5 Ways To Procure Yourself From Dengue

Home Remedies For Dengue
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Home Remedies For Dengue

Dengue flu is recognized by the decrease in cells that are responsible for immunological responses i.e. platelet. The various other common symptoms are high fever, Head-ache, pain behind the eyes,  severe muscle pain and joint pain, fatigue, exhaustion, nausea and vomiting, skin rashes, low blood pressure etc. If you suffer from any of these more than three days then you must consult with a doctor.

The medical diagnosis of the dengue is done through the simple blood test. There is the availability of the number of antibiotics that doctor may prescribe to you in order to treat the ailment but more people now a day’s prefer home-based and natural remedies for treating the dengue disease. Listed below are the top five ways by which one can get rid of dengue.

  • Giloy

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    It is an important herb under the Ayurveda which is responsible for maintenance of the metabolic rate. Moreover, it is proven to be strengthening the immune system of the body which in turn protects the body cells from severe infections. The procedure to have a Giloy-

  • Boil the stems and leaves of the Giloy.
  • Pour the hot content.
  • Allow to cool it.
  • Now have this herbal drink which will help to boost up your immune system.


  • Papaya leaves

    Papaya leaves
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    Papaya leaves help to reduce the fever and hence controls the symptom of dengue. It is very much helpful in enhancing the platelet count those fight against many diseases. Papaya leaves are also known for providing relief from body ache. Mention below is the way to use papaya leaves for procuring dengue.

  • Soak the leaves of papaya in water overnight.
  • Crush the leaves.
  • Consume the drink which is helpful in removing the various toxins from the body.

This is how papaya leaves can naturally help you to procure dengue fever.

  • Fenugreek leaves

    Fenugreek leaves
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    Fenugreek is an annual herb which is known for its various medical uses. The various parts that can be used in medical science for the treatment of various ailments are seeds, grass pasture, and leaves. The leaves of Fenugreek plant is used to treat dengue fever. It has the properties to provide relief against pain. It promotes the sleep of dengue patients. Mention below is the procedure to use the leaves of this plant in treating dengue fever.

  • Soak the leaves in water for a night or two.
  • Grind the mixture and drink it.
  • Moreover, you can have the methi powder, add water in it. Now drink it.

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  • Goldenseal

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    It is the most important herb which has great medicinal properties. The various parts like stem, roots, and leaves are used to treat various diseases. It is also known for clearing the symptoms of dengue. It removes toxins from the body hence control high fever. The way by which one can use the goldenseal leaves is mentioned below:

  • Soak the leaves in water overnight.
  • Crush the soaked leaves.
  • Consume the drink to get rid of dengue fever. 


  • Turmeric, Tulsi leaves, and Black Pepper

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    Turmeric constitutes for various alkaloids that can help to boost up the metabolism of the body. One can consume the turmeric with milk.

Tulsi leaves
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black pepper
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Tulsi is a medicinal herb which is used in medical science for treating various diseases. Black pepper holds the antibacterial properties. The mixture of Tulsi leaves and black pepper powder serves as a great medicine to cure dengue. Mention below is the way to get Tulsi and black pepper as a mixture; it helps to enhance the immunity of the body. 

  • Wash the Tulsi leaves, and then boil it in water nearly for half an hour.
  • Pour the water and add 2 grams black pepper powder in it.
  • Consume the drink, this will help you to prevent and procure dengue by enhancing the immunity of the body.

Dengue is the non-communicable disease that means it doesn’t get passes from one person to another. The risk of having dengue can be decreased by just keeping your environment neat and clean. Standing water more than a day at one place provides a home to the mosquito. Don’t let to stand the water in one place. Moreover, the time period when these mosquitos become active is between the months of August to October. Wear proper clothing and cover your body properly.

One can use natural repellants like lemon, lavender, Cinnamon Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Neem oil to protect you against mosquito bites. Some herbs also work as repellent like lemongrass, garlic, peppermint, basil rosemary etc.

Dengue disease can easily be cured by using above remedies which are completely natural and home-based. One can use Kiwi, goat milk for increasing the platelet count. Mentions above are the various ways one can imply to procure dengue fever. Always keep your surroundings neat and clean, simply by doing this, you can save yourself from various serious health hazards.



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