Review Of An App Called Ada; The Health Guide.

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Health is wealth as rightly said because health is a very important aspect in one’s life. Being conscious about your health is very important. People opt for different things like exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy diet, use of vitamins, etc. to keep themselves should always try to keep themselves healthy to live long, look young, to make body strong and flexible, to keep the body free from diseases.

It’s not an easy job to know the right treatment at the right time from the right doctor. One should always take care while choosing this, although there is the wide range of hospitals, websites, books from which information can be taken help to solve any health-related issues, So rather going to the doctors, hospitals, one can quickly get advice and will save his or her time through medical health apps.

As we know technology had got advanced and this advancement led the development of health apps. .Use of  Mobile health apps is trending nowadays. So one can opt for Ada an app related to health can merely have it on his or her android phone and will get in touch with experts and doctors. Who will provide solutions to your queries and provide you with the best advice regarding any health-related issue? Let us have a review and know more about this app

What is Ada app?

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Ada app is an android app which gives solutions to your health issues. Like if you had any problems you would enter your symptoms in the app and the app will display a disease matching to your symptoms and as well as provide you with all types of treatment like home remedies,medical treatments suggested by highly expertise doctors as it combines expertise doctors to help people understand and manage their  health.

About Ada App

Ada app was founded by Ada health Gmbh company a UK based company which developed this app it is designed by three persons Dr.Clair Novorol a pediatrician, Dr. Martin Hirsch and Daniel Nathrath in is a free app  available in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish also till 2018  it is available in Swahili and Russian languages. It has approximate about 4 million users across the world.and its ranks among the highest used apps comparatively to other medical health apps.

About ADA Standards?

The Access Board is responsible for updating and developing the design guidelines known as ADAAG. These are used by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Transportation(DOT) for setting the standards that people will follow and provides them with advice. These departments are responsible for updating any new information, medication,

technology regarding any problem of health and will provide you with updated information.

Features of Ada App

  • Available on the app store
  • Information given by app is continuously updated
  • Access to family and friends
  • Provides verified medical report
  • Sharing of medical report through sharing apps
  • Can be used on android phones
  • Vast medical library providing you with the extensive knowledge of medication.
  • Verified experts and doctors


Advantages of Ada app

  • There are various features like-
  • Can be easily downloaded through play store on your android phone.
  • One can get home remedies. Medical treatment means every type of method of treatments.
  • You can simply get your solution without wastage of time.
  • You will get a verified report on your phone regarding your heal;th issue via this app.
  • One can share his and her report from Ada to your doctors.
  • You can also share as a pdf file through WhatsApp, email, SMS or other apps
  • You will find a medical library which gives a complete understanding of risks, symptoms, and treatments, medications options.
  • One can access his or her family friends to this giving his or her information to the app, and each and every person information is kept separate.
  • One can keep his or her ADA profile secure with a strong does not let share your details until or unless you yourself not expose it.
  • Only verified users and experts are involved so one can have faith and can rely upon the advice given in this.
  • The security system is highly authorised and certified that is ISO/IEC27001B by TUV Nord.


Disadvantages of Ada app

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  • Not everyone can use this app as you need to have the guidance of a person who is related to medical background.
  • You will need to have an extra dictionary as not everyone is aware of the medical terms.
  • Available in English and other tough languages. Not every person knows English.
  • Variety of languages is not available.
  • One cannot completely rely upon this as it is online can give wrong treatment at times.
  • This apps asks about many questions one can get exhausted and irritated answering the questions.

Why to choose Ada app?

Although there are unlimited health guide apps which provides you with different services and reasons to use them. But this Ada health guide app is considered to be best compared to others. As it is highly ranked apps used from past years,  easily accessible to your phones, laptops, I pads, free of charge, provides right medication from experts, beneficial for the working people, the business person who does not have time to go to doctors can easily use this at their workplace. Also provides you with a variety of treatments to choose, connects you to a massive volume of experts and doctors, at last, but not least provides you with the best advice that will cure your health issue.

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From the above-given information, we get to know about the Ada, a Medical health guide app which is easy to use. One can easily visit the website and get more information about it or can quickly  download through the app store on your android phone and can log in using simple steps through email, phone number, facebook, filling necessary information etc. After that, you are ready for using the app.


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