Chikungunya Virus Infection : Symptoms, Treatment & Causes

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Chikungunya: Symptoms, Treatment & Causes

A small oversight to the hygiene may lead to various health issues. Chikungunya is such a disease which takes birth as a result of your sloppiness. It is basically a virus that gets dispersed from the mosquitos and there is no doubt that mosquitos come only to the dirty areas, not in the hygienic condition. A female mosquito plays a vital role in the spreading of this disease. There is nothing to worry if any of your family members is suffering from this because this is not a transmitted disease. However, if you come in contact with infected blood, then you can also suffer the same.

Did you know?

  • Chikungunya cannot be diagnosed without a blood test.
  • No vaccination available for the disease.
  • Joint pain is the cardinal symptom.
  • It can be stumbled with dengue.
  • The term “Chikungunya” says “to walk bent”.

Get Familiar with the Symptoms:

Chikungunya virus shows its existence by causing a fever to the patient along with some other symptoms which include:

  • Severe Headaches:

Chikungunya virus does not cause mild headaches, whereas it affects the people with harsh results. This virus causes highly extensive aches in the head due to which one can get annoying and can lose the hope of getting well, but rest and proper treatment can help you with this.

  • Extensive Muscle pain:

Extensive pain in the muscles of your legs or the muscles of your arms can happen due to the symptoms of this virus. You will start feeling pain and tiredness. This can even restrict you to get up from the bed. Only proper treatment can help a person to get rid of it. No medication can get better results in the body of the patient.

  • Annoying Rashes:

In most of the cases, people perplexed between measles and rashes caused due to this virus. A blood check can help you to identify the main issue. So, try to go for a blood check-up. Blood checkups can decide whether the symptoms are pointing towards measles or a virus called Chikungunya.

  • Inflammation and Swelling of Joints:

When a person gets infected by this virus, then he or she may face the swelling of joints. Swelling of joints can cause nausea and it is difficult to put a stop on this.  People get stressed by seeing it, but precautions and treatment can help you to get rid of it.

  • Higher Body Temperature as High as 104 Degrees Fahrenheit:

Generally, Chikungunya virus shows its effects after 3 to 7 days when you got bitten by the mosquito. High body temperature can make you feel tired and can turn your body into a bag of bones. If someone wants to get rid of it, then paracetamol can be very effective in the temporary treatment of the disease.

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Have a look at the Treatment

To be honest, there is no specific treatment to get a clean bill of health, because the care and precautions are the only factors which can provide a hale and hearty condition to the patients. All the ways which can cure this disease do not include the use of any pills or vaccines. But, you can treat the symptoms by following the below-mentioned points.

  • Rest is the most alive and kicking method to get rid of the symptoms caused by Chikungunya virus. Plenty of rest is the key factor that decides the good health of a person not in the treatment of this disease, but doctors advise this as the best method to cure any disease.
  • The virus leads to the dehydration in the body which may lead to vomiting and diarrhea. There is only one way to get rid of it and that way is the utmost consumption of water. Drinking of other fluids is also benefits such as fresh juice or coconut water or goat’s milk.
  • If you or any of your family members are affected by this virus, then you might be suffering from a fever that can last weeks or months. Intake of acetaminophen or paracetamol can help the person to get a better condition faster. Avoid taking the medicines like aspirin.
  • Another thing that can be beneficial in acquiring the good health condition is the advice of your healthcare provider if you are undergoing any other treatment too.
  • In the very first week of your illness, maintain a distance from the mosquitos because that can lead to the passing of disease to your loved ones also. An infected mosquito can distribute it to various other people and can cause the adverse effects to various people’s lives.

Prevent Mosquito Bites by Following Below Mentioned Steps:

If you are going to a place where the risk of mosquito bites is higher, then you should definitely go through some precautions which can help you to lessen the risks. A small mosquito bite can cause various other infections and can affect your health adversely. To achieve better health goals, proper care and precautions are must to be taken.

  • Wear the clothes in a way so that you can get fully covered body. This is the only way to get you free from the effects of any virus. Chikungunya is a disease which gets spread from the mosquitoes only, but if you wear full sleeve shirts and long pants along with the feet covered with socks, then you can save yourself from it.
  • The areas with long grass or where water is stored in higher amounts are the highly risky areas. Staying in screened-in areas can be quite beneficial in this. Indoors, where the air is conditioned and where mosquitoes are not allowed to enter, are the places that can help you to maintain a distance from the Chikungunya virus.
  • For an instance, you are going outside where mosquitoes will be in higher amounts, and then follow an advice. The mosquito repellant that contains DEET can be really helpful in the situation as that can maintain a screening from the mosquitoes. If you are going without sleeves, and want to put sunscreen, then put that on first.
  • Stored water is the main thing which gives birth to mosquitoes, so avoid dumping the stored water in the vicinity of your house because that can lead to various health issues. Dump out water in flower pots or anywhere else but do not allow it to stand.
  • If you are living in an area where there is no air conditioning possible at any cost, then make it sure to cover your bed with a mosquito net because that can help you to save from the mosquito bites. A small step towards safety can be highly beneficial for your health.

Following the aforementioned steps can act as a blessing to your health. If you were a Chikungunya patient in the past, then you can keep yourself free from the stress as it is not going to happen again. If you have never gotten infected with this virus, then calm down as it cannot even harm a single inch of your body.

Although Chikungunya does not result in the ending of life, the symptoms can take a wrong path too. So, avoid mosquitos and go towards getting hale and hearty condition for yourself. Follow everything exactly just what the doctor ordered, this can help you to get constructive upshots for your health.


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