Ten Apps Which Can Boost the Sales of Your Business

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Digital Marketing has brought a great change in the ease of business. In the Modern world, it is very easy to advertise your products and services which increase the sales of your business. Applications give more value to the customer, customers don’t have to wait. It also reduces the cost. Mobile apps aid promotion and offers great support to customers. Apps also enhance the visibility of your brand. Mobile apps are the best social media platform. The Apps which are helpful to boost your sales are given below

  1. Youtube App

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    Youtube is a very popular application available on Google play store, Apple store and Web Since 2005. It is a video and music app but these days it has become the center for advertisements. Advertisements are shown before the start of the video and also in between the videos after regular intervals of time. These Advertisements helps a lot to boost the sales of your products. This is an app which earns advertising revenue from Google AdSense, a program which fixes ads according to the site content and audience even, shows add of services and goods available in any region to specifically to the people present at that location(City or State).

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  1. Paytm App

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    Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment company. This company also provides sales service for Products under Paytm Mall. Hence this app provides Many Cashback offers along with discount offers which decrease the cost of the product you buy. It also provides combo offers which help to boost the sales of many products. Paytm for the business app is launched in over ten regional languages. This app allows merchants to track their payments and day to day settlements easily.

  1. Swiggy App 

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    Swiggy is an Indian food delivery app which provides the delivery service from food Store/ Restaurants to customers place. It provides many discount offers which is really helpful to increase the sale of Restaurants and Food points. Hence they provide referral bonus also which leads to an increase in the usage of the application and the bonus can only be used by ordering something. So automatically the sales boosted for restaurants and Food points. With the increase of tablets. Smart mobile phones penetration, the growth of apps like this, Which are the food delivery startups started to receive more attention. Hence the products available on these apps are more likely to be sold easily.

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  1. Bulk Discounts

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    Bulk Discount is one of the most famous apps can be found on the internet and developed by shopify. It lets you create thousands of unique discount codes with just a few clicks. It enables you to create a single-time use, limited use, or even unlimited use coupon codes. Using discount offers, one can set up a limit for discount and track the usage of discount offers. The app also lets you delete discount sets and export them in the form of plaint text.

  1. Swell

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    As per a research & study conducted by Any Company, selling to an existing client is 67% easier when compared to acquiring new customers. Some strategies work better than a rewards loyalty programs, which helps you to retain your existing ones. It does this by encouraging them to frequently return to you to get more points. It is a wonderful tool that enables businesses to create a user-friendly loyalty program that needs nothing more than some efforts. Swell has been offering services to its customers such as creating accounts, being part of the social media, increasing the number of purchases, providing them the referrals, and hence the loyalty points to the customers.

  1. Printful

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    It is an app which offers the best available outsourcing solution that keeps you focus on sales and marketing. This application suites them best who operate a print on demand business. When somebody books an order for a print design on posters, canvas, T-shirts, mugs, etc, they will be redirected to this application. Subsequently, they design, print and ship to your customer without the involvement of the merchant at any stage in any process. In Pre Order Manager can replace your regular “Add to Cart” (or “Out of Stock”) button with “Pre-Order,” which helps you to sell products even when they are not quite on your shop or store yet. Business person can turn on/off and schedule pre-orders for any of the products or for the whole store.

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  1. Sumo

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    Email marketing is going very strong and unless we stop using emails altogether, It’s unlikely to change anytime soon. So it’s not something you will want to look in your marketing efforts either. Increasing your email marketing list takes time, but there are plenty of automation tools to make it easier for you. This app provides an entire suite of tools that help you capture emails and build up your electronic mail list very fast. All the activities, pop-ups to scroll boxes, and smart bars to welcome mats, Sumo has it all.

  1. Policy Bazaar

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    Policy Bazaar is an application easily available on the internet. Here we can check and calculate the insurance options for different aged persons. It helps companies to advertise their policy prices and offers for customers along with the excellent plans. It is also helpful for the Customers; they can compare the prices and facilities by different companies and buy from the best one. These people redirect the site visitor to the insurer’s website and increase the chance to boost the sale of the product.

  1. Kit

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    It is used to manage the Facebook adds. It is not easy to manage social media accounts, but it is time-consuming. One has to be always online if you want to respond effectively to every little change that might affect your account’s performance. Most online stores would benefit from an extra pair of hands to manage their Facebook and Instagram ads and posts. By luck, you can do this process automatically without having to hire anyone. By using quick messages to Kit over SMS or Fb Messenger, the businessman can create a discount code and promote it, can start a campaign to bring customers back to your store, send thank you emails to customers, and much more.

  2. Plug in SEO

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    In this World Who doesn’t want his/her business to show up on the top three results on Google Search? but it is easier said than done. In order to boost sales, you can use advertisements but you also need some organic traffic as well. Optimize different elements of your website or webpage to make it easy for search engines to show your website on top. This is where Plug-in SEO comes into action. It is one of the best Plugins out there when it comes to SEO. It lets you evaluate your website for search engine optimization based on different metrics and tell you what you need to fix to rank higher in search engines. With more than a thousand five star ratings under its belt, this application deserves your attention.

              Here go the 10 apps which are easily available on the internet and are very helpful to boost the sales of your products. Most of the apps are available free of cost and for some apps merchant has to pay.


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