Top 7 Reasons Why You Need A Perfect Eye Shade

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We all love eye shades, and the lovely palettes that come with a lot of options. Eye shadows accentuate the beauty of eyes and make them love more attractive. There are several stacks of eyeshades present in every girl’s wardrobe and picking the best one is truly a challenge. Be it an office outing or a college party, you want to look your best. Your eyes are certainly one of your strongest assets and are really windows to your soul!

No matter what outfit you are wearing, it’s the face that will catch anyone’s attention first and having beautiful eyes is a sure shot way of slaying at any given occasion. Thus, buying a good quality eye shadow palette is a must have for any modern girl. There are so many occasions that come yup. For example, weddings, reception parties, birthday bash, casual outings, movie dates and what not. For all such events, you must have your makeup right to get the perfect pictures and look gorgeous.

To enhance your looks, you need a good eye shade. But it is certainly quite tricky. While making your choice you might have questions like: which is the right shade for me? Which brand should I go for? What type of brush should I use and so on. From all those different colors, you don’t necessarily have to try anything and everything. Here are 7 reasons why you need a perfect eye shade.

  1. Natural Eye Color

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    The right type of eye shade is ideally the one that ends up enhancing your natural eye colour. From among so many options in the palette, you need to know which one to pick in order to make your eyes look accentuated and well defined. As a basic rule, if you have blue eyes, then using peachy or bronze tones will help in making those blue eyes pop out. Another great option could be slate gray color.

For green colored eyes, a plum-colored shade will work the best. This is also applicable for hazel eyes. You can also try rusty shades as even they work well for your green colored beautiful eyes. On the other hand, for brown colored eyes, almost all the shades work equally well. Congrats! The same is applicable for black colored eyes. However, purple or golden hues will especially look beautiful on you.

Instead of trying out something that will not at all look good one you, the best way is to find something that enhances the natural beauty that every girl possesses. In order to do this, finding the right kind of eye shade is very important.

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  1. Eye Shape

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    The idea behind the concept of makeup is to augment the natural beauty and also enhance it. With that being said, not every shade will enhance the natural structure of your eyes. You must identify what eye shape you have. The types of eye shades are Monolid, Double Lids, Hooded Eyes, Almond Eyes, Upturned Eyes, Downturned Eyes, Deep-set eyes, Protruding eyes, Close-set eyes, and Wide-set eyes.

 According to the shape of your eyes, there are different techniques that you could use to bring out the best features of yours. After all, you deserve to look the best that you can. A perfect eye shade can be chosen by understanding your eye shape.

Once you are done figuring out the eye shape then you can choose the way in which you can make your features stand out. Try experimenting with different colours and choose that which brings out your features all the more.


  1. Monochrome vs. Versatile

    The eyes shade is not only confined to your eyes. It also should be chosen based on the outfit you are wearing and its color. If you are wearing a purple shade with a purple outfit and purple hand bag, well, that is too monochromatic. You need to strike the right balance and avoid going monochrome.

Instead, you should go for contrasting and versatile hues based on the garment that you have worn. The right eye shade should complement your overall look and the colors therein. Blending the make-up totally with the colors of your attire is a long gone trend. These days, the idea is more about an overall balanced look and hues that balance out each other.

At times, you can also keep it 80-20. For example, 80% of the look can be of the same shade and the rest 20% can be a totally contrasting colour. Even this is a good way of reaching the balance and you will find this applicable in most of the celebrity fashion and style. They stick to one theme and then pair it up with an accessory or shoes of a completely contrast colour. The makeup also needs to be colour-coordinated.

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  1. Eye Shadow Formula

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    Each shade can look different on the eyes based on the formula used. The texture of it varies and it overall gives a different look. Cream based eye shades are pefect for working as a base color for single color coverage or soild coverage. It is also good for powder eye shadow. However, loose eye shadows are where you are likely to find most of the hues.

Loose eye shadow is also tricky to work with so you should be careful while applying it. Then come the pressed type of eye shadow, which is the most common type. They blend easily without any hassle and stick to eyes for longer time periods. Thus, it is important to choose the right kind of formula along with the eye color. The look it brings out differs and makes each color stand out differently.

