7 Apps Which You Can Use To Make Money

best money earning apps in india

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays; it has become mandatory for today’s generation. For using a smartphone the main thing is the applications that are installed. Each application is meant for the certain process and some of these smartphone applications are also used to earn money. Almost all the things we do in the smartphone require an application.

Just imagine if you could make money by just using some applications. While you are not going to become super rich using these mobile applications you can still earn something that makes an extra bug.

The following are some mobile applications that could be used to earn money by answering some questions, participating in a few surveys and by walking;

  1. Opinion Rewards:

Opinion RewardsThe opinion rewards is an application that is available in Google play store. This application is a quick survey application. This allows the user to participate in quick surveys in exchange for Google play credits.

In India, this application was launched last year and the minimum reward value offered by this application is Rs.10.

The credit value that is gained by the opinion reward application can be used to purchase applications or other contents from the Google play store.

  1. MooCash:

MooCashThis is an application that pays you for completing simple tasks. The MooCash is an android application that offers gift card, cash of Amazon and Google play. It also offers the bitcoin and other rewards for trying the new applications and games and watching videos. You can also earn by referring friends and participating in surveys.

For claiming offers and rewards this application allows you to just swipe left on the device locker screen. The coins earned by this application can be redeemed by using PayPal. You can also redeem the coins that are earned by using the Google Reward Card.

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  1. SquadRun:

SquadRunThe Squad Run application is available on play store. The squad run is also an application that is available in India. This application gives rewards or squad coins for completing various tasks.

This application is used to convert the large business problems of Amazon, Flipkart, ola, snapdeal and yatra etc, into small missions. These small missions are then completed by the amazing user’s base.

This application also includes giving feedback, tagging images and categorizing products. The squad coins that are earned using this application can be sent to the users Paytm wallet or it can be redeemed by using the PayUMoney points.

  1. mCent Browser:

mCent BrowserThis is a browser application that gives the user rewards such as free recharges and data. Without doing any additional steps you can just earn money by simply browsing and visiting the certain websites.

The user can surf the internet, read some news, watch and also download videos using this application. You can also use facebook, do shopping in online or do some Google search as you normally do.

The credits that are earned using these devices can be used to do the online recharges.

  1. Loco:

LocoThe Loco application is a live trivia application that offers cash price to the users. This application provides a live quiz game; the participant should answer the live quiz by competing with thousands of other participants in the same platform. You should answer all the 10 questions of the quiz in 10 seconds by competing with others.

This live quiz is available everyday at 10.30pm in the Indian Standard Time (IST). The topics that are covered in this live quiz are the current affairs, sports, politics, general knowledge, Hollywood, Hollywood and history etc…

The rewards that you earn using this application are credited to the Paytm account of the user.

  1. AppBounty:

AppBountyThe AppBounty application is one in which you earn for discovering the new applications. The AppBounty application is available in both android and iOS platform. This application allows you to earn credit value for using the new mobile applications that are free of cost.

The user needs to download the applications that are provided by the AppBounty application and earn the credit value for each and every application you discover and use it in your mobile. This application offers you the local and also the international credit value also as the rewards.

The reward that is obtained by using this application can be used as the gift cards for Amazon, Play station, Xbox, iTunes, Netflix, Google play and Steam etc.. Thus you can earn money using this AppBounty application.

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  1. BitWalking:

BitWalkingThe BitWalking application is an application that is designed in such a way that it offers you the rewards for just walking and moving your body. With this BitWalking application the user can earn the crypto currency called Bit Walking dollars (BW$). You can earn this dollars by just doing somebody movements such as walking, running and dancing etc..

This BitWalking application is available for both iOS and android platform and this application is used to convert simple human body movements into the currency.

The users can earn 1BW$ for every 10,000 steps that is every 8 kilometers they cover by walking. These Bit Walking dollars can be spent on the online store for your shopping. The reward coins that are obtained from this Bit Walking application can also be taken to trade to get the cash.

There are also several applications that can be used to earn the money in online such as app trailers, quick cash, gig walk, cash gift, make money, survey mini, watch and earn, ibotta, mint coins, tap cash rewards, tapporo, cash app, earn money, surveys on the go, Google opinion, app karma, panel place and cash pirate etc…

So above are few applications that can be used to earn money using the mobile application and using online applications. So try to use it and earn as much you can.


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