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In today’s scenario phones are becoming smarter. We can’t live without our mobile phones. We have two types of smartphones users that are Android and iOS users. Now, the smartphones are used for many different works rather than using for only calling, texting or surfing the internet. The smartphones are indulged in the entertainment sector too, right? You can watch so many tv shows, movies, web series and many more. Today, there is nothing that our phones can’t do.

In the entertainment, sector smartphones are playing a very major role. From the word entertainment, the first thing that strikes to our mind is a movie. Movies are the biggest source to lay off our free time. The smartphones can help you out in this. When we talk about watching films, then there are so many movie apps for android like Showbox that can clear your way to watch out the movie.

So, guys here in this article there is a list of some best movie apps for Android which you can try out and pass your time for more fun. Watching movies on the TV is a too tedious task to do as you wait to wait for the too many advertisements which will let you in pain. To get rid of this, you must download these apps to watch movies on your smartphones.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android:-

So, guys let’s dive in!


Showbox is one of best movie app which is designed to entertain its viewers by watching their movies, web series, cartoons, and TV shows on their smartphones, PC and on TV too. You can easily search a movie in just a second by a single click and you don’t have to do surfing on other sites for watching out your favorite shows. Everyone can watch the movies without any annoyance and moreover, here HD print is also supported so guys you can now stream your favorite shows in full HD stuff.

You can consider movie apps for android like showbox as a full entertainment pack which will let you download the movies or videos without paying any cost. It is a very beneficial application for those people who frequently miss their favorite shows due to their busy schedules as well as lifestyles. You can easily download this app from the blogs of Showbox apk with hassle free process.

Features of Show Box for Android

  • The viewers can see the movies or videos as well in a very easy and time-saving
  • It is having a huge storage for all the favorite shows
  • Its database is updated regularly as because of this users can easily discover a bunch of movies through its database.
  • With the Showbox, you can either download the movie or watch it online as per your requirements.
  • You can watch the videos in a hassle-free environment as there are not any irritating advertisements present to disturb you.
  • You can also watch the repeated programmes as per your choice.
  • Appropriate and easy to understand instructions.
  • It is a free app so it will save your money.
  • It is a user-friendly application

Now the question arises why we need the alternatives of Showbox app?

If you know about the Showbox then you must be movieholic as this app allows you to stream videos, movies, cartoons, TV serials on your smartphones. On the one side, many people consider this application as perfect but on the other side, we have to take some cautions while using this app.

This app is not in the Google Play Store and there is a more obvious reason for this as this app allows you to watch plagiarized content so that’s why you can only install this app through unofficial blogs of third-party. Some people have doubt in their mind that whether this movie apps for android like showbox is safe or not; guys it completely depends on from which source you are downloading this application.

The Showbox app also doesn’t have an official website from so that you can do conversation with developers in case if any problem arises. This makes the installing of this app a little bit risky.  If you Google the virus arises due to Showbox you will find that there are 1,240,000 results are present and there are so many Youtube videos on this as well on “how to install Showbox 100% virus free”. Many users are facing so many problems like the quality of audio and video is poor, pop-up ads are also there, a buffering problem so you can’t say that this app is totally bugged free.

As Showbox doesn’t have any official site for downloading then if something bad happens then no one will take the responsibility of that; you have to tackle it on your own. So you ought to use this app only when you have a clear picture of ins as well as outs of your smartphone.

So that’s why there is a list of some alternatives to movie apps other than Showbox which can help you out to get rid of some of the problems which you are facing while using Showbox:-

  1. PlayBox HD (Android, iOS) – Best Alternative to Showbox

PlayBox HD is one of the best alternatives of Showbox and Movieboxthat works that just like analogous to Showbox. The only distinction between PlayBox and Showbox is that PlayBox supports bluish color but the functioning is alike Showbox. As we can see, the name PlayBox HD is showing that the content that it supports is full HD which makes it better for larger screens that will give you a more pleasant experience. Moreover, in this streaming is very fast as well as buffer-free too.

If we talk about its pros then firstly, we can install this in absolutely free of cost. Secondly, as it is HD that means its picture quality is also outstanding. Thirdly, there is no premium version that will deliver you additional features. The biggest disadvantage of this PlayBox HD is that sometimes this application doesn’t behave properly in fine mode and in a messy manner too.


  1. MovieBox

MovieBox is also the best movie apps for android like showbox and exudes the same features as Showbox. Although in starting, only the iOS version of this app came but now it is available for Android users too. Here too you can stream the latest videos and movies in the way similar to Showbox. This application only supports the Russian and English language so if you can’t understand these two languages then you are not able to use this app.

This app doesn’t support the HD print as like Shoebox but if you can deal with 720p then there is enough material to explore. The advantage of MovieBox is that it is very simple to use and starters can download their favorite movies with much ease. Newest lineup of movies on the MovieBox app release very frequently.

But here in Moviebox, you have to watch a trailer every time you want to download the movie so viewers have to be patient while streaming the movies through this app. This creates a very annoying experience.


  1. MegaBox HD For Android

MegaBox is another Showbox alternative movie apps for android like showbox that is a carbon replica of its opponent. AlikePlayBox HD the specialty of this app is that it supports HD print for the low-quality content but for the higher you always have to choose the quality whenever you want to download some movie, cartoon, video on your smartphones or tablet. There are many different options in the menu this feature will help you to surf your content easily without any confusion. But in this app, there are so manypop-up ads which will let you annoying.

