Fasting Tips for Pregnant Women In This Karwa Chauth

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In India, Karwa Chauth is one of the most celebrated festivals, especially in the Hindu Community. This festival celebrates the true bond which is shared between husband and wife. It is the myth that by keeping this fast it helps to increase the age of the husband. With time, everything changes, so as with these notions is finding an exit but this festival did not lose its importance. Nowadays, it becomes a way of celebrating marital life.

Wives on this day, keep fast for the whole day for showing their love affection and devotion for a husband. In the night, they break their fast in front of the moon and also by drinking water from the hand of husbands.

But, in case the lady is pregnant, she has to be more conscious. If you follow proper precautions in the fast, then there will be no problem to your health and baby too. So, it is mandatory for pregnant women to take care as much as possible on that day. All the expecting ladies those who are in a dilemma whether to keep fast or not, here are few tips that you need to take care while fasting during pregnancy. Some of the suggestions for pregnant women in this Karwa Chauth’s fast are as discussed below:

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  1. Doctor’s Consultation

If you are expecting and want to keep the Karva Chauth fast, the best and first suggestion is to consult your doctor. Everyone suffers from different changes and symptoms in the pregnancy. Never follow what others do like never saw your friends, relatives or family members what they are saying or what they are doing, keep in mind your health first then decide whether to stay fast in this condition or not.


  1. Eat After Regular Intervals

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If the doctor allows you to keep Karwa Chauth’s fast and go ahead with the fast’s decision. As the metabolism of the body is very high during pregnancy, you need to eat in the regular intervals. Keep on eating a lot of fruits especially orange, pineapple, apple and guava as it helps to keep the body hydrated. Do drink coconut water or milk also. Because during pregnancy body requires high energy, so to keep the stomach empty for long can be problematic.

  1. Expect Problems

Even though by eating fruits and drinking milk or coconut water during your Karva Chauth fast, but still due to hormonal changes your body will reject some things and will behave non-identical because even if you take care for the eatables in the fast still at some point, you are deviating from the daily diet. Symptoms which are expected are like Nausea, headache, acidity, and dizziness. If you want to keep fast, however, if you think that you are not feeling well, breakfast there and then.


  1. Things to Do Before And After The Fast

There are certain things that must be kept in mind before starting the fast and after ending the fast. While taking Sargi, in the morning drink a glass of milk and eat properly. Remember to try to eat healthy food only and eat fruits as much as possible it helps to keep you energetic throughout the day. When you open the fast in the night, drink some coconut water and glass of milk as it helps to balance the body nutrition.


  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

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According to the rules of the Karwa Chauth’s fast, one not allowed to drink water on the whole day. On the other hand, the pregnant lady must keep her body hydrated, and it is really important. If you don’t want to drink water go for coconut water or milk or fresh fruit juices. Do eat juicy fruits like pineapple, orange, and guava.

  1. Try To Indulge In Other Activities

Try to keep yourself busy on the whole day. By doing anything like reading books, magazine or anything you like to read or to do go ahead; try to don’t sit ideal. In simple words, you need to diverge your mind because more you think that you have fast, there will be more chances to get hungry.


  1. You Should Avoid A Few Things

There are a few things that you must avoid in the fast. Do prevent and keep yourself away from high intake of caffeine, sugar, and salt. Fat-rich food at the end of the day can cause acidity, so do not consume such eatables.


  1. Stay Relaxed And Calm during Fast

Try to avoid those activities which can cause stress on the fast of Karwa Chauth especially if you are pregnant. Stay relaxed and calm during fast and not do too much work in the house or the office. Handle only lighter activities. If you are feeling like some weakness and tiredness, then do not hesitate to leave that work there and then.


  1. Eat a Healthy Diet After Fast

After the end of the day, when you have done with fast and going to eat something then keep in mind the type of food you intake. Try to break your fast with a healthy meal that includes nutrition and which is beneficial to you. Do not go for heavy food, junk food or any other meal.

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  1. Drink Plenty of Water

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After the end of the day drink plenty of water because nothing can bet the importance of water in your life. So, drink as much as it is possible for you. Even before starting the start still drink water as much as possible.


This is one the important and exciting festivals for the Hindu Ladies, they have deep faith while keeping the fast as some women follows the rules very strictly. Some even don’t take a sip of water or tea or anything for the whole day until they open their fast in front of the moon in the evening. But pregnant women have to compromise with rules for some time to take care of the baby and her health.

As it is an emotional moment between their husband’s well-being and the upcoming baby’s health on the other hand.


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