You can use different formulae for different occasions. Try experimenting on weekends with the different types of formula. The texture of each one differs and you are advised to check which one suits your skin type the best. For example for dry skin the powder based eye shadow might just come out and similar, for oily skin a cream based one might not be the ideal choice.

  1. Using the Right Primer

    If you want your eye shade to stick for long throughout the day, then you should the right type of primer. Priming prevents your eye shadow from falling off or creasing away. A pro tip would be to layer a light eyeshadow over your translucent primer to make the color look brighter. This will bring out the shade in the palette.

you use your favourite colored eye shade without using primer, then you will have to do touch-ups throughout the day. However, if you use a good quality primer then it create a barrier between your oily skin and the eye shade. It is sort of a clean canvas for you to work with. This also helps you to keep the shade put on for longer durations.

There are many brands primer out there. Try and test them well in the cosmetics section before buying them. Ask the shopkeeper for advice as to what will work the best based on your skin type and complexion.

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  1. Neutral Shades

    Colorful palettes with bright colored eye shades can be really tempting. However, if you are a beginner, then you must begin working with neutral shades. This way you can learn how to work with a diverse palette with various shades and learn to use them to create beautiful looks for yourself. Also, you must learn to identify the types of shades in order to use them perfectly. For example, the lightest color in the palette is the base color.

This shade is to be applied from the upper lash line to the brow. This usually helps in adding a little bit of brightness. The second lightest color is your lid color and is darker than the base.

You can brush this from the upper lash line to the crease. Thirdly, the scond darkest shade is used on the crease for giving a contouring effect. This should ideally be used where the brow bone meets the lid. This shade helps in creating a definition. Lastly, the darkest color is the liner which you can apply using a brush. Make sure to brush the root of your lashes so that there is no visibility of gap.

Neutral shades are a sure shot way of getting started with your eye makeup. This is because, even if you screw it up in the beginning, it still goes unnoticed. As the shades are too light to be even noticed.


  1. Using the Right Brushes

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    Once you have figured out the right shade for yourself, then you must know how to rightly apply it to get the desired effect. The types of brushed out are too many but you should have the three type of brushes. First is the basic eye shadow brush. This brush has flat and stiff bristles and you can use this for all colors.

The second kind is the blending brush. The bristles of this brush are soft and fluffy. They are used for a seamless blending. So after you are done applying the basic eye shadow, you can then blend it up using this type of brush. Third one is the angled eye shadow brush which can be perfectly used to apply your liner colour above the lash line. Thus, finding the perfect eye shade is truly essential for a beautiful look. Here are some more tips for making the most of this perfect shade.

  • Maintain your makeup tools: While using the brushes for your eyes (which happen to be really sensitive) it is important to use the right quality of brushes and to maintain them at all costs. Keeping them clean is highly important. You can run your brush under water and take some shampoo in your hands to gently clean them. Ensure that you clean the brush thoroughly and then pat them dry.
  • Use setting spray: Using a setting spray after finishing off the makeup is actually a good way of making the makeup stay. If you are to attend a day or night long function or to travel for long duration then using a spray will be helpful in making the makeup last longer without having to do several touch ups.
  • Blend it well: Just the mere application of a shade is not enough. You must blend it well for optimum results. The colours should fuse in and you should blend all the shades well so that the look you need is created. Avoid smearing, instead, gently sweep the brush along your lid and blend the harsh and visible lines into a smooth touch.
  • While applying your eye shadow look down. Seriously, when you are applying the colours you should be ideally looking down so that none of it gets smudged. You want to get the perfect look and so applying the shade while looking down in the mirror will give you the desired results.
  • Choose quality over quantity: While buying the perfect palette for yourself, you should not just randomly buy the palette that has most of the colours. Well, genuinely ask yourself the question that how many of those colours you are really going to use. Invest in a palette that has majority of the colours that one is likely to use and then buy it. It is always better to buy something that you will actually end up using than to randomly buy and then keep it in your closet.

Hence, selecting the perfect shade for your eyes can be quite tricky. But, heck! It is no rocket science. So take your sweet time in experimenting with various shades and learning about the different types of formula. Ensure that you apply a primer before putting an eye shadow. Moreover, go for a shade that kind of complements the colour of your eyes. Choose the right brushes for application and keep maintaining the brushes as well. With that being said, choose the perfect eye shadow and slay in your next party! Happy Shopping!


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