In this app, if somebody wants to report some error then you will have to start some faultfinding as because MegaBox works very beautifully. The pros of this app are as firstly, it gives the option to choose between 360p and 720p content and we can select between the two depending on our internet connection. Secondly, we can easily mark a movie as ‘favorite’ so that we can comeback and watch it later on.

Thirdly, it is having reliable as well as a powerful server that does not slowdown or breaks during the downloading section. The only disadvantage in this app is you will be bombarded with so many advertisements while you are watching the movies online.


  1. Popcorn Time (Android, iOS& Linux)

Popcorn Time is as special as its name is saying. Basically, it is the ruler of the castle in the field of streaming. This app is platform independent as it can run on Android, iOs as well as on Linux operating system too. It was the best alternative of the movie app Showbox at once but then many apps came in the market and Popcorn has to redefine its features as because of this there are many versions of this app available in the market. So, guys every time you install the Popcorn time you must check the reliability of the version.

one best feature that is available in this app is you can easily change the interface in a second just by a click. Its design is very simple. Its search function is too fast. This app is the best or we can say that closest to the Showbox. If you got bored of the Showbox then you can try this one. The content is very spontaneous and simple to understand.

The major advantage of this app is you can change the subtitle if you are facing problems in understanding the verbal parts of the movie. Here, the smart TV connection is also supported. The con of this app is Popcorn Time sporadically crashes and thenthere is no way available to resolve this annoying bug.


  1. Crackle (Android)

Crackle is another good substitute for the Showbox having a bunch of outstanding features. On an average, today the numbers of users of Crackle are 20 million so we can easily make an estimate of its popularity. The app is only available for Android users inspite of that it is very popular so just imagine the popularity if it will be available for other platforms like for iOS, Windows and many more.Here also like in Popcorn Time the smart TV connection support is available.

In this, its database is updated every month so it is very unfortunate that you will not be able to see the new movies or videos for at least one month. Crackle allows us to enjoy our favorite shows without any barricades.

The advantage of this app is that firstly, if we are having tight schedules and lifestyle then we can save the movie and can watch it later on. Moreover, if you are not understanding the verbal meaning of the movie then there are plenty of subtitles are available. Thirdly, the content quality is superb. Its user interface is very easy to navigate. Additionally, it also allows you to create playlists.


  1. Hub Streaming

Hub Streaming is another stellar substitute forShowbox that provides various choices in streaming. In this, there are a wide variety of movies available but if the content that you are exploring is not available then there is search option too that allows you to download the videos or movies on your smartphone or tablets. But unluckily, Hub Streaming is only available for Android users so it can be downloaded on iphones.

So, guys if you want to enjoy the hub of streaming videos then you have to switch over the android phones. The pros of this app are here sharing movie links with others can be done in a very simple manner. Secondly, we can download the complete movies from the beginning to the end in a seamless manner. Moreover, we can switch between different video players very easily.

The cons of this Hub Streaming is that here streaming servers can become slow, which result in reduced performance and video quality also becomes low.


  1. Sky HD

By its name, you guys might confuse it with the British English channel but it is a ShowBoxalternative. This app is the replica of PlayBox HD. Like PlayBox HD it also delivers good picture quality and we can download both videos as well, as movies in it. As it is somewhat similar to PlayBox HD so here user interface is same as that of PlayBox HD. So if you are using one then you can easily switch to next without any worry.

The pros of this app are first of all it gives better picture quality than its competitor and moreover, there is a huge list of movies and TV shows available to the viewers. The major disadvantage of this app is that it comes with a cost that is it is not free to use and secondly, your device’s resolution must measure at 1366 x 768 pixels if you want to watch high definition content.


  1. CinemaBox

CinemaBox is another alternative of Showbox and it looks and feels very similar to Showbox. The main feature os this app is that it is very user-friendly and very easy to understand. One can easily use it without any trouble. Alike Movie HD, CinemaBox also allows us to save videos or movies on our smartphones or tablets and can be viewed later on.

This one is an outstanding feature for those who are not having internet connection regularly and travel from one area to another frequently. The user interface is very easy to design. Cinemabox doesn’t have so many astonishing features whichseparate it from the other apps but what it does do, it does very well.

Like the Showbox, this app is also not available on the Google Play Store. The pros of this app are first, it is a free application means you will not have to pay a single penny for it. Secondly, a wide range of subtitles is available which enables you to understand the movie. It also supports cross-platform.


9. Stremio

Stremio is an app like Showbox that works differently. Unlike Showbox, it does not allows us to stream the videos or movies, this app takes its content from the sources like Amazon, iTunes, Netflix. It then aggregates the content of all the places in a single app and then displays it to us.

The pros of this movie apps for android like showbox are that its user interface is very human-friendly. Moreover, it is a very responsive application, but this app runs best on iPad devices. The disadvantage of this app is that there is no login option available on the website which is a major issue for some viewers.


  1.  Hulu

Hulu also deserves the best substitute for the Showbox as it is known for regularly updating the content very smoothly so, in this app, you will always get newest movies to stream. With a single click, we can start to download the movies and moreover, there is no roadblock present in this app to disturb you. The disadvantage of this app is it it is web-based streaming application so that might not divine well for millions of streamers


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