How To Prepare Your Baby For The New Baby At Home

How To Prepare Your Baby For The New Baby
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How To Prepare Your Baby For The New Baby

Welcoming a new sibling to your family is one of the happiest moments in your life. At the same time, the arrival of a new sibling will have a great impact on your family. So it is better to understand how to prepare the older child for the new sibling’s arrival and encourage a healthy sibling bond between your kids.

Once you have broken out big news about your pregnancy, there are several months for you to make your first child ready for the new sibling. However, this preparation will depend upon the age of the older child and also the interest level of them. In general, bringing home a newborn child for the second time is a difficult situation because you have to make each and everything ready for the newborn along with the elder born child.

How To Prepare Your Older Child To A New Born Sibling?

Start talking to your elder child about the arrival of the new sibling for them. Explain to your child how the baby is growing and how to react after the child’s arrival. Explain to him or her that the newborn will not be a playmate for him/her for a certain period of time. Also, tell him how the new baby will eat, sleep and cry most of the time.

If you are in need to change the room of the elder child then do it before the new baby arrives. It is also important to train your elder child with the toilet habit before the baby is born or wait for some months until the new baby grows.

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Arrange the care for the elder child when you are in the hospital, it is also better to make your elder child to visit the hospital when you are in the hospital to avoid the mysteries.

How To Introduce The New Sibling To The Elder Child?

How to introduce the new sibling to the elder child
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 The main thing to do is make you older child to feel your home as a new playground and also a special and favourite place to celebrate the arrival of your new sibling. Consider about giving a gift such as a T-shirt or toys to your older child as a gift from the newborn to build a lovely bond between them.

Ask some of your family members or friends to bring the elder child to the hospital or birth center to introduce his or her sibling to the elder child. Allow him or her to touch the newborn and hold the sibling’s hand for few minutes so that there develops a cute and lovable bond between the newborn sibling and the elder sister or brother.

How Can You Make Your Older Child To Adjust With The New Sibling?

The age of your child and their mental development may be reflected in welcoming a new sibling. If your child is an older kid then he or she will be eager to see the new sibling and if your child is a younger one then he or she might be confused to see a new sibling. The following tips can help you to make your child prepared,

Children Younger Than 2 Years

Younger children of this age will be a little upset and confused to face a new addition in the family. Talk to your child about the new sibling to your family. Show him or her about the books that contain pictures of babies and the family.

Children Of Age Between 2 To 4

Children of age between 2 to 4
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The children at this age will be quiet attached and jealous about sharing the love and affection with the newborn sibling. Explain to him/ her about the new baby’s birth and take him or her to shop for the new sibling. You can also get a doll to your older child and ask him or her to take care of it so that the child could understand about the care.

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Discuss with your elder child how the newborn baby will need care and attention and try to encourage him or her by involving the older child in some activities with the newborn. Look at your older child photos and tell him or her how you cared him and protected him.

Children Who Are In School Going Age

Children who are in school going age
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Older children might also feel jealous about the care and attention that you are giving to the newborn child. Talk to them about the attention and care that actually the newborn sibling needs. Point out some advantages of being an older child. Encourage him or her by displaying the artworks done by your older child in the newborn kid’s room. Encourage your elder child by giving him or her some time to take care of the newborn sibling so that he or she could understand the needs of the newborn.

Make sure that the older child gets enough care and affection keeping their age in mind. Pay enough attention to your older child along with the newborn. Consider having some gifts for your older child while your friends or relatives come with a gift for the newborn child. While taking pictures or videos include your older child to make him or she feel comfortable.

How To Encourage The Older Child To Be Gentle With The New Born Sibling?

The older children sometimes get stressed by the things happening around them after the arrival of the new sibling. Try to avoid their frustration by giving more attention to the older child. Give them enough space by involving your older child in activities of the newborn sibling that includes bathing, changing diapers and singing. Even if your child gets along with the newborn supervision is important. Do not leave you’re newborn alone with the sibling or other children below the age of 12.

If your child tries to behave rudely with the newborn try to make a conversation with them so that he find out the right way. Praise the older child when he or she acts lovingly towards the newborn sibling. This could help you to manage the stress faced during the second child’s arrival.


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