The ABC of Modern Day Parenting

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Nurturing is not just a liability but also act to be executed with the utmost care and pertain. In the newest condition, young parents need suggestions especially adjudging to take care of time and more. Most of the young matriarchs are often turn to the Internet for such advice. In this world of technology in India, there are ample applications providing guidance to parents on the birth of the child to 8 years. These applications prolong the track of complete growth in various classifications like social & emotional development, learning skills, speech & language skills, motor skills, and health & wellness etc.

parenting guides

Same is the case in fostering a teenager. It will need a lot of people; it comes to secure patience, perception and reconciling behaviour. Child psychologists have a keen faith that teenage is a most astounding time of an individual’s life. This is the time of teens are unable of understanding themselves and what exactly they desire. At this moment of time, Modern Parenting brings light into the darkness. Modern rearing has taken birth over the years; they have learnt their lessons that have failed the attempts of versatile parenting styles. The parents have taken the classes that have gives positive results.

Here are some basic things one can do towards parenting a teen and strengthening the relationship:

  1. Think From Their Point of View:

    It is said that “Place in their Shoes”. It is not possible that Rome was not built in a day and the teen will not enlarge the “mental Maturity” in just a day. They need to see, do and experience things, in order to learn and then execute that experience into the daily lives. So, the foremost thing the parents need to do is understand why the children are behaving like this.

  2. Must be Thoughtful and Vigilant

    The teenage is the vital year for the formation of an individual’s personality. So, one must look for the first and vital reasons for trouble signs of trouble ferment and retort to them quickly. The unanticipated worst marks, loud behaviour, unexplained depression, or sometimes drugs are all the symptoms of teens craving attention with help. In this situation, parents need to be watchful and cautious towards the children.

  1. Observe carefully and understand

    Teens is not the age of ignoring the kids. It is the duty of the parents to talk and lecture. Listen to the teen, understand what they are going through and guide them some life lessons. Kids suffer from self-esteem problems that before. It eats away at the confidence when they must go in behaviour change.

  2. Teach and Tutor:

    Start by boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. Give assurance to them that one still feels proud of them and they are still worthy of love.

It is not just by support, they need to be encouraged their need for individuality. This will move forward to the path of self-discovery. Impose firm and fair discipline. One must keep in mind that children and especially teens crave limit, and even they send a completely different message. Teach them the relation between actions and repercussions as well as have trust in their judgement.

parenting guides

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There are some reasons for changing the behaviour of kids that people hear all the time:

  • Kids only change when they get uncomfortable enough
  • The more you pressure kids, the more they will change.
  • Kids just don’t understand what the reason behind the change is.
  • Kids don’t need to change as they haven’t faced the real-life enough.
  • Forcing the child to change will not work lately, sometimes they behave negatively.
  • Scientific research has shown that kids can change when they connect the reason behind the change to an internal reason. It is completing a magnificent goal, making people proud of them.

So, modern parenting includes maintaining warm and close relationships with the child. It will help each family member to be proud of the unique talents and traits.


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