor for the regular visits. So, the same is the scenario with the Ayurvedic medicines, and if you are going to intake any of such medications, you should pay regular visits to an Ayurvedic practitioner for the healthy life of your kid.

The Ayurvedic specialists conduct some essential and highly beneficial examinations to check the health conditions of a person. So, if you are seeking better health for your kid, then you should pay attention towards the evaluation of height, weight, nails, blood, hair by the lab tests performed by a practitioner.

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Other Cautions:

  • Ayurvedic medicines can also show some adverse effects on a child’s body. So, you should come out of this confusion that Ayurvedic medicines or products do not any advise from a doctor. Avoid trusting Ayurveda blind-folded, if you want to get the useful results from its use.
  • If you are seeking the development of your kid, then Ayurveda can be a perfect choice. But, the thing that can assist you better is the advice of Ayurveda expert having a proper license for the same.
  • For instance, if you are giving Ayurvedic medicines to your kid and you observe any side effects, then you should consult your doctor regarding that to get the better treatment further.
  • DO not go for the heavy dosage of anything, whereas you should give prescribed amount of medicine to your kid nonetheless the medicine does not contain any chemicals. The reason is that the low or massive amounts may lead to some side effects for your kid.

If your kid is also prone to the diseases, and you have chosen Ayurveda for him or her, then you must keep the points mentioned above in mind. The vital point is the consultation from a well-recognized Ayurvedic practitioner.

You cannot get any better advise from anyone than an expert. So, you should try to keep yourself in touch with the doctor of your kid for his well-being. Go through the referrals of your near and dear ones and find an Ayurvedic expert to get the constructive upshots for the health of your kid.


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