5 Hairstyles Which Will Compliment Your Reception Dress


Hairstyle for Dress Type

The wedding day stands real important in one’s life. Your wedding attire is discussed and planned for every stitch amongst the relatives and every other person you know. Your jewelry would be currently in vogue and bought at the best of the stores. You would have already decided your hairstyles and rehearsed. For your wedding function, you would have chosen a bun accessorized by flowers. For your Mehndi and Haldi function comfort is the key and you would have chosen something simple. The reception is when you can let your hair down and experiment.  When it comes to reception hairstyles, there are quite a lot to choose from.

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The senior artists at major Beauty Salons strive heard to bring in that perfection. From messy buns to curls to a fun take on a classic ponytail, the choices are unlimited. If you are already woozy from the multitude of options available, fret not! You can definitely count upon numerous hairstyles which cannot go wrong on this very special post-wedding ceremony. Still if you want an idea about what else can be tried on the occasion, here are top 5 hairstyles which hair-artists recommend for reception:

  1. Side Parted Curls 

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If you ask us for a chill and elegant hairstyle without much experimentation, then side-parted curl is the one. According to the senior artists who perform numerous make-ups in a day, consider this is a classy and timeless hairstyle. The side part is a statement move and with the curls, you cannot go more elegant.

  1. Vintage Glam 

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Half up and half down is one of the most used and an effortless hairstyle when it comes to choose the best hair-style for an evening reception party. The hair dresser gathers your hairs to create some volume at the crown and gently part it at the side. Add some ringlet curls and sweep it to one side. You are all set to kill and become the center of attraction in your reception party.

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  1. Side Bun

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 If you are looking for a chic updo that isn’t quite severe, you should go for a side bun. This is one hairstyle that would suit any reception dress that you choose. Be it a saree or a lehenga or a flowing gown, it is believed that a chic updo is the best choice for any pre or post wedding function. An advantage with a side bun is that you need not worry about the hair length. It always looks elegant and glamorous.

  1. Waterfall Braid 

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The waterfall braid is probably one of the stunning braided hairstyles ever. It creates a fall effect mimicking a waterfall, hence the name. Reception is a romantic occasion and it cannot get more romantic; when your braid falls and teases your beloved surprisingly at different occasions. It is suggested that this hairstyle if you are not willing to leave your hairs open.

  1. Fun Ponytail 

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If you have planned to dance to the fullest on your reception, then a soft twist to your ponytail do the deed. This hairstyle does a fun and playful look to the classic ponytail. Generally, to get this hairstyle, the stylists take the top half of your hair and turn it into a braid and pull it along with the rest of the hairs into a soft ponytail.

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Reception or post-wedding functions are the first occasion wherein the bride meets almost all the relatives from near and far, though it may sound kiddish, to leave the first impression is what you need to be a focus upon. Do not go wrong with the hairstyles, count on the mentioned 5, and you are all ready to kill.


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