A Beginner’s Guide To Apply Perfect Eyeliner

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Eyeliner Tips For Beginners

If you are like me, who hardly is interested to apply make-up but are incessantly in need to apply make-up; then this article is dedicated to you my love. Generally, girls with small eyes hardly leave any stone unturned to get their eyes look perfect. Eye liner, is one make-up which generally is brought in to use if you have tiny eyes. However, to apply it correctly, one needs to know the process perfectly, here is how you can apply eye-liner as good as salon artist does.

How To Prep Eyes Before Applying Liquid Eyeliner?

What You Need

  • A fluid eyeliner
  • Eyelash styler
  • Mascara

All you fluid eyeliner beginners, attempt the Smashbox Limitless Waterproof Liquid Liner Pen – this fluid eyeliner has a felt-tip nib that enables you to make a strong line along your lashes, or the ideal flick. Its equation is super pigmented and remains on throughout the day without blurring or smirching.

Stage 1: Hold The Brush Flat

Begin by shaking up your eyeliner tube well, so the recipe is pleasant and smooth. The most imperative thing for culminate eyeliner application is to hold the brush level. On the off chance that you run in with the brush straight, it has a tendency to get untidy.

Stage 2: Start In The Middle

Get as near the lash line as could be allowed and begin in the center while you drag to the external corners. Utilize the remaining item to line the internal corners.

Stage 3: Create The Wing

Take after your lower lash line, going upwards to make a wing. This progression encourages you ensure that your liner is equivalent.

Stage 4: Add Some Lash Action

You can either utilize falsies or apply a couple of layers of mascara to your lashes to finish the look.

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Step By Step Instructions To Apply Liquid Eyeliner To Lower Lash Line

Fluid eyeliner can likewise function admirably UNDER your eyes. With a touch of alert, everybody can shake this look. On the off chance that you have little eyes, try to ensure the fluid eyeliner on the base does not go anyplace close to your waterline as this can look excessively unforgiving and can influence your eyes to look littler.

What You Need

  • Fluid eyeliner
  • A thin brush

Stage 1: Start From The Outer Corners

Utilize a thin brush to draw a line on your lower lash line, beginning from the external corners and hauling the equation outwards to meet the wing. This helps outline the eyes as well as extends them.

Stage 2: Move Towards The Center

Keep applying the shading on your lower lash line, moving towards the inward corners. Place your brush as close as you can to the base of your lashes and squirm the brush once it is on the skin.

Stage 3: The Inner Corners

The key part of influencing the eye to look greater is to drop the eyeliner by around two millimeters lower than the tear pipe zone of your eye. Expand the line out in the inward corner from the best cover.

Stage 4: Fill In The Color

To make an unpretentious adaptation of the feline eye look, fill in the holes with your liner brush on your lower lashes, propelling the brush and in reverse.

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Applying Liquid Eyeliner and The Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

Since you have an unmistakable picture of how to apply fluid liner with flawlessness by following just a couple of straightforward strides, here are a pack of eyeliner tips and traps that will prove to be useful particularly for all you novices.

  • When purchasing an eyeliner, search for one that is waterproof, smirch verification, and exchange confirmation to shield your eyeliner from dribbling down your face, noontime, particularly in case you will utilize it on the lower lash line.
  • On the off chance that your hands are extremely precarious, attempt this – take a seat and plant your elbow on a table or a level surface. Presently, lay your pinky on your cheek and apply your liner. This system settles your hand and calls for less chaos ups.
  • You can draw dabs or dashes and gradually associate them in case you’re new to fluid eyeliner.
  • Twist your lashes previously applying liner to keep from making an express wreckage on your eyelid.
  • To ensure your wings are even, put a spot at the external corner of each eye before utilizing your fluid liner to coordinate the sides up.
  • On the off chance that you have little eyes, don’t line your whole eye. Doing as such will shut them off and influence them to look littler.
  • Continuously begin with thin lines. You can develop the thickness to coordinate the other eye as you go.
  • A touch of groundwork or concealer with a Q-tip can go far to settle smircesh or bungles.
  • Try not to force or pull your eye excessively when you draw on your eyeliner since when you discharge it, it will make an uneven, peculiar surface. Endeavor to utilize your fingers to stay your skin.
  • You can likewise utilize tape to help make a secure feline eye look.
  • Having a hole between your lashes and liner does not look complimenting. To maintain a strategic distance from this, utilization a pen-style eyeliner and attempt to adhere to a meaningful boundary as near the lashes as could be expected under the circumstances.
  • It’s critical to set your eyeliner to keep it from exchanging onto the top. To do this, let your eyeliner dry, and after that congratulatory gesture some translucent powder on top to set it. This shields it from separating, exchanging, and smearing.
  • Women, may the wings of your eyeliner dependably be even and may they generally be sufficiently sharp to murder! That was our interpretation of applying fluid eyeliner for amateurs. We trust you discover this article valuable and it encourages you sharpen your abilities and take them to an unheard of level.


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