Trending Apps of 2018

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The biggest strength of Android is that it offers ample apps. The users of the android mobiles can download numerous apps of their own choices. Most of the apps offered by the android do not charge anything for download, while there are few apps which cost very less amount and can be downloaded by paying some subscription charges. The apps of the android are at the top when compared with others. There are some apps by which one can learn many things, and a few apps are available for entertainment purposes.

The Android apps are very easy to use so that it can be easily used by everyone. Android keep on updating their apps with latest features time to time. There are many apps that come up with latest features and trends in 2018 are as follows:

Here is the list of Trending Apps of 2018

  1. Facebook Messenger

It is the famous world-wide app, as most the people already have their Facebook account. The facebook messenger offers ample of latest features which boost the interest of the users for the application. Nowadays there are numerous options in the Facebook messenger like video calling, a huge library of the stickers, have the access for the SMS messaging and also there is an option to send payments to your friends. All these features are possible in the facebook messenger.

It also provides users with privacy for the messages, i.e. the chatting in the facebook messenger is very safe. Moreover, the best part about using this app is that you need not to fill a mobile number as it is optional for the users if they want to share they can otherwise one can simply skip the mobile number option. It is one of the most useful and trending apps of 2018.


  1. Netflix

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Netflix is the most popular application nowadays it is very common among youngsters as compared to the old age people. The new generation is very much addicted to Netflix. It is the app which provides the platform for providing ample videos, shows, episodes and latest tending series. Netflix is superior to other apps as one can watch shows offline also, as there is an option to download the programs. Netflix is the best way to pass your free time, and moreover, it can also be the best way for entertainment. The fantastic part about the Netflix is that it keeps on updating the latest videos and shows so one can never bore with the old videos or shows, there are ample of variety for the users.


  1. Snapseed

It is one the fantastic app offered by the android, and one can say that it is a kind of must-have app that user must have download it especially if someone is conscious about their photographs as this app offers you best-filtered images. It is used to filter the images, and there are ample of effects present in the app one can choose according to the choice. The images are very much excellent. It is the best place for mobile photographers. You will be amazed after using this app as it is one the best editor you ever used for filtering the images.

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  1. Google Drive

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Google Drive is the free app, but there are some additional charges if the user wants to increase the storage. It is not only a cloud storage service moreover; it can be used to storing the files or syncing etc. Google Drive has a highly capable office suite for the mobiles by which it becomes very easy to edit or create new office files in the mobile phone itself. Even there is no need for the internet for the same, i.e. it can also be done offline. One cannot say that it can eliminate the use of laptops or desktops, but it can be helpful for the difficult times when you can’t afford a laptop or desktop at the same time. By using this, it becomes easy to share documents with friends or any anyone easily. It is one of the useful app offered by the android.


  1. Google maps and Waze

These are the popular and most useful navigation apps for the users. The Google maps and Waze are the apps without which one cannot even imagine life. By using these apps, one can easily go anywhere in any part of the world. Even you don’t need to ask anybody about the location. It is the best app offered by the androids by which life becomes very easy. It can be downloaded easily as it is a free application. Moreover, the Waze app provides the user, information about the exact traffic with the direction of the particular location. It never misguides you one can trust these apps and can reach your destination accurately.


  1. Pocket Casts

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The Pocket Casts is the best app for entertainment purposes. It is the best platform for the chilling out the mood as it provides ample of the entertaining episodes, stories, etc. It is a fantastic app as it will offer the best shows that help to kill your boredom. You can spend your free time on this app as it will provide the latest news which you can be useful for you. Moreover, one can listen to favourite stories or topics and can enjoy without hindrance as there is an option of sync in this app, one can again start the same audio wherever left off. Meanwhile, there are some charges for this application so one can download before confirmation.


  1. Groupon

It is the most famous app of the androids. Groupon is a coupon app that is available for Android users. The Groupon app is very easy to use. It is one of the popular apps as it will offer you the coupons which are valid for the goods and services. The user will get the discount on the shopping according to the coupon available. One can carry this coupon for shopping and can enjoy the discounts on the things you purchased. By using this app one can get to know about the benefits offered by this app. This is the free Android app so it will definitely be worthful for the users.


  1. KeePassDriod

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KeePassDriod is the free Android app and is one of the beneficial apps for the users. It is a kind of password manager. Keepassdriod is the app which is used for security purposes. It is the app which can save the important or secret data perfectly. As this app contains some personal login details or some serial numbers for your secretor personal items, so the data will be fully secured by using this app as this app works perfectly. It is not complex to use so anyone can use it easily and can enjoy the benefits offered by this application. There are ample of apps password manager apps in the library, but this app is best to use as it provides high security, highly efficient and is free to access there are no additional charges for this application.


  1. Spotify

Spotify is the best entertainment app for android users. It is the best app for killing the boredom. It is a free app, but if you want to make it more effective so, there are some additional plans that one can buy according to the requirements. This app is the fantastic application for the music lovers as there are ample of apps where you can listen and enjoy the music of your choice, but on the other hand, Spotify is the best app as it provides a great combination of perfect crisp in the music along with clear sound etc.

There are ample latest features added to this app that you will enjoy after downloading this application. The best feature about the Spotify is the multi-device support which is very effective and impressive. This application beats all other apps in terms of music like Google Play Music or some other music app.

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  1. Zedge

The Zedge app is very much famous and one of the impressive app. It is the best platform for the users those who are pretty much conscious about the latest trends of the wallpapers, unique ringtones, decent notification tones and alarms etc. Zedge offers a wide variety of options for users like funny, pretty, and decent whatever one can think of. The Zedge is the platform that can give you the complete satisfaction of the choices available. There are numerous apps available which can provide various genres, but the Zedge is the best app, one will come to know its exact benefits after downloading this latest trendy app.



There are numerous apps available for the people. You can download according to their choice. Latest features, as well as trends in the apps, can amaze you. All the android apps are very simple and easy to access. The apps can download from the Play store, and one can enjoy the latest apps as well as its latest features.


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