4 Things To Teach To Your Kids When They Become School Ready?


Ready To Go To School

Are your child is going to start school? If yes, no need to worry, it is the precious place where he/she learn a lot about their future and develop healthier habits. Many parents hesitate to send their children to the challenging environment, but the fact is children learn from their missed steep or success, so always encourage your children to be self-dependent from an early age only. Ask them to do their work on their own; as now they are going to a new place so they should be made aware of their needs and basic skills such as “Toilet Habits”, and “Representation of themselves”. Teach your child; starting right from the basics so that they do not face any problems at the new place.  The mentioned below are few things to prepare your child for the next level right after your lap that is “school”. Most of them are simple and practical tips that help you to overcome the common problem faced by children.

  1. Prepare Them Emotionally:

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Emotional readiness is a vital social skill. Parents should teach a child to identify their emotion and express them in a healthy way. Parents can help their children by teaching them how to deal with the good or bad situation. Ask your child to label the negative situation by saying “oh”. Talk to your child when they are calm and in good mood. Learning to express and manage the emotion in a healthy way is an essential life skill.

Lots of children become nervous about the big change in life. It may cause the huge mixed up of emotions such as nervousness and sadness. But the positive things is they are at the stage of learning, developing and forming a new character.  Many problems come in starting to get rid of this problem mentioned below are some tips:

  • The first-day visit together to school, tell them the importance of that place. Usually, children are shy of the new teacher so it important to show your child all the important places such as the toilet, sink and snack room, so that he/she does not face any problem
  • Take your child to the exciting trip, the trip includes buying uniform, shoes and books. This trigger and encourage them to go to school and have a lot of fun.

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  1. Encourage Them To Be Independent:

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The study revealed that children learn from their success and missed a step, so don’t hesitate to rush your child into the challenging situation. Always encourage your child to become self-dependent. One should develop basic care skills to their child before putting them to school. Some basic care skills that every parent should develop in their child are mentioned below:

  • Hand washing
  • Nose wiping
  • Opening lunch box
  • Manipulating simple clothes
  • Zipping the bag
  • Covering the mouth while coughing and sneezing.
  • Tie their shoes

Teach your child how to undress at night and encourage them to dress up in the morning. Teach your children to be organized, make them play with toys and ask them to organize the playroom. Once they become familiar with the routine they will clean it by themselves. Teach your child how to use the toilet and clean independently and explain the importance of washing hands. Encourage them to talk with other children this helps them to over shyness and boost up their confidence level.

  1. Focus On Basics:

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Talking and listening is very essential for school. Parents should expand the communication skill by adding expression. Chatting on dinner or discussing daily routine with a child helps them to develop the clear communication skill with a great vocabulary.   It does not mean to teach everything to your children, but some basic and safety tip that every parent should tell their children are mentioned below:

  • Teach them to write their own name independently. Ask them to learn the street name and phone number. Encourage them to learn the basic things while playing and joy. If our child knows all the information then he/she will be safe in case of an emergency.
  • Encourage them to talk them with other students this helps them to build up self-confidence.
  • Children get upset and sad about losing their pencils, drawing book etc, ask them to tell their teacher, as they can help them resolve their problem.
  • If your child is allergic make sure he/she share this information with teacher and friends.
  1. Nap Time:

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Before the start of school, every parent is concerned about the sleep. As if children do not get enough sleep they get tired and sick. If you want to wake your child early morning he/she should go to bed earlier at night. Parents do not even wake up their child early morning, as they think they will get disturbed. But now the main goal is to wake up the early morning and send them to school, without disturbing their sleep.

If your child is still day napper, then you should help them to get rid of this habit. Still, many schools provide the nap time as lack of sleep make children exhausted. You should try to take your child to bed earlier, this will help them to wake up early in the morning.

Before school starts, when the nap time comes to ask your children to do some creative activity such a drawing or TV, this will help them to quit the napping habit.

Napping is hard to quit as midday sleep is very important, but it’s causing a problem when your child starts with school so it better to phase out sleep before school than afterwards. By adjusting a new sleep cycle to your child live helps them to better mix up with school routine.


Enlisted above are the quick and efficient tips for preparing your child for school. If you are going to put your child to school, then by adopting these tips you can make their life easy in a challenging environment. Teach your child about the basic skill such as hand wash, washroom and opening tiffin.


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