5 Reasons You Need To Cut Your Nails At Least Fortnightly

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How to Cut Your Nails

Maintaining a proper hygiene is extremely important to lead an ultimately healthy life. Personal hygiene includes taking care of even the small areas of the body like the nails. It is highly recommended by health professionals and doctors to keep the length of the nails short at all given time. Below are a few reasons why you should cut your nails regularly.

  1. Bacterial Infection

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    When you keep your nails long then dirt can get accumulated in it which can cause bacterial infection. All the bacteria are attracted to dirt which is why you must cut your nails at a regular interval. When you do not trim your nails, it can cause bacterial infection, especially in the toes wherein the chances are higher.

  2. Food Poisoning

    It is no news that the dirt stays in your long nails. When you use your hands to eat then a significant number of bacteria enter your body. This bacterium has the potential to cause food poisoning. This is why it is always recommended to wash your hands properly before eating any meal. You must cut your nails fortnightly to ensure good hygiene.

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  3. Injury

    Another reason why you should regularly cut your nails is to avoid injury. Long nails can easily be broken when they get stuck in anything. This can lead to nail damage and you will end up getting hurt real bad. To avoid this menace, it is better to regularly cut your finger and toenails and avoid getting hurt unnecessarily.

  4. Inward Nail Growth

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    Another phenomenon that takes place is inward nail growth. When nails are not cut regularly, then it can cause the nail to grow inward. The affected area can grow red and inward nail growth can also lead to bleeding in the affected area. It is a very serious medical condition that one should avoid at all costs.

  5. Fungal Infections

    When you are not cutting your nails on a regular basis, then there comes a point where your nail can also get affected with fungal infection. A long nail is a place of a lot of dirt and dirt naturally attracts fungus. Now this fungus can cause fungal infection which can be very dangerous. It has the potential to cause the athlete’s foot which is a phenomenon that occurs due to fungal infection.

Not cutting your hand and toenails regularly can signify poor hygiene. You can easily stay at bay from the bacterial and fungal infections if you can your nail at least fortnightly. This is a very healthy practice and you can share the advice with family and friends as well to help them stay healthy.

If you are an adult then cut your nails on a regular basis to ensure proper health. If you are a parent then ensure that the nails of your kid are cut every 15 days. Children do not have the maturity to keep their hygiene and as a parent, you can take care of them. You can teach your kids early on about the importance of maintaining good hygiene and can tell them as to why they should regularly cut their nails.

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If you are a professional with a hectic schedule then make sure that you take out the time to maintain a proper hygiene and cut your nails at least fortnightly. Make it a routine to dedicate the weekends for personal care and cut your nails to avoid any sort of infection. Fingernails and toenails can do more harm than good if kept long and uncut for a really long time. Take care of your health and maintain proper hygiene.


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