5 Ways You Can Gain Weight Without Being On Diet

healthy ways to gain weight
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It is necessary to keep your body in the good health otherwise we may be not capable to keep the mind strong and focused. A clear mind helps to have productive results. Maintaining effective and accurate body weight is also a sign of good health, so it is important to have a regular check on body weight. If you are suffering the problem in gaining weight, there are numerous ways that can serve to solve your problem.

The various ways to gain weight are; you can join gym, have regular exercise, diet plans, and number of products etc but these may include a list of side effects with them and are bit time consuming. But here is breakthrough solution for the problem as you can go with the natural and home-made remedies which help you to gain weight without any kind of health hazards. Listed below are the various natural and cost effective ways to increase weight of your body:

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  • Milk And Full-Fat Yogurt

    Milk is being used as an excellent weight gainer from the ancient times which is also helpful in building muscles of the body. This is a very good source of fat, protein, carb as well as rich in calcium, minerals and other vital vitamins that helps in increasing the body weight. It is proven to be more productive if one takes the milk with combination of other casein and whey proteins. If you want to enhance your body weight, you should be regular taking one or two glasses of the milk along with your daily meals. It is easiest method to add proteins to your meal.


Moreover full fat yogurt is among convenient and healthy snack which holds great profile of nutrition containing proteins, fats and important carbs. The various recipes are there which are completely based on the yogurt; few of them are discussed below:

  • Yogurt and Fruit

    Add fresh or dried fruits to the cup of yogurt, depending upon your taste you can also add seeds, nuts, coconut flakes, granola or honey which provides various health benefits.

  • Yogurt Parfait

    You can have this in the breakfast. For preparing parfait add mixed berries or granola to the two cups of yogurt to create layers and improving taste.

  • Smoothies

    You can add smoothies like ice cream to make it more thick and nutritional.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding

    Milk And Full Fat YogurtAdding cocoa powder, nut butter or peanut butter along with sweetener to the cups of yogurt makes it more proteinicious which helps you to gain weight in an easy and healthy manner. 

  • Potatoes and Starch

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    Choosing potato and other forms of starch is one of the cost effective method that helps to gain weight easily. There are large numbers of recepies which contain potato as an ingredient, so you have various choices to eat potato in a healthy way.

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Other forms of starch like quinoa, corn, buckwheat, sweet potato, squash, winter root vegetables, beans and various legumes which are very much beneficial for those who wants to gain weight without any special kind of dieting. All these sources are not helpful only in increasing weight but also helps in an increase of storing glycogen in your muscles which in turn provides strength to the body. Moreover most of the sources of starch serve you with all the important fibers and nutrients essential for growth. Resistant starch is important source for nourishing the gut bacteria that are helpful in proper body functioning.

  • Whole Grain Bread

    It is one of the best sources of carb which is proven to be very fruitful for those who want to gain weight without dieting. There is variety of meals that can be prepared by using whole grain bread as an ingredient. Moreover you can combine the same with rich sources of protein like meat, cheese and eggs which serves for the complete balanced diet providing all the essential nutrients required for proper growth and development of the body. Be careful while choosing the bread and you should aim for purchasing seeded and natural breads. Now days Ezekiel bread is available which contains sufficient amount of essential amino acids and proteins required for proper development. These sources are affordable and one can get the positive as well as productive results in the area of gaining weight.

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  • Healthy Cereals

    If one is looking for the best and easily available sources which contain variety of calories, carbs and important nutrients, the cereals are at the top of the list known for providing these all. Additionally if one wants to avoid the highly processed and high sugar cereals, he can opt for the healthy forms like oatmeal which contains sufficient amount of crabs helping in weight gain. Moreover cereals have presence of important nutrients like antioxidants and fibers that helps in improving metabolism resulting in weight gain. Always remember to read the label before buying any product for your health.

Although a long list of cereals is available worldwide but one should always focus on the much healthy choices out of which some are mentioned below:

  • Choose oats for regular intake during breakfast.
  • Granola is also a healthy cereal containing beneficial nutrients.
  • Bran and Ezekiel are also good options for gaining weight without being on diet.

Mentions above are the easiest 5 ways to gain weight without being on diet. One who wants to gain weight by natural and homemade remedies can follow any of the above ways which helps to gain weight in a cost-effective manner.


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