Best Entertainment Apps for Androids


The most happening thing which you can do to get rid of boredom is exploring your Smartphone’s spectacular features. To kill boredom one can usually start scrolling feeds, watch something, listen to music, etc. Some people are catching up latest happening in the day to day world. In short, one can say that everyone has their own way to entertain themselves.

The best part about the Androids is that there are ample entertainment applications present in Google play store which one can easily download and entertain yourself. The Best entertainment apps of 2018 for androids are listed as follows:



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Netflix is the Android entertainment App as it provides streaming service. It offers us various movies as well as popular shows; along with this it also contains original shows of the Netflix. It offers a free trial to watch for one-month. You can also rate the shows or movies according to your point of view. The best part about this application is that it works on every platform so one can watch it on any device.

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Talking Tom Cat 2

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It is one of the Android entertainments App, especially for children. As the cat repeats everything that you say it will definitely entertain your little ones. Talking Tom Cat 2 comes with the addition of new features in the old version of the app. One can say that is the app which can distract your frustrated mind easily.


Pandora Music

Pandora is also one of the best music streaming services offered by the android. It is an effective way to entertain yourself in your free time. In Pandora app, you can easily search songs, artists as well as the playlists. This app is free from ads, and even one can have the option to download the song one can listen later on. Voice search option is also available in the Pandora music app.



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If you want to download the app to entertain yourself one must download Dubsmash is the best android app for the entertainment purpose. In this app you can lipsync favorite songs or dialogues, moreover able to share with your friends; it can entertain you up to a great extent. In this app, there is a variety of music like funny music, various dialogues, movie quotes, etc. It is the best way to pass the time.

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It is the android app where you can see that how you look when you grow old. One can click photo and rest work will be done on the app. It is one the best app to entertain yourself. Oldigy app is very easy to search as well as to download.



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Hulu is the android app used for entrainment purposes. It provides us with numerous T.V shows as well as movies. It offers many subscription models. You can entertain yourself in your boredom time by downloading this android app.



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Out of many android entertainment apps, Ted is the best entrainment app. On the small screen of your mobile, it brings technologists and innovative thinkers. The unique part of this android app is that it works in natively in 24 languages. Here you able to create your playlist and add videos which you liked.


Playerpro Music Player Trial

It is the best entertainment because one can search to play music by albums. The unique part about it is that it is very simple, fast and it has an intuitive interface. Here in this app one can set the sound effects.

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Google Play Books

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As reading books is always a part of the entertainment. This app has a collection of various eBooks, comics, and textbooks. This app will definitely entertain and relax your mind by listening to a broad collection of audiobooks. Google Play Books is the best Android entertainment app.



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Redbox is the new android entertainment app for watching shows, ample movies and to play games. Here movie trailers are also available and get to know the movies releasing dates. Redbox app can be downloaded in android as well in the iPhone. Redbox is the new place for the entertainment.



Android entertainment Apps is the limelight of the above discussion. There are numerous apps available you can simply download and entertain yourself during your free time. These are the few entertainment apps. These apps make you feel exciting, i.e. you never get feel bored if you explore these apps. Along with this, there are many apps which are very beneficial for the children like there are so many apps associated with the education and learning you can also explore such apps and utilize your precious time in gaining maximum knowledge. Android offers a variety of services to the users; one can trust the upgraded Android versions which come up with the latest features as well as technology.


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