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Best Cars In India

Cars have become an integral part of urban as well as rural civilization. The car is an efficient and effortless way to move from one place to another. The car has made the human life full of comfort by adding advanced features such as navigation, Bluetooth, touch display and voice recognition system. The advanced features such as non-skidding tyres provide the user with a blissful ride on the bumpy road. The two types of transmission policies are the available-manual and automatic transmission. The enlisted below are the top 10 vehicles that the owner loves to ride. These are the best and perfect cars, providing the driver with a comfortable and secure ride on the long roads.

  1. Toyota Camry


The Toyota Camry has gained its status as a dexterous and well-round family sedan. The car is well designed, all black interior and newfangled three-spoke steering wheel. The darker theme of the car and tan-brown upholstery offer the premium look to the dashboard. There are many more features you will find in this opulence sedan, such as the JBL sound system, nine airbags, updated infotainment system, wireless charging pad for your android or ios device and tire pressure monitoring system. Inbuilt LED fog lamp provides you better drive at night or on bumpy roads.

  1. Maruti Baleno


The Maruti Baleno is turned out with a stunning viewpoint and splendid features. From the design prospect, this car is well manufactured along with a lot of exciting cosmetics such as colored body and bumper, sleek door handles and emblem at the center. The car interior is amazingly designed with metal tip brakes and quality fabric seats. Maruti Baleno is featured with many advanced safety features such as seat belt alert, a pair of airbags and parking sensor. The car offers the user with a comfortable ride, as it includes an automatic air conditioner and heater, central lock system, low fuel warning, automatic remote, vanity mirror and steering adjustment feature.  The car is the perfect combination of good engine efficiency and impressive comfort features.

  1. Mahindra XUV500


Mahindra XUV500 is the flagship car launched by Mahindra, it is a fresh version of an SUV with advanced features, trendy style, and advanced Powertrain. The headlight is projected with LED lights, which are all-day –running and provide you with the security and safe drive at night. The fog lamp design has an added feature of chrome detection. The all-black dashboard with leather trims provides a premium look to the car. Apart from comfort and safety, everyone is concerned about the look, the aluminum pedals add sports elements to the car. The car is a wonderful package of price and advanced feature, which will provide with better driving experience.

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  1. Mahindra Scorpio


Mahindra Scorpio is the lavish car loaded with advanced features and sleek design. The all-new advanced features of this lavish are hosted by innovative technology. The car is featured by android auto connect, emergency call and eco-sense. The exterior design features by LED headlamps, chrome grilles and latter treatment. The windows with chrome lining provide the premium appearance. Aluminium pedals, multi-functional steering, sleek dashboard, a smart key and touchscreen with the BlueSense app are some key factor that provides a splendid look to the interior. The car provides you with a great color choice as it is available in various colors such as pearl white, sunset orange, dolphin gray, coral red and volcanic black.


  1. Hyundai Creta


Sporty look, Hyundai Creta was launched by Korean manufacturer in 2014. Along with chrome frames, the car is cascaded by a hexagonal grille. The car is featured by headlamps, LED DRLs and projector lamp, to provide better visibility at night. In addition to the sporty look, the car comprises the dual tone combined with a black top. Open sunroof, wireless charging, dual-tone upholstery and touch screen are some factor that strengthens the competition in the market. The Creta is powered by dual engine version-petrol or diesel version. The extraordinary car along with a smooth drive and sleek design offers you the rich personality.

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  1. Maruti Swift


Maruti Swift has gained huge popularity in the last few years for its sports devises and comfortable ride. The Swift can be operated on both manual and automatic transmission, on both diesel or petrol version. Piercingly cut bumper, upfront grilles, chrome omission provides an appealing and sporty look to the sedan. All black dashboard is smartly designed with a touchscreen embedded in it. The interior is well equipped with a touchscreen, which comprises inbuilt navigation, Bluetooth, and Android auto. The stylish interior, the spacious cabin and loads of equipment give you a pleasant drive.


  1. Chevrolet Impala


Chevrolet Impala comprises of user-friendly features such as a roomy cabin, comfortable ride and affordable price range. It is an excellent car offers you many facilities such as a smooth ride, a fuel-efficient engine and informative touch. There are many compelling factors to invest in the car such as a comfortable ride, starting at a low price, sleek interior and sporty look. This five-seater car is featured with LED headlights, that offer clear visibility to the driver. The car has many inbuilt advanced features such as an informative touchscreen,  Bluetooth, three USB ports and satellite radio. Blind spot monitoring, collision warning and parking sensors are the safety features in the car.

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  1. Toyota Corolla


The Toyota Corolla is the successful car offering the rider with advanced features, sleek design and premium look. A pair of LED headlights with bi-beam technology offers the best visibility at night. A wheelbase with strong lining and chrome grill, add some sporty feature to this lavish sedan. The dashboard is smartly designed with an informative touch screen and steering wheel embedded on it. The advanced featured such as an inbuilt audio control, on steering, seven-inch display, Bluetooth and navigation system provide a premium look and comfort rife to the user.


  1. Mahindra Bolero


The Mahindra Boler offers the user with advanced technology such as inbuilt sound system and navigation. The flaunt size, muscular bumper and front grilles offer an elegant look to the car. The color combination and well-designed door handles adds an appealing look to the exterior of the car. The dash panel with display and multi-functioning steering enhances the driving experience by providing the useful information to the driver. Legroom and wheelbase provide the driver comfortable long drive. Bolero competes for many cars in the utility segment and advanced features. The inbuilt LED headlight provides better visibility and a comfortable ride at night.


  1. Maruti Dzire


As compared to all segments of cars, it is a perfect car in term of price, performance, space and style for the medium family which can accommodate 5 person capacity including the driver. The car is featured by projecting headlamps that offer a premium feel to the driver at night ride. The well-designed interior offers the customer with comfort, space and pleasure. It offers the best ride quality on the bumpy roads. The interior is well operational with a touchscreen, which comprises inbuilt navigation, Bluetooth and Android auto.


The enlisted above are the top car everyone loves to ride. The car is loaded with more advanced features such as navigation, Bluetooth, touch display and satellite radio. The remarkable interior and exterior design provide an appealing look to the car and offer the user with the perfect and joyful ride.


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