7 Reasons You Can’t Say “NO” In a Relationship

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From birth, all of us are bound in relationships. Our first relative ever even before our birth is our mother. As we grow, the intensity of relationships grows and the tiffs and disagreements too. As we reach teenage, we start understanding the meaning of life from our parents and relatives. They teach us moral values, and make us aware of real-life circumstances which can help us to count upon. They always treat us good irrespective of the conditions they are in. Our parents and family have a particular space in our life. Our parents have made many sacrifices in their life to make our life better. Knowing these things; an emotional attachment occurs with our parents. As we grow, and understand their sacrifices, we decide that we will never hurt our family because we have been emotionally attached to them.

Unfortunately, Sometimes the condition is such, they ask them to do something for them, but we are unable to do because we are either busy in our job or have some others reasons, we want to say “NO.” however, we can’t say this. In this article, we will let you know the reasons “why you can’t say no in a relationship.”

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They Expect From Us

From the starting of life, we have been with our family and relatives; they always tried to act entirely on our expectations from them. So they also expect the same from us and. It’s our job to complete their expectations. Sometimes, they ask us to do something or them, but we are unable due to some reasons, but we can’t say no to them. Because we know they only expect from us, resultantly we can’t say no to them.


Respect Comes In Mind

When our relatives ask us to do anything for them, we want to say ‘no’ if we are not intrusting to do that. However, we can’t say that. Before saying ‘no’ a respect comes in our mind for them. We feel inside that they will feel hurt I said ‘no’. This respect for them does not allow us to say ‘no’ to them.

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Emotional Attachment

We are emotionally attached to our relatives; we never want to hurt them; we want to do everything for them. At some situation we want to say “no,” but we can’t do it because we have an emotional attachment with them and we don’t want to hurt them, we are afraid of it that they will get us wrong if I say “no.”


Pleasing Them

We always want to keep our relatives in touch. We don’t want them to be unhappy with us. So, we do anything whatever they want. We think that if I say “no” it will disappoint them. We want to be with them forever, that is why we can’t say no to them.

Fear of Losing Trust

Trust in a family is very necessary to stay together and happy.  We come in tension when we are unable to do whatever they have asked to do. We have a fear that they will lose trust in us if I say no. Then we force ourselves to do whatever they have asked for. Because we don’t want to lose their confidence in us.

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Feeling of Guilt

We are in an emotional touch with our relatives. We want to fulfill all of their desires, whenever they ask us to do something for them, they consider us responsible and reliable for this work. Being so much trusted by them, we feel guilty to say ”no.” So this feeling of guilt forces us to do the job done given by them in every condition.


We Think, If ‘I Say No, And then Who Will Do?’

When we are asked to do something, We feel responsible for doing that thing. If we are not capable of doing, we want to say ‘no.’ However, we think ‘if I say no, the who will do.’ This feeling enables us to do that thing whether we feel depressed while doing that.

It is not necessary to do all the things for someone. We also have our schedule and life. We also have limited liabilities to spend with ourselves. Sometimes it harrases us to say ‘yes’ to everyone. We should be known to say ‘no’ in such respective manner that they will not feel bad if I say ‘no.’